Swings and Misses All Around

The president was non-committal today as to how he will handle the North Korean Attack on Sony, but he missed a great opportunity to deter the problem had he simply underwritten the risk concerned with releasing the film on its due date.

Had he removed the risk concerned, which he could do by assuring Sony that they had no insurance risk, and the public that they had no physical danger because he would bring up appropriate National Guard in each state to protect each theater.

He could have, but he didn’t.

That leaves the president with retaliation against a fairly impervious target. North Korea has no economy to speak of, no trade to speak of, and they are the Hermit Kingdom in more than name. I suppose that we could take down the electrical system in Pyongyang for a day and let the Dictator shiver in the Korean winter.

Sony lost about $100 million — and a lot of future relationships with a ton of important actors, directors, distributors…and nothing being considered can make them whole.

The president’s job is to react in such a manner as to dissuade further attacks by not just the North Koreans but other potential enemies and competitors — without triggering a stupid, crazy reaction by stupid and crazy people.

Swings and misses all around.

Thinking About Cuba

On Cuba, I am extremely conflicted.

I have told the story before of sitting in a dark hotel bar in the basement of a hotel in Samarkand, Uzbekistan with Ray Cline, who was the Number Two at the CIA for decades, and asking him, “Who killed JFK?”

He said, “I don’t know, but if you had asked everyone on the plane carrying the president’s body back to Washington, everyone would have agreed that it was Fidel Castro.”

Unfortunately, the actions taken by US administrations against Cuba have punished its citizens, not the Castro brothers. The citizens have accepted, even supported the regime despite their physical deprivations, which is blamed on the US embargo despite the fact that just about every other advance nation trades with Cuba, including Canada.

No, the Cuban people suffer because of their government, but they are too proud (and too cowed) to demand a change. Perhaps, what I call the Helsinki Effect — the access that the Russians in St. Petersburg had to western TV, and the impact that had on all of Russia — can have a similar impact on Cuba.

Many people alive today do not carry the enmity toward Castro that some of us do. The Castro brothers still rule a police state, complete with political prisoners, and Cuba has become seriously weakened from its abject state by the crashing price of oil which is given to Cuba by an equally crashing Venezuela.

Perhaps a strong bargain can now be driven — except that the Obama administration has not historically been a good negotiator.


Extreme Interrogation Was Legal, But Was It Moral?

In spite of the Democrat report on extreme interrogation, an NBC poll shows that only 28% of the people think the interrogators “went too far.”

War is gruesome business in all of its forms. Questions of law and morals abound, and in this case the Holder Justice department concluded that no laws were broken.

“If you knew that there was a nuclear time bomb hidden somewhere in New York City — set to go off today — and you had a captured terrorist who knew where and when, would you not do anything to make him tell you where and when? Would you pause to look up the definition of “torture”? Would you even care what the definition of “torture” was, when the alternative was seeing millions of innocent people murdered?”

Thomas Sowell in the National Review

The question of morals remains, and I can tell you having been in battle that morals are left to each man, or in the case of naval warfare, each ship — although that also is the moral decision of one man, the Commanding Officer.

Let me posit a moral question that was debated in every wardroom of a Fast Attack Submarine on which I served: you are the CO of an Attack Submarine, on patrol in an assigned patrol area. You get a message, A high-priority heavy will transit the NE corner of your area at 02000 on the 28th of the month. SINK IT WITHOUT FAIL!” (These last words mean that the target is so special that even if it means the loss of your submarine and all of the crew, this target MUST be sunk!

You maneuver into position, and make all torpedo tubes ready, listening to a large ship approaching. You flood all tubes forward, and open all bow doors of all six tubes. You use SONAR to establish a target course and speed but as you are ready to commence shooting you raise your periscope for a final range and angle on the bow — and promptly lower the scope.

The ship has a huge Red Cross on its side!

What do you do? Quickly! You have perhaps 15 seconds to decide.

There is no right answer. Every CO might have a different answer, and there is no right one. I have been in heated conversations with Officers on both sides…with Commanding Officers on both sides.

(My answer, and I was Qualified for Command of Submarines, was “Tube 1, Set, Shoot, Fire 1, Make Ready Tube 2, Set, Shoot, Tube 2…)

I know that the Japanese used Red Cross ships in WWII to transport troops, transfer Americans to prison camps, and to transport ammunition.

If my Commanders think that ship has such high priority that it is worth the lives of my crew, I’ll take that shot!

Quick Hits

The best thing about falling oil prices per barrel (today it is $54 a barrel), is not the price of gasoline — it is the devastation caused to the economies of Russia and Venezuela! Both are dependent upon $70 a barrel to prop up their economies, and both blame the United States for everything, including the price of oil. It is certainly correct that the world is now awash in oil since the US started fracking, and a Republican administration of the future is likely to open public lands to exploration, adding to the oil glut.

