Still, A “No Decision”

I listened to Trump.
Trump is right, but the problem is, is he right in the head?

I could find nothing in the speech with which I disagree, but I remember the Trump who said he would order I still remember the US military to commit War Crimes! (Kill unarmed family members of terrorist families! He has never walked that back!

He showed nothing but disdain for POWs — all POWs! He has never walked that back!

On the other hand, I know the FBI decision not to indict Hillary was a political one because the FBI Director told us of the specifics then said no indictment. But he enumerated ALL the elements of an indictment! You know it, I know it and Hillary supporters know it. They just don’t care!

So it ends up with someone I thoroughly dislike, or someone I actually believe committed a crime, and one that endangered the secrets of the nation!

The question in my mind is “Have either of them learned the needed lessons, and do either understand that they are deeply, deeply despised?”

If you put a gun to my head, I would vote for Trump.

But I still have time to consider just sitting it out. Or voting Libertarian.



Could we substitute Donald Jr. for his father, as the Presidential Nominee?
Trump’s political position, at least his most recently expressed positions, are not the problem…Donald Trump the crass egotist is the problem. Donald Jr. for example would NEVER have disrespected Ted Cruz’s wife’s looks, or Cruz’s father!

I do not watch this convention, it is just Show Biz. I do watch a very few analysis shows, but this garbage time is when I do some serious reading. 

Has anyone in America not made up their minds? Seriously!

Work In Progress!

Because I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I must make my voting decisions on an expectation of actions on a number of fronts, realizing that I really don’t know.
My primary concern is the safety of the American public, and the American military. Hillary obviously has great experience in this field, but her attitude toward protecting our secrets, and our military leaves much to be desired. She has lots of experience, but gross errors. Were they hers or Obama’s? We don’t know!

Trump has zero experience in foreign affairs. Will he listen to those who really know what is going on? Will he ever listen to ANYONE ON ANYTHING! Will his advisors resign if Trump doesn’t wisteria? We don’t know!

On the economy, Trump gets the nod, and he keeps mentioning getting jobs returned to the US, but does he realize the rapidity with which jobs will disappear? Can he put his business mind around the need to pay those of the soon-to-be “useless class” money NOT to do work. Can either candidate comprehend this HUGE societal change? Yes, this is an enormous business revolution which you would THINK might be Trump’s suite, because Hillary knows nothing of the business and the economy, but we do not know!

Then there is illegal immigration. Not everyone believes this is even a problem, but it is. I have no problem with doubling or tripling legal immigration, which gets college graduates into the country but illegal immigration brings us third grade educated. With disease. The nod here goes to Trump. Trump isn’t going to deport 11 million illegal aliens because each one needs due process and that would take decades, with due process requirements. That is out of his hands, and I suspect he knows that now. 

This analysis is a work in progress.

No Wonder California is Broke!

O.K. I’m pissed!
My daughter just called me after her first day’s work — driving a “Follow Me” car on a construction site in California, you know, the truck that leads cars one way at a time during road repair.


The guy holding the STOP/SLOW sign “only” got 54/hour!

Now I know why California is deeply in debt! 

Now, of course it was rough work, my daughter said the truck had air conditioning but just a radio, and the job lasted 12 hours.

I may cry!

Cry for the State of California, which is deeply in doo-doo, a technical economic term.

I’m not going to tell my son who just put a daughter through a California University, and she can’t make what a high school dropout makes holding a sign on a California construction site!


Why do only Democrats riot?
This is a serious question, and my question is not racial, it is political — after all, the Occupy Wall Street gang were all White.

But in the current case we have a good example. A Black was shot by police in Minnesota and another in Louisiana, and there are riots by Democrats across the landscape — in Dallas, five White policemen were killed, and seven wounded and not a single riot.

Republicans simply don’t riot! Democrat Whites riot, Democrat Blacks riot, Republicans, White and Black do not riot!


It’s Not Over, Till the Fat Girl Sings!

Nevertheless, Judicial Watch has filed a brief with Federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to depose former Secretary Hillary Clinton, under earth. Judicial Watch has previously deposed Clinton’s Body Woman Huma Abedin and Clinton’s IT expert, Brian Pagliano, who took the Fifth 125 times!
The Justice Department has told Judicial Watch that the State Department opposes that deposition.

Previously, Judge Sullivan has said that Judicial Watch could depose Hillary if necessary, and Judicial Watch has asked for permission because FBI Director Comey’s testimony revealed many items in the lawsuit that should be further examined UNDER OATH. For reasons best known to the FBI, Hillary was not put under oath by the FBI, inexplicitly. 

In a separate lawsuit, Judicial Watch has a lawsuit pending before U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth, and may be granted limited deposition authority in that Court as well.

Comey Remind Us

I tend to give Director Comey the benefit of the doubt over his refusal to indict Hillary, and leave the political process to work…and he damaged her in his non-indictment and his testimony to the point where the political system could work with rather complete knowledge of her indifference and incompetence.
And Hillary was completely indifferent to national security requirements that tens of thousands civilians and military deal successfully with daily. If there has ever been a more visible case of Hillary not believing that the rules do not apply to her. She knew what the rules were but they were inconvenient 

Rules are inconvenient. Her chauffeur driven limos don’t have to stop for stop lights, she doesn’t have to stand in line at airports, doesn’t have to shop at Von’s and puzzle over what the choices are when there are no English muffins. She never has to deal with balky ATM machines, traffic jams, bottles that won’t open, lettuce that is wilted, un ripe bananas.

Inconveniences are for the Little People. Little people have to follow the rules, the Elite have Body Men, Body Women, Secret Service, Body Guards and subservient staff that are loathe to remind the Elites that there are some inescapably inconvenient rules. Hillary has gone from Harvard to a prestigious law firm to the State House in Arkansas, to the White House, to the Senate to being Madam Secretary of State to Presidential Candidate and Presumptive President without ever filling a car with gas!

And the current President of the United States tells us, and her, that no one has ever been better qualified for the presidency — not George Washington, not Thomas Jefferson, not John Adams, not John F. Kennedy, not even George Bush the Elder.

No one! She is SOMEBODY! That is some heady company!

Obviously, rules are not for such an august persona. She even said that she used a server in her basement for convenience.

Rules are for the Little People!l


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