Freedom or equality, take your choice

So as not to step on my lede, let me say that I favor an individual’s right to discriminate FOR anyone of any race, creed, color, or sexual preference, and I favor an individual’s right to discriminate AGAINST any race, creed, color or sexual preference.


It is an old, recently discredited concept called “Freedom.”  


I discriminated FOR two black males when I introduced them into my first two Kiwanis Clubs in San Diego in the early 70s, and I discriminated FOR two women when I introduced them into my Kiwanis Club in the early 70s.  All were identified only by their first initials because the national organization would not approve their membershipotherwise. I did these introductions into Kiwanis because all the candidates were qualified, other than their skin color or gender, and I did so without the prior approval of the members of the two Kiwanis clubs. All candidates were approved unanimously by the members.


I opposed the Fair Employment and Housing Act in California, arguing that any law that demands protection for “race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, familial status, disability, or source of income” and has been further deemed to cover renting to families with children, and to associates of people in the above categories is a massive intrusion into personal liberties!


And it is all so unnecessary  not that it is ever the purview of government to reduce freedom except in protecting against force or fraud  but, as I argued decades ago upon the passing of the government force, if every freedom-loving individual in California would simply sell their individual home to a member of the protected classes, every neighborhood would have been integrated with everyone  except perhaps Martians  within a year without massive removal of freedoms of everyone, without lawsuits, discrimination panels, real estate courses, etc.


In today’s general political context, liberals prefer equality to freedom, and conservatives prefer freedom to equality.


Of course it is not quite so simple. Some liberals recognize the problem with equality over freedom, and some conservatives would want to reduce freedom by mandating religious practices. As someone who was MARCHED to Chapel as a Boot, and MARCHED to Chapel again as a Midshipman at Annapolis, I understand their reasoning  but we have now granted freedom to practice, or not practice, religion.


Not so, our other morally held concepts. Those freedoms are regularly stomped upon. The Memories Pizza in WalkertonIndiana, was just the most recent small business hit by the anti-freedom forces. Bake shops have been the targets in Colorado and Oregon, although when bake shops owned by gays have refused to bake a cake in the shape of a Bible with a message that homosexuality is a sin, there was no punishment. When a Muslim-ownedbakery refused to bake a cake for a Christian wedding again no punishment.


Equal justice? Hardly. But tacit admission that minorities are permitted to discriminate. (This  was confirmed by the Colorado Civil Rights Division which recently ruled on the case of Azucar Bakery in Denver.


Freedom for some.


I sent my donation to the Memories Pizza, not because of religious freedom…just freedom!





The Agreement With Iran 

A Clash Of Rights

“To the man with a hammer, every problem is a nail” is the way Abraham Maslow put it and he was right.

The “Hands Up, Don’t shoot” narrative was a narrative chosen by Black activists — despite the fact that the narrative was wrong. Activists need an accelerant for their message, lest the fire die down.

The Gay activists have found an accelerant in the Indiana law…the accuracy of their narrative is less important to them that the passion it might engender.

This nation has solved most of its major problems, so what is left is to debate upon clashing rights…in this case religious freedom vs. Gay Rights.

I am an Atheist, and I support Gay Rights — but MY Constitution favors freedom and that lets shop owners decide what they will sell and to whom. The shop owner is stationary, the customer has the freedom to chose another shop owner.

It’s called “Freedom” — a long lost term in the lexicon of some activists.

Cluster (“Somethingorother”)

The Bergdhal fiasco is a “Cluster ‘somethorother'” — the Obama administration, surrounded by a staff on which not a single person is a Veteran — made a mistake at every turn! Susan Rice KNEW that Bergdhal had left his post, and Intel was saying he cooperated with the enemy when she famously said he “served with honor and distinction.” The president KNEW that as well when he hosted the mother and father in the Rose Garden.

News reports immediately after the Rose Garden said the White House was surprised by the negative reaction, particularly military people — because the president though that getting Bergdhal’s  return would trump any future charge of desertion. (Once again the price of not having a few Veterans on the inner staff)

Then the military that had finished the investigation last October, did not release the findings until last week. It is predictable that we will eventually find White House fingerprints on the timing. It just happened too coincidently in a hot news cycle of the mass murder of 150 people, a Hugh kerfuffle over the Nuclear Treaty with Iran, and the fall of Yemen which the president had called a “success.

