One of the things that bothers me is the claim by many on the right, that Obama is purposely destroying the US, is a Muslim, or any one of a number of things.

It brings to mind a GREAT Heinlein quote”

“You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity” Robert Heinlein, “The Logic of Empire” 1941


There is a constant cry among some to support the Apple/Google new policy that locks all Apple/Google in an encryption that does not even permit a Federal Judge to break. The FBI and NSA are objecting, saying that a Federal Judge’s order should have access anywhere.


Simple! Announce that no longer will the FBI provide any information or protection for Apple and Google facilities, or attempted electronic break-ins, worldwide! Problem solved.


I have no idea about Global Whatever, but what I do know is that I began computer science in 1967, and never saw a predictive program that was worth Vice President John Nance Garners famous “bucket of warm spit.”

If you search for climate predictions made by date certain, and there have been many, none have even been close. Consequently, recent predictors have made their predictions for dates long past the horizons of most now alive, or at least past their caring.

It saves historical embarrassment.


The Minimum Wage debate continues.

I started a small computer sales company. First I put up every cent I had plus money from family and friends. I had to sign a five-year office lease worth $250,000 that I was personally responsible to pay even if the company failed.

I was open six days a week, and my wife and I were the janitorial staff on Sunday. It took seven years to make a profit on paper (we sold it before then), and I had to feed the kitty from my sales and my house equity, and before that profit would have been reached my house had a mortgage, and a second mortgage, and a third, fourth and fifth — all at the same time. Only the confidence of my local banker in my work habits kept my business afloat — and if it failed I lost my house.

And government wants to tell me how much to pay my employees?


The Christian right is all upset that wedding chapels and bakeries nationwide are being told that they must serve the Gay community.

Private property rights, and ownership mean nothing anymore! They have been eroded for decades!

Where have the good Christians been before their ox was gored?

The Fate of Hong Kong

Is history repeating itself in Hong Kong? (Of course the short answer is: It always does!)

In 168 B.C. (Or was it 186?…it is not worth looking up) — at the end of the Romans Third Macedonian War, the Romans first ruled Greece with a Velvet Glove, but tiring of the Greeks demand for “Freedom” and “Democracy” the Roman Army returned to enslave many Greeks, destroyed the walls of 70 cities to alert them that they were defenseless, and destroyed and sacked the artistic city of Corinth, and ruled with an Iron Fist.

The destruction Of Hong Kong is unlikely to take place, and even the enslavement….we have become far too civilized, perhaps to our undoing. You see those highly prized house slaves who were highly educated Greek intellectuals — over two centuries the Greeks changed Roman art, education, music, architecture…almost everything.

The Greeks in Greece were even less well off than the slaves. The Greeks fell upon their Italians neighbors who lived in Greece, and killed 80,000 of them and the Romans retaliated by sacking Athens and killing perhaps hundreds of thousands of Greeks, and establishing colonies of Roman troops in Greece.

Let’s hope the Hong Kong situation turns out well. It was my choice in my youth in case I had to flee. I look Hong Kong — at least the Hong Kong of old. My wife and I enjoyed several weeks there, and I pulled several tours of Liberty there.

Love Hong Kong.When I was there, it had pure Capitalism — no state welfare at all, but no one starved. Families and charities took care of those who could not work. I am certain that my custom made shoes were cut by a seven year old and sewn on a home sewing machine by a woman 85 because that was the norm. And, yes, my ultra-liberal shipmates who supported child labor laws bought tons of shoes knowing the situation — just as union members shop today at WalMart.

Killing Patton is a Must Read (or listen)

I had not read or listened to any of Bill O’Reilly’s very popular history books, but perhaps I have made an error — so, although I am an Atheist I will listen ( to Killing JESUS. (Bill actually reds the book — well — on Audible.)

To say that I was impressed by Killing PATTON would be an understatement. Having read much of the WWII history, I was surprised with how much I should have known, and didn’t. Learning the new material was very enjoyable and easy.

First, Bill can afford to cooperate with a first class researcher. Next Bill is both a high school history teacher and a Journalist before becoming a television personality. His prior professions mean a love of history and good writing skills, both of which combine to make Killing PATTON a “must read.”

As Bill has described in a TV interview, the war in Europe rotated around the “most audacious” General in the European Theater. Patton demanded the Tip of the Spear assignments for his Third Army Tank Corps. Patton, who rubbed just about everyone wrong, except his men, was denied the honor of having his men be the first into Germany by crossing the Rhine, he replied to the second denial by answering “We have already done it.” And he had, complete with a photo of Patton peeing into the Rhine on its East bank!

Patton correctly predicted the threat of Russia, and that may have cost him his life — but that is a mystery Bill explores, and I’ll leave that to your reading or listening.

I suggest you do.

Voted Off the Island

A late Fox News Poll says that only 9 % would support their state seceding from the country, and that is interesting since the Constitution has no provision for a state leaving the Union.

Then the poll asked if the U.S. population could vote another state “off the Island” — and the majority of respondents (53%) said that they would vote California out of the Union.

Perhaps we who live here don’t recognize the enmity with which we are judged, because we just enjoy the sunshine, although we realize that people talk about the nation tilting and all of the nuts flowing to California.