The Russian ruble fell again today. The Russian economy is in shambles as a result of tightening EU and US sanctions, combined with oil prices. The question is “How do we punish the Russians, without them reacting militarily” much like Japan did in striking Pearl Harbor…which they did partially because of US sanctions against Japan for their push into Southeast Asia?

The problems caused to Venezuela are just a bonus!



Jeb Bush has virtually declared, and eventually the Republicans will have more than eight candidates — all fine candidates — while the Democrats have few. Dr. Ben Carson will be an attractive candidate for the Republicans, but he has too little executive experience  for my taste. (We have elected one bright attractive person with no experience, and look how THAT worked out!)

The massive federal election results of the past month were not the most important results, that would be the results in the states. There are now only seven states under complete Democratic control, while there are now 30 states under complete Republican control of the political apparatus, according to Rush this morning.


Jaguar has announced a new style of navigation system for its future cars. The new system projects a “ghost” car onto your windshield so that you simply follow the “ghost car” visually. This will negate the necessity to look at your nav system and its arrows.



The Army/Navy game is REALLY important to me, because that was my first REAL date with my wife of 57 years. Our relationship in marriage has been legendary — an unkind word has never passed between us.

And it is every important to the Army Corps of Cadets and the Navy Brigade of Midshipmen, all of whom are steeped in the 105 year old contest, and the Cadets and Midshipmen (who actually exchange places a few of a time for a week) bet their very distinctive bathrobes on the outcome. Bill Shankly is quoted as saying, “Football is not life or death, it is much more important than that. It certainly is at the Academies!

Navy won this year, narrowly, for the 13th consecutive time, something that must grate terribly on West Point.

A “W” is a W, but that was uninspiring to say the least!

The Point was in the game until the whistle blew.

From the time at the beginning of the season when I read that Navy could win 10 games, it was obviously downhill.

Now they face a decent, but certainly larger and stronger San Diego State — and I think that Navy has gained some respect for West Coast teams, but SD Sate has now faced six Academy teams, and never lost.

Reynolds, the outstanding Navy Quarterback is going to have to bring his “A” game, and open up the passing game. Reynolds obviously can pass, six for seven today, but he is going to have to use the short pass to keep the pass rush off his nose — Army gave him little time today, and State is stronger.

Reynolds is good…great in fact…but either the game plan was not, Reynolds still has nagging injuries, or Army is just getting a hell of a lot better.

Maybe all of the above.

Still, I’ll take 13 straight!


Liberals Avoid The Fight, Bayonet The Wounded

I guess it is something for the Guinness Book of records: The United States has the largest bus in the world — it must be huge, because the Democrats have thrown the CIA, the NSA, and local police under it!

Liberals are people who watch the battle below from Spectator Hill, then when the fires die and the canons are quiet they rush onto the field of battle to bayonet the wounded!

I don’t contend that the results of liberal attacks on our protective services have demoralized the services — that takes sustained attacks — but the morale of those who protect us at home and abroad, took a hit. It is the kind of hit that impacts recruiting years and decades from today.

The only demonstrate negative impact has been by the New York Police Union, which has provided police with a form to request that the Mayor, Bill de Blassio, not attend their funeral if they should die in the line of duty.

And three past heads of the CIA — Democrat Leon Panetta being visibly absent —  have leapt to the defense of the CIA, as has the current head of the FBI.

First the NSA were roundly condemned by the press and many civil libertarians for overreaching in their surveillance, then the local police were taken to task because Michael Brown attacked a policeman, David Wilson..

Now, a Democratic controlled Senate Committee has published what can ONLY be described as a selective, partisan attack on the CIA.

Let’s review the bidding: reacting to a nation on its emotional heels after the attack on September 11, 2001, this nation was not looking for cultural niceties in capturing and interrogating those responsible, because a follow-on attack was expected. I was near Cape Cod, in the heart of liberal country, and on the afternoon of September 11 I went to a local Dentist. The Receptionist asked, “Did you see that?” And when I sad I had, she said, “I oppose the death penalty, but for those who do this…” Her voice trailed off.

We are told that the Democrats then in charge of the Intelligence Committee, knew and approved of the enhanced interrogation, and we do know that the interrogators were acting under the “Color of Law” in that the Attorney General’s office approved their actions. The current Attorney General has investigated, and declined to prosecute anyone.

(I have the distinct impression that the current AG has not weighed in, lest some new and different AG under a Republican administration, call the use of deadly drones a violation of some law.)

But the question is not one of strict legality, but rather what the participants AT THE TIME legitimately understood the legality to be, and how their organizations now feel about being held to today’s reading of that legality.

The obvious answer is being thrown under the bus!

And you can only guess what the Drone pilots at the Las Vegas site might be feeling today, about what future generations may think of their actions.

