Please! A Palatable Candidate?

Washington must get the word — the natives are angry. They are plucking feathers, buying pitchforks and heating tar.
Establishment Clinton just got trounced. Washington favorites just had their heads handed to them by Trump!

I don’t think Washington gets the word — yet! I don’t know that they will, because they talk only to each other — they move from politics to lobbyist to journalist…from Washington to NYC to LA. They go to the same dinner parties, appear on the same TV shows. They hire the same consultants, the same PR firms. 

Hillary brought in Madilyn Albright, Bill Clinton and Gloria Steinem for Christ sake! Because no one in college ever heard of them because no one teaches history any longer, they were worse than useless! 

Where is old Serpent Head? (James Carville) He is surely waiting somewhere in the wings.

On the Republican side, the establishment ignored the past two election cycles, and people like Boehner told the winning House conservatives, “Now you young guys just learn to go along to get along.” 

The Young Turks chafed, but they didn’t have the votes — they still don’t but they overturned Boehner and the electorate is telling Mitchell and Ryan that although their ranks are too thin to overthrow the “order” — things are changing.

Changing beyond their control. Fast!

Christie is rumored to be suspending his campaign, and if Trump is to be stopped some more are going to have to flee, their egos to the contrary notwithstanding. Trump can’t win the General Election — his negatives are every bit as high as Hillary’s — but the crowded field makes Trump look invincible.

Voting for the lesser of two evils between Hillary and Trump would just be more than I could stand, so I would vote Libertarian. Some one must make my vote palatable.

Dead ManWalking

The time has come to put the European Union (EU)
out of its misery…it has been the Dead Man Walking for a decade.
It continues to survive because its diplomats in Brussels live large — much as I suspect our petulant President lives for Air Force One to take his family on vacation. 

It is a hard gig to surrender, so Brussel’s continues its charade while no one cares. Nations ignore the very basis of the “Union” — a single borderless state — because Syrian immigration has shredded the concept. Germany, the anchor state of the EU crumbles under the weight of enforced diversity, while other nations understand that the borderless state means the German immigrants can suddenly become their immigrants.

We see the story in Calais, France, as thousands of immigrants seek to invade Britain, and only the English Channel defeats them. Britain now recognizes their reluctance to fully participate in the EU folly is their salvation, while their welfare state has placed them in peril of being overrun for their benefits.

The EU has placed themselves in such peril that should the emasculated Russian Bear decide to expand its borders into a new Soviet Union, it is once again powerless to defend itself. Penetrated as it is by more than a million immigrants, whose reliability is more than suspect, finances in a shamble, and a feckless and impotent military, Putin might just chance a move before a more robust coulter could come from a new US president.

Would we counter a move by Russia. Should we? Are they worth our blood and treasure?


Greg Gutfeld

I have a Twitter account, but I never look at it…until now.
I am following Greg Gutfeld, because I watch him on The Five, and he is good. The guy can turn a phrase:

On last night’s two person debate between Sanders and Hillary, “competition between pickpockets.”

And, on Bernie:” “Being an old socialist is easy because giving away what you don’t own is easy….

And on the general Democratic debate climate: “Beheadings could be happening on Broadway, and these twerps would still be yakking about Wall Street,” 

“It’d be nice to have a Dem who gives a damn about the threats against our country, rather than punishing our successful citizens.”

Gutfeld is a comedian by trade, has his own show on FOX over the weekend, but his work on The Five is more crisp.

Morning Musings

As an “Infomaniac” I watch all three major networks, nightly, then Ch.10 local news, followed by PBS and then over to FOX for the rest of the night. 

That is a preamble to say, with certainty, that PBS is the only one reporting more than just an occasional headline about the Refugee problem in Europe. PBS, to its credit, does extensive segments about the problem. 

Kudos where deserved.


My comment about the dumping of half a billion dollars in perfectly clean and treated water into Lower Lake Dixon, should be explained, and the Voice of San Diego did a good job of reporting on it, but…

Months ago I noted in a Blog entry that while California has a drought, San Diego has never had a drought because over the years San Diego has spent billions of dollars to avoid a drought through the construction of reservoirs. 

