Trump Opens a Dialog

Trump may have overstated his point, but at least he was absolutely correct that Mexico is not sending us their best and brightest. Most of the compadres I assisted over 20 years were between illiterate and semi-literate.

Most were also hard-working and honest. In our neighborhood, the workers were self policing. They had a jefe (chief), and mis-behavior meant either banishment from our community, and in really bad transgressions, the entire family could be banished.

In larger communities with transient workers, things were worse because the workers came from various areas and did not as in my community, come from a tiny town in Mexico exclusively to our community — so I can really only speak about their literacy. They were illiterate. Certainly not the best and brightest, but good people. I sponsored two of them, personally, standing in line with them at the Immigration off ice for the “Reagan Amnesty.”

The border is broken. It is 30 minutes away from my home, and we had one illegal alien in Escondido who has been deported 17 times, and the murderer of a California Highway Patrolman in Oceanside had been deported six times.

For awhile, the Obama administration made at least a public effort to deport serial lawbreakers and major lawbreakers, but that effort appears lately to be abandoned. In areas like Escondido where the post office serves my current community, illegal aliens are well represented on the Most Wanted list, as it is in Los Angeles.

The argument that illegal aliens commit crimes at a lower rate than US citizens is a fallacious argument because the crimes by illegal aliens are IN ADDITION to the crimes committed by our citizens. Illegal alien crime would be ZERO if Illegal Aliens were not here. are not

Trump may be a bomb thrower, and he may well cost the Latino vote, but it was never there for anyone except Cruz and Jeb, and only minimally for them.

On balance, Trump had a point.

Obama Achievements(sic)

A friend sent me a Facebook page supporting the achievements of President Obama, with several bullet points. I could not help replying:
“I’ll not share if you don’t mind. It is just bumper sticker sloganeering. 

Yes, Obamacare has been upheld for 6.4 million people, a paltry number when you consider a population north of 300 million — and the deductibles and co-payments rose for the remainder because there was no magic pot of money to pay for the 6.4 million. Robbing Peter to pay Paul has always brought plaudits from Paul.

Plans to overhaul infrastructure and overtime pay, huh? I have plans for a Viking Cruise. I have no money for it, but I have plans, and like Obama, they will come true if someone else pays for it.

SCOTUS rules for Gay Marriage — oh, you mean that same Gay Marriage Obama OPPOSED three years ago? THAT Gay Marriage

Jobs at a 15 year high? Really? The Work Force participation is at a 40 year low! You are taking credit for population increases, but the percentage of workers in the workforce is the lowest in Four decades! Those 17 vacancies in my local community shopping center are still there!”

I am not certain exactly who placed support for Obama on my Facebook page, but they could not have been serious…although I do have friends who are Obama supporters. They all vote left but live their own lives in a conservative manner.

That has always impressed me, how conservative they are in daily like.

Sorry, Anti-Vaxers

As a Libertarian, I am more than just a bit sympathetic with the anti-vax people but I also recognize the value of the herd effect of vaccinations in a civil society.

I know the anti-vax people believe their cause, but we live in a society into which hundreds of thousands of low-income illegal aliens flood our nation annually from Third World countries, and we no longer have Ellis Island to check them for disease.

I sympathize with the anti-vaxers, but that’s about as far as it goes. If there were a sufficient number of the in a geographic location, I could see establishing a Charter School for them so that they could exchange diseases among themselves (and there may be in Marin County and Orange County), but that’s about it for accommodation.

The standard public school system is so bad that such a solution might benefit everyone.

A Bitter, But Curative Pill

The pending Greece exit (Grexit)from the European Union will shortly (in political terms) be followed by the Poexit (Portugese exit),mthe ((Itexit) Italian exit and the Brexit (British exit).
All for different reasons. The British and the Italians for immigration reasons, and Portugal and Italy for the same economic reasons as Greece.
Italy gets a double whammy, debt and immigration.

Now it is possible that Britain, because it has a huge economy, may be able to get concessions from the EU to stem the immigration flood (they have huge debt, but do not share the Euro currency…one smart thing they did), and if it does Italy may benefit, since it is the primary landing place of immigrants from Africa. Italy has already negotiated an 80,000 refugee relocation north.

The two remaining nations with huge debt problems, after Greece, are Italy and Portugal.

It isn’t going to get better, until it first gets worse.  

No one likes austerity but the Irish swallowed hard, accepted their medicine, and, after six years of austerity, emerged stronger.

It is a bitter pill, but it cures.

Never Borrow Anything Small

Many of my friends do not follow the vagaries of Europe, so permit me to briefly explain the current problems in Europe caused by socialist Greece.
For years, indeed decades, Greece borrowed money from the International Monetary Fund, the European Bank, etc. — and when the bill came due, Greece could not repay the loans.

(Here it gets comical.)

The IMF etc. loaned the Greeks money to make their payments!


This Fifth time, they are balking.

All Greece needs is about $2 billion — Apple Computer or Google could pay this from their change jar. Literally!

The newly elected socialist president of Greece calls the demands that his country repay the money it has borrowed “Humiliating.” In a delaying tactic (and a CYA), the president has called for a Referendum of his people, to see if the reforms demanded for getting still a fifth bailout should be met. Things like reducing outrageous pensions for no-show jobs, never performed.

On Tuesday, we will see who is the greater fool, the EU or Greece. Meanwhile, Greek citizens are emptying their bank accounts, lest the government seize their accounts to pay the European banks. 

Place your bets!

SCOTUS Didn’t Change Church Law!

Hysteria aside, SCOTUS didn’t change Church marriage.

Churches make the rules of church weddings, and nothing has changed. 

SCOTUS, the highest part of government LAW, changed GOVERNMENT LAW.

SCOTUS and Marriage

I am all over the place with the Gay Marriage thing — but in summary, so as not to step on the lede, my general opinion is that the Gay Marriage ruling was the right decision done the wrong way, much as was Rowe v Wade.
The ruling reinforced the “all men are created equal” before the law, and insofar as government is concerned, IF government is to be involved in the marriage business, all should be treated equally.

This, of course begs the question “Should government be involved in marriage?” — I have never thought so, and do not think so today. I believe that marriage — which only began in the Early Middle Ages, should be a church issue. Until the inception of formalized church marriage, a girl and boy exchanged vows in private. Since God was “everywhere” He heard their vows.

Getting government involved was the marriage business meant that government set the rules — of government marriage of course, even government cannot touch religious ceremonies, at least not yet!

And, actually even government is still ambivalent about their own “equal protection” rules. Incestuous marriage relations are still not permitted, regardless of “equal protection,” nor are bigamous marriages. (So much for “people should be able to marry whomever they love” argument.)

Today, as a week ago, a church can perform — or not perform — any wedding ceremonies they choose, but as the tacit ban on Blacks by the Mormons proved decades ago, public pressure may prove too strong in the future for churches to ban Gay Marriage as well.

Since many (most?) couple — Gay and Straight — simply live together without the “benefit” of a church or a government wedding, the subject is becoming moot.


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