The public now joins the military in questioning the trade, and now imminent release of five Taliban leaders. The military lost many men in capturing the bearded five, and apparently still more men were lost or wounded searching for Berghdal.

The White House, loathe to ever admit a mistake, and unable to blame this fiasco on Bush, doubled down.

But the controversy will not die down — even if the specifics are forgotten, the stain remains to remind us of this mistake-ridden administration.

All For (Uninformed) Public Consumption

Our president is angry that Israel is spying on the Nuclear negotiations with Iran!

Shocked! Shocked, do you hear!

Spying on one another, who would have thunk it!

Of course it is just one more effort to deny Bibi’s popularity in America, particularly among the right, a popularity that annoys the left. This one won’t work because everyone with any ear for politics knows that we were recently caught listening in on Angela Merkel’s cellphone, and of course the Germans became irate, but Angela — having lived in East Germany under the STASI knew darn well she was being listened to. She expressed “outrage.”

Right! Only for public consumption, of course.

Bibi knew he had access to the most secret negotiations. Putin had access. Probably Maduro of Venezuela was listening in, along with, oh, say, perhaps 5 other countries with college level computer science graduates and supercomputers.

What really torques Obama, is that Bibi leaked the details of the negotiations to Republicans in the Congress, generating the open letter to Iran (it was not actually SENT to Iran, it was addressed to Iran but it was just posted on-line).

It seems that every government with a telephone system knew what was in the negotiation, but the people in those countries knew nothing — so the Republicans informed the Iranians, quite correctly, that the president was negotiating a presidential understanding with a known “Use by” date — if the president was representing what he was doing was a “Treaty” then the Iranians should know that the president could not do that without 66% of the U.S. Senate.

The Iranians might not understand the U.S. Constitution. Hell, most Attorneys don’t…I am not an Attorney but Bernie Seigan, late Professor of Law at USD and one of only 10 Members of the US Constitution’s 200 Birthday Committee, said I understood the Constitution better than most of the Law Professors on the staff of his university. He was a reader of my newspaper columns.

That is not a sign of my brilliance; it was a comment on his professors!

And I can’t even begin to comment upon the understanding of the Constitution held by Iranian Mullahs, American college students, or President Obama!

Quick Hits

Ted Cruz announced for president.

Brilliance in the law — which he certainly has — (or medicine, for example, as Ben Carson certainly has) does not presidential timbre make! He is not for smaller government, just government that enforces Christian doctrine.

As someone who was marched to church in Boot Camp, and again at Annapolis, I understand forced religion…and I vote “No!!”

Cruz selected Liberty University for his announcement. He was sending a message to the Evangelicals. They got it.

So did I.

(Question: Would the nation vote for a man with no visible upper teeth? This is not a spurious question. We are a society absolutely obsessed with good looks. Yes, this is a sad commentary on voters.)

One wag on Fox (March 22) said of Cruz, “He has the same experience and twice the arrogance of Barack Obama.”

That’s good copy if nothing else.

Basically, Cruz is Donald Trump x 1.5


Some ISIS group has posted the names and addresses of 100 military families, asking their acolytes to attack them.

The very first military person or family member who is attacked, and the president will not be able to quench the firestorm!
I have not commented on the Apple Watch, because, quite frankly, it doesn’t interest me. The “watch” does nothing my Rolex or someone’s Timex(each keeps the same time), or that my iPhone doesn’t do. Now, when it can REPLACE my iPhone, give me a call!

The Hillary “Presser,” Encapsulated

Hillary: There has been no security breach!

Questioner: Who says so?

Hillary: I say so!

Questioner: You admit that e-mails were deleted.  We’re any governmental e-mails deleted?

Hillary: No.

Questioner: Who says so?

Hillary: I say so.

Questioner: Will you permit anyone access to the the Server, to check your assertions?

Hillary: No. Thank you for coming.


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