I am certain that neither liberal FDR nor liberal California Governor Earl Warren could have guessed that their internment of thousands of Americans of Japanese heritage; nor did Democrat Harry Truman suspect that he would be roundly criticized for ending the bloody conflict with Japan by dropping two atomic bombs, something that saved the predicted million man American casualties that would have been the result of an invasion of the Japanese islands; nor did George W. Bush suspect that his claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction — a claim also believed by the CIA, the MOSAD, the French and German intelligence  — ALL believed that Saddam had WMDs. (Come to think of it, so did Hillary, Bill, Joe Biden, Madeline Albright, Barbara Boxer, Arline Specter, Sandy Berger, Robert Byrd, Wesley Clark, Jacques Chirac, William Cohen, John Edwards, Dick Gephart, Al Gore, William Cohen, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, etc.)

It is worth reminding ourselves that it is a liberal American tradition to bayonet our wounded. Today, the left excoriates our Founding Fathers for owning slaves, even though slavery had been a world-wide accepted practice since the Old Testament, even among the Greeks who gave us Democracy, and the Romans who gave us the Republic. Americans also self-flagellate over our treatment of the American Indians, although our founders acted no different than anyone who lived at that time. It is not as if the Indians were going to remain forever on this land, warring among themselves without being decimated with Smallpox brought by someone else, if not us!

We have no idea what shame future liberals, in generations to come will place upon our generation for behaving as we do in some current cultural norm.


The So-Called “Torture Report”

You know what the end result of the report of harsh interrogation will be?

CIA agents will demand that all instructions for actions that might get them in any conceivable problem anytime in the future be in writing!

As a Submariner for more than a decade, I can tell you that submarines — today — are violating International Law…because it is what submarines DO,

If we are all to hold hands and hum with our enemies  — you go first!

It is not the Submarines — or Submariners — who do things on their own, of course…they operate on written orders anyway, and if they are to penetrate a foreign port to photograph something, the President himself signs off on it. The same is true for flights over other countries.

I have no idea who knew what about the harsh interrogation, but the CIA says they briefed the Majority Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Diane Feinstein, — which she denies, and it is she who has thrown the CIA under the bus!

CIA Directors would be wise to have all future briefings of Congressional committees, videotaped. I understand that CIA Directors risk terrible chances of a leak if they put anything in writing or on video, but Senator Feinstein just made that necessary.

None of the extreme measures revealed killed anyone, caused permanent injury or left scars, and the few instances where ANY of that happened (and there is no testimony that it did), it was pure accident.

If thermal discomfort is, in and of itself, for example, “torture” then my Korean service at minus 20 or minus 30 degrees was “torture” — and Incidentally that happens every year on the Korean DMZ for hundreds of our soldiers.

I understand torture — I served with Cdr. L. M. “Pete” Bucher in Submarines, and when he was captured by the North Koreans along with 82 shipmates on the USS Pueblo in 1968. I represented Bucher and his family, wrote his speeches and acted as his bodyguard upon his return.

Bucher refused to sign a confession after repeated beatings, but was shown a South Korean spy, chained to a wall — with a compound fracture of one arm sticking through the flesh, one eye gouged out with the eyeball and “black matter” hanging down his cheek, and the man was “gurgling.” (The NK then said, “Congratulations, Commander. You have withstood our beatings, but now you see what we are capable of, so unless you sign we will execute your men in front of you, one at a time. If you cannot stand to see all of them executed, and you crack after 10 or 20 or 50, then we win and you have needlessly lost those men. He signed.)

Years after Bucher’s return, the Navy was reconstructing the bones in Bucher’s face, and often each testicle were swollen the size of tennis balls.

I understand torture. I submit to the critics “you have no idea!”

The Democratic Report makes Zero claims that there was any permanent damage to anyone.

There is a US law against torture. (18 U.S. Code Chapter 113C – TORTURE) The Holder Attorney General’s office has investigated the situation, and declined to prosecute under US law.

Both Democrat and Republican administrations (including this one) have REFUSED to prosecute ANYONE!

But if you know something that Obama does not know…he has not even called for the resignation of HIS CIA Director that supported the interrogations!

(But Obama has sent Hellfire Missiles into wedding parties, which is a LOT worse than waterboarding!)

Now here is an interesting question: Does International Law trump US law, in the minds of the left?



Crossover Day 2004

Crossover Day 2004

This is a banner crossover day, one between a warmer season in San Diego North County (Inland) and our cooler season.

Today we picked: Roses (five varieties), Plumeria, Hibiscus, Oranges, Tomatoes, Tangerines, Lemons, and Grapefruit!

The flowers may continue for several more weeks (today’s high at my home will be 78 degrees), and the citrus will continue for the next six months but cooler weather approaches, but the appearance of Oranges, and the lower rate of Tomatoes presages several months of nighttime fires in our Soapstone wood stove.

(This is mostly for effect — my long-suffering wife is from New England, so the fires begin when the first cloud appears in the sky, or the first drops of rain announce “Winter”…)

Today was the crossover day when everything in all seasons comes on the same day.

Although this “Crossover Season” may only last a few weeks, it is a day to celebrate!

(And, is there also a large amount of Schadenfreude involved!)


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