Donut and Coffee Run

Having taken a hiatus from politics for several weeks, whilst reading a lot of historical mystery novels, I return to the political fray only because my newspaper Editor requested a column.
You don’t know how much more interesting the novels were. I read more than 20, and enjoyed it immensely!

The kerfuffle of Ann Coulter at Berkeley — now the kerfuffle of Anne Coulter not at Berkeley — makes me bookmark my place, electronically of course, and comment.

We see the subject of “Mob Veto” is glorious action, not for the first time of course, conservative speakers on college campuses have frequently been abused, but this was apparently one bridge too far. Finally, after years of silence, celebrity liberals are fed up. When Bill Mahr and the ACLU speak, liberals listen, but this has been a long journey.

Today, the “AntiFascists” — read Anarchists– are planning to riot on the Berkeley campus of U of California regardless of the cancellation of the Coulter speech, but the tide of liberal support is waning quickly. This support, active and tacit, is support the Progressive Movement has counted upon on college campuses.

We shall see further today. If any protestors show up, at all. And how the Berkeley police respond. Last time they responded with a donut and coffee run.

A New Sheriff in Town

This strike on Syria reflects Trump’s personality…and it sends a more overarching signal than just to the Syrian military. Putin heard it loudly, Iran, China and Kim Jong Un heard it as well. 
Any president has the power to strike if they have a timely need. The timely need this time was to tie the nexus between the gas attack and our reaction. I can only hope that Trump continues by establishing a US protected sanctuary for the millions of displaced Syrians, and, if Trump really wants to exercise our overwhelming power in the region, he might try a “No Fly” zone.

There is a new Sheriff in town!

Is a “First Strike” Even Possible?

It is not normal in this modern world to initiate a “First Strike” — but if any nation deserved it, that would be North Korea. Apparently, that is the message that the White House is delivering to China.
China gets the opportunity, the first right of refusal as it were, to save their client state. Of course we have made such requests/threats before, but we have never had an irrational and unpredictable leader. That is a plus for our side. Maybe.
We don’t know Kim Jong Un’s mind, but we have to look to the intersection of rhetoric with opportunity. Fat Kim has threatened American bases in Japan, but that would hardly be worth dying for. The American fleet in Pearl Harbor, or San Diego, or perhaps San Francisco as a population center.
I fear Fat Kim’s isolation. He may believe his Generals, or his press clippings concerning his power relative to that of the United States, much like Saddam Believed his Generals that he had weapons of mass destruction. Of course North Korea would become a parking lot that glows at night, but that would not save San Francisco.
I have often thought that I would live to see an American city struck with a nuclear or chemical/biological or radiological weapon, and even at my advanced age I still believe that. Unfortunately. My only question is a non-nuclear weapon of mass destruction from the East, or a nuclear weapon from the West.
So do we intercept the NK by striking first? Can we neutralize the 16,000 artillery pieces aimed at Seoul without first evacuating the city, and would such an evacuation trigger the guns before we do any strike, nuclear or otherwise. Right now Seoul is the hostage that has thus far limited us to cyber warfare, but so little of the NK is on the internet that limits our reach.
No, at some point we must go kinetic, or China/NK must believe that we are serious enough to go kinetic. That alone would be a change!
It is pretty easy to describe the problem but damn near impossible to solve the problem. A surprise attack on the artillery would require a full compliment of B-1 and B-2 bombers from the U.S. and you can’t do that in this age without alerting the Russian/Chinese satellite network and therefore North Korea.
‘Tis a puzzlement! I can only hope that China acts to defuse this crises, quickly

No, You Are Not a Giraffe!

I don’t care if you “feel” like a giraffe, it does not make you a giraffe! Plumbing decides.

I am indebted to blogger Dana Pico for reminding me that if Paleo Anthropologists find the skeleton of Bruce Jenner 3,000 years hence, the skeleton will be described as male. If any DNA can be extracted, it will identify the skeleton as male.

These are objective facts. 

An adult person may believe they are a baby (Paraphilic infantilism), wear a diaper and drink from a baby bottle, but that is a mental construct not a gender. A movement that requires us to accept mental illness as normal is so bizarre as to be ludicrous, yet it is mainstream today.

I Never Stepped Over Dead Bodies On the Streets!

Hey, I have this really great idea to provide government subsidized insurance-based healthcare to the 20 million who can’t afford it. (That was the goal, always done before and after Obamacare and never improved by the Obamacare Act.)
We print up 40 million wallet-sized cards, half red, half blue. One card reads “Obamacare. Whatever medical procedures needed will be subsidized by the American taxpayers.” The other color will say “Trumpcare. Whatever medical…”

We use these cards whichever party is in political power.

These cards will be “Means Tested” by the Welfare offices of each state, under federal guidelines.

Now, it is done with only the cost of printing 40 million wallet-sized cards. The government picked up the medical care for the indigent before Obamacare, after Obamacare; before Trumpcare, after Trumpcare…always has, probably always will. This is the price an advanced and rich society pays to not step over dead bodies on the street. We obviously solved this problem long ago because I am 83 and NEVER stepped over a dead body on the streets of America.

Next problem, please!

(Note that the above does not lower the cost of insurance, improve medical care or solve the terrorism crises. Neither did, or would Obamacare or Trumpcare, but my plan does not require 2,000 pages of regulation and thousands of bureaucrats. What it does is remove the embarrassment of not having an insurance card in the ER, which is all Obamacare did, or Trumpcare would.)

You are welcome.

Glad It Failed!

The Trump White House and Paul Ryan lost, but the citizens won.
This was both Obamacare light, and so complicated that it was to have been contained in three separate bills, to be phased in over three phases.

From a political standpoint, Greg Gutfeld got it right. Trump is accustomed to cutting a deal with those who have no ideology, just an economic interest. Politicians have no economic interest, only an ideology.

What am I missing? Eight years ago before Obamacare, were people dying in the streets across America? I don’t think so and I have 83 years to observe America, of which 63 were years of political cognizance.

No, the promise of Obamacare was that it would give medical insurance to some number of millions of uninsured people without costing anyone anything, a promise that could not and has not materialize. DUG,

IT was all an illusion as most political promises are.

Obamacare did not offer one iota of more or better medical care. What Obamacare was, and is, is the offer of a card to be presented in the Emergency Room, instead of being perceived as poor and admitting you have no money and the government must pick up the bill.

Billions for THAT!  Government picks up the bill either way.

Let it fail!

Unions Broke The School System

The San Diego Union reports that hundreds of teachers from the San Diego Unified School District, millions in debt, must lay off hundreds of teachers, and that a huge majority of those teachers will come from the schools in poor neighborhoods. Unions cause this by insisting on “post and bid” where senior teachers get to choose the plum schools, and those in minority districts get the newbies.
Of course the worst schools have the teachers with the least seniority — and get fired first. Why the civil rights groups are not all over this is because they, and the unions are liberal, and there are “No enemies on the left.”

This “post and bid” means that only the most dedicated senior teacher is teaching in troubled schools, if any of them actually exist. Without senior teachers to act as mentors, newly graduated teachers struggle, and many quit.

The system is badly broken.