Unfortunately, state mandates that the entire state observe water restrictions — regardless of how much water a county might have or need! San Diego had plenty of water, but the residents had to save, and the water allocations continued to arrive — unwanted and unneeded.

The results are that San Diego County is absolutely awash in drinking, bathing and lawn-watering liquid! We are dumping perfectly good water into the few remaining unfilled reservoirs.

And that is the problem with government — every entity, people, counties, cities must be treated “equally” even if they are not equal. I suspect that the powers that be in San Diego actually agreed to the water restrictions we never needed, to demonstrate our “solidarity” with our parched neighbors!

Bah! Government simply is not as responsive as private enterprise. Free enterprise allocates scarce resources based on economics. Your neighbor uses less or more electricity based on need, and ability to pay — if the state ran electricity by the same regulations that it uses for water, every home would get the same allocation of electricity!

Sacramento is a soup sandwich!

Good thing we have sun!

And how was your day, San Diego?
“Oh, just the usual, you know, corruption, sex abuse, waste of perfectly good drinking water in a drought…the basic incompetence!” 

Where do I start? It’s hard to prioritize, but let’s start with ancient history (less than two years ago) — yesterday, former Mayor Bob Filner had to settle one of his multiple sexual advancement lawsuits (The City had to pay, Filner skated); the former head of the San Diego Unified School District had to resign to settle a lawsuit for taking campaign contributions over the legal limit (there was much more, but…); and the Water District had to dump 554 million gallons of perfectly drinkable water into a lake, from which it must be recovered and treated AGAIN — and this in a severe drought!

And that was just Tuesday! The on-going saga of the Spanos Chargers, spurned by the NFL, and left with negotiating for a new stadium with historically tight voters or playing second fiddle in Los Angeles to a team much better liked, owned by a much richer owner who hates Spanos.

Yes, we have sun, but much of our fun is watching a city in chaos. The only reason you don’t hear about it is that other cities are so much worse.

Thank God for Chicago!

Trump Supporters Are Surprisingly Quiet on FB

Cruz won Iowa in spite of opposing Ethanol, and in spite of having the Iowa state Governor specifically target him, buoyed by the Evangelical vote, but that vote does not exist in New Hampshire. Bernie almost dethroned the Queen in Iowa, and has a huge lead in New Hampshire because it is a neighboring state to his home state of Vermont.
All of which says that both early voting states have very specific reasons that some politicians may have advantages that will not necessarily show up in the overall Primary season.

One thing for certain, the glow is off The Donald. He is in for a race, and his air of invincibility has gone poof. Someone on FOX News said that the winner in it all was Megyn Kelly, and to some extent that is right. 

One thing is clear, Trump supporters are surprisingly quiet on Facebook today, and that is a huge plus!

A Clash of Cultures

On Facebook I note the breathless claim that a 17 year old girl in Denmark is being charged with a crime in that she used pepper spray to successfully defend herself from an apparent “Refugee” rapist. Pepper spray is reportedly illegal in Denmark.
The term from my youth that “something is rotten in Denmark” jumps immediately to mind.

I actually checked out the story as best I could, on-line. I Googled the story and it was easy to find — it was far less easy to find a LEGITIMATE source, but after searching through nine pages of obvious right-wing sources, I found the story on the Washington Times.

The Times is a right-wing newspaper, but it has legitimate Journalists working for it and it is a legitimate newspaper. 

There are all sorts of aspects to this story: Are regular newspapers not reporting it, because it involves Refugees? Are right-wing sources all over the story because of the difference between protecting oneself in Europe and the US — or because the story is anti-refugee? (Or Both?)

I just find all of the aspects interesting. I find the difference between Texas, where you can carry a pistol openly, and Denmark, where apparently even carrying pepper spray is illegal, to be dispositive between the US and Europe.

With the clash of cultures between the US and Europe, overlay the clash of cultures between Europe and the Refugees, and you have a mess of world-wide cultures from which something is going to change.

We see that same clas within the state’s of the US to a much less degree. I find that fascinating. 


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