There are three or four states nearing bankruptcy and California is at the head of that list, and indeed three of our communities have already gone into bankruptcy.

But California is also the eighth economy in the world if California were a nation. It is the center of technology for America. Unfortunately California is about 11% of the U.S. population but it has about 35% of the U.S. welfare cases, because it has easy entry requirements, and generous benefits. California is a magnet for welfare families, at the same time California is strangling its corporations and the productive citizens with high taxes.

So, California is at best a mixed bag, but it has been under Democratic control for so long that corporate moves and expansions are leaving at a rapid rate. The state is strangling its productivity while inducing the generational welfare.

I understand the feelings of the rest of the nation about California. We are the Greece of North America.

About Kobani

I am ambivalent about the ISIL situation, because 50 years ago I would not even have known about the fighting on the Syrian border, at Kobani. A fight between Kurds and Islamists on the other side of the world would have been nothing to me.

I often wonder why it is now? I know it is because the Kurds will be overrun, and rape, murder and pillage will ensue — just as it has in those very village for thousands of years. We are not talking about a settled part of the world.

Yes, I believe that ISIL should be destroyed, and THIS president was REALLY elected to get our troops out of Iraq, and by extension, Syria, and further, a NATO nation, Turkey has troops that can save Kobani.

Yes, Turks hate Kurds but Kurds make up a large Kurd population, and they VOTE. The current Turkish government is committing political suicide and setting themselves up for NATO membership sanctions. Their president is an Islamist, friend of Iran and Hamas — the question is, what is the population?.

There are 72 conflicts taking place worldwide. and I suggest that we would do well to focus!


Russia is a problem. China is a problem. Either can destroy half of America in 1 hour.

ISIL cannot.

(But NATO should expel Turkey, immediately)

…And You Think WE have problems!

If you think the management of our states is difficult, imagine the management of 20+ independent nations — the European Union. It’s hard to know where to start, but let’s start with Britain.

Now if you think that the U.S. is into multiculturalism, England is the result of native tribes being overrun by the Romans just after the death of Christ, abandoned by the Romans 400 years later after holding off the Tribe called the Pictis (later called the Scots), only to have the British islands then overrun by the Anglo-Saxons (generally from what we call Germany), subsequently attacked by the Vikings seagoing pirates from Scandinavia, (Mostly Danes), overrun by the French, then again by the Germans, co-opted by getting independence by accepting German Kings, (the offspring of whom rule today). Just to show you how confused it is, when the Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy, and perhaps you have been there, the Normans are descendants of the Vikings. (The Normans, who were recent Vikings, conquered Britain in 1066 — the Norman Conquest– but I digress.) I mention this without even discussing the chaos that surrounded the religious turmoil of the area, but it was HUGE., and my mention of the history of Europe is included only because many Americans think that Europe has been fairly stable.

Chaos has ALWAYS reigned in Europe!

And that’s only part of it! And, having recently escaped a defection from Scotland, the Brits face a rise in Anti-European Union sentiment to the point where the Anti-EU Sentiment is so strong that their leader, Nigel Farage, is currently out-poling the Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron has had two Parliament Ministers defect recently, and Cameron has been forced to say if he can’t Get concessions from the EU, he will vote to leave the EU. (Britain already does recognize the currency, the Euro.)

Now, across the Chanel, the EU is trying to hold Britain in the fold by offering concessions through adding Vice Presidents on top of Commissioners, to add layer of bureaucrats to an already constipated bureaucracy just to placate the British by making the Vice President of Finance a Brit.

Simultaneously, Cameron’s Conservative Party is moving the stop the European Human Rights Court from overruling British Courts.

The EU in Brussels is a complete mess, overseeing a sputtering economy with 16% unemployment, a challenging Russian Bear in the Ukraine, winter coming with Russian oil and gas a necessity  — while the EU tweaks the Bear’s nose with sanctions, and a decision coming in late October as to how many concessions are necessary to keep Britain in the EU.

The answer may be that NOTHING can keep the British in the EU, and probably nothing can keep the EU together in the long run.

The world needs a strong America and a strong Europe. It has neither!

Uh, Oh! The Turks! (They can flat fight!)

The news that Turkey has decided to provide ground troops is great news.

I served with Turkish troops in Korea and they had a reputation as fierce fighters, and in many ways they are better than US Marines, but only because the Turkish troops were not encumbered by politically correct “Rules of Engagement” — while the Turks are (Or at least we’re) not so encumbered.

The ISIL units are attacking the Peshmerga villages right on the Turkish border, and the Turks have a very large and well-trained army, with short supply lines. When they roll they will roll right over the relatively lightly armed and lightly trained (Relatively trained) ISIL.

ISIL determined that they could act “Army-like, Light” because the Iraqi army was made up partly of their Sunni partners, and would not fight. ISIL was right, but now their “Army” might have to face a REAL, honest-to-goodness ARMY>

If, and when the Turks roll, they will move as fast as their tanks can go. The good news for the ISIL is that their Toyota trucks can retreat faster than the Turkish tanks can advance — but Turkey MAY only wish to relieve the stress on their border because hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled there, causing a humanitarian crises.

If that is the case, the Turks may just establish a buffer zone in Syria into which Syrian refugees may retreat, and let the UN handle the refugees.

But if Turkey is in for the entire fight, look out!

They can flat fight!


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