Setting New Immigration Policy

Although I am an Immigration Hawk, I am happy to see Trump “pivot” to find a solution for the “Dreamers” who were brought here by their illegal alien parents.
This is just an example of what I have previously called every called EVERY presidents’ “Oh S%#*t moment” when a nominee goes from being surrounded by political campaign experts to being surrounded by executive, management experts. 

Someone finally told the president that giving 11 million (or more) illegal aliens a court hearing would drown the nation in red ink and all of his infrastructure money would go to courtrooms.

So, I suspect the president will triage, and first secure the Border and deport criminal illegal aliens. There are entire gangs in major cities made up entirely of illegal aliens. 

Yes, they get deported, and they return because while illegally entering the US is only a misdemeanor, returning after a deportation is a FEDERAL FELONY! 

It isn’t enforced, and that is why we get criminals with multiple illegal re-entry. Enforcing that single existing law will do more to clean up crime than any single action the president could take, and he could do so with a memo to his new Attorney General.

Senator Jeff Sessions would jump on that!

Yes, the Obama Executive Order giving the Dreamers a more rosy path than they deserve must be overturned. It was a political move, not a policy that was sustainable.

Climates Change!

CBS headline:”Scientists are warning that the Antarctic ice shelf could collapse within 100 years.”
Anytime I see a headline like “Could” or “May” I know they are guessing — and anytime I see any predictions that extend beyond the cognitive lifetime of anyone living, well that’s guessing, cubed!

It was 17,000 years ago, just a blink of a geologic eye, the oceans were 350 feet lower and the glaciers came all the way to Missouri. NYC was under hundreds of feet of glacial ice.

Climates change….

Not to put too sharp a point on the issue, but thank God for climate change.,.picture the Sahara Desert, with a few thousand pre-humans living to the south. Climate change caused the Sahara to become spotted with grasses and pond, and it enticed the Homo Habilis onto the new new savanna– only to cause some to go South and some north into Europe about 1.7 million years ago when the Sahara again became a desert. 

A similar event happened again with Homo Erectus about 700,000 years ago, and finally with Homo Sapien Sapien (our species) some 40,000 years ago.

Thank God for rapid climate change…it is the reason we are here as a species. Those climate changes, acting like a pump, forced a few of different species, first north into a new verdant plain, then further north and east into Asia, creating the life we know today.

SCOTUS Insanity

There are many cases where the Supreme Court has exercised their right to “interpret” our Founder’s Constitution to the detriment of our culture and common sense, and one of those cases reflects the current debate over the burning of the American flag.
The Supremes in Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989); United States v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990) invented something called “symbolic speech” which common sense calls “action.”

The Founders didn’t understand “speech” to be anything but utterances and writing. It took the Supremes about 210 years to divine speech to include actions.

Perhaps a newly constituted SCOTUS toward the end of Trump’s first term can reduce the insanity of the previous Court, and address Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U.S. 111 (1942) as well.

Who is Geert Wilders?

Well, he is the Dutch equivalent to Nigel Farage, who engineered BREXIT, but the Dutch are holding a trial on Geert because he publicly said that the Dutch had too many Moroccans, and that the Moroccan populations were causing a disproportionate number of crimes.

You see, saying the truth can get you fined, or worse in the Netherlands, and actually in Britain as well. Britain has banned Geert, and his trial is well underway in the Netherlands.

Free speech isn’t free in Europe! It hardly exists.

Now here is the rub: Geert Wilders is the head of the PVV Party, the Populist political party of the Netherlands, and that party was in about a 20 to 25% of the population before his trial. With his trial, the popularity of the PVV party has almost become a majority!

Britain talked about banning Trump from entering Britain, but with the election, Britain decided not to ban. But they did ban Geert, and what will they do if he becomes the head of the Dutch government!

All of Europe is undergoing a populist revolution with gains in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherland and others. BREXIT was not predicted the day before it passed, Trump was not predicted before he won, and other strange things may fall in the next few years that will change the political map.


He tried firing squads, he tried sending academics into the sugar fields, he tried neighborhood snitches, he tried arresting journalists, he tried sending armies into Africa and South America to support Communism, he tried supporting Hugo Chavez/Maduro, he tried isolating his people from the outside world…but he failed.
His People revered him even in poverty, remembering that they were dirt poor under Batista, but the rich were really rich. The revolution didn’t make the poor any richer, but they loved seeing the rich made poorer. This is the eventual goal of Democratic Party wing under Sanders. 

Uniform poverty!

Now the liberals will tell you that the reason for Cuban poverty was the US embargo, but that claim can be dismissed easily: Canada had no embargo! Europe had no embargo, and those economic entities are hardly chopped liver!


There is so little news these days, as the nation comes to grips with a new, and untested administration.
Initial indications are that Trump is still expending time and energy — both of which are in short supply — to yell at the media. Not that the media doesn’t need some yelling, but it can more easily be done by surrogates. One can only think that Trump was taking a page from baseball players who question umpire calls, hoping to get marginal calls in the future.

Trump has lived in NYC all of his life, he knows the Times and their biases. They are not going to change. At least for some time, the Times — like most of us — is in denial. I don’t think Trump thought he would win, although his data cruncher says HE thought Trump would win.

Who knows the truth? Truth is elastic in politics.

Too bad. There are few more areas where truth is more needed.

One unforced error that perfectly demonstrates Trump’s inexperience, and a perfect example of why his staff needs to take his Twitter account account away, and that was Trump’s comment about who he would welcome as Ambassador from Great Britain. I can just see the frost on the British reply that they would determine who their Ambassador would be. 


I Hope, I Hope, I hope

While I am impressed with the announced Trump Cabinet appointments, the several people under consideration for future appointments impress me more: General Mattis for SecDef, Michelle Rhee for Education, and Mitt Romney for SecState. Those are power players even stronger than one could hope for.
The Romney/Mattis combination an international carrot and stick of enormous proportions, should they get the job. Michelle Rhee has led the public discussion on education reform for more than a decade. 

I hope, I hope, I hope