Heads must be exploding in Sacramento. San Diego legislator

Lorena Gonzalez, already infamous for having been the progenitor for small business loss for the next five years, roiled Elon Musk by sending him a vulgar tweet.

Musk has a trigger finger, and he has threatened to move the Tesla headquarters out of California. He has also restarted his Fremont California Tesla factory, riling local county officials who had declared it nonessential. Musk said they were fascists, and challenged them to arrest him.

Fremont is way too small to anger Musk. Sacramento is too small also.

Perhaps Governor Newsom will mollify Musk, but I hope not. Government needs to be taught that they are the employees of the populace, and, even if they think we are stupid, we rule. Yes, we are a Republic, and the management of the country is in the hands of elected legislators, but Trump showed that sometimes the people erupt and act on their own, hopefully nonviolently.

Violence is not needed, the simple weight of numbers will do it. The people have been educated, they know the risks. Pandemics are terrible, and the Black Death took 40% of many European cities, but we have much cleaner cities and much better informed citizens. The weak will stay inside, the young will play and the rest will shop. A bit more judicially to be sure, but the populace has shown it can be contained little longer.

It’s called freedom. Freedom includes the right to take stupid chances.

Government Efficiency

So, have you received your “helicopter money?”

I haven’t, not that I care…but my Caregiver’s family members have, and a Green Card holder from Guatemala who came up to have an Anchor Baby, has received hers. I guess checks that were supposed to take days, has demonstrated the power of government.

Checks are going everywhere…the Catholic Churches, mega businesses, dead folks, just not to anyone I personally know who needs one.

Ahhhh…government efficiency.

total BS

Oh, God! Conspiracy Theorists Unite! (They have on FB)

I guess there is a Conspiracy Gene…something in the DNA, the permits the temporary suspension of reason. Any study of history can name at least a handful to conspiracy theories, not one of which has ever proven true…Knights Templar, Masons, Jesus’s daughter, various UN numbered Agendas, second shooter on the grassy knoll, and some guys on YouTube with COVID 19 conspiracies, and I’m certain you could name more.

All BS of course. Connecting barely visible dots. Adding Dr. Fauci’s birthdate to the 27th decimal of Pi…

Bah! Occam’s Razor Rules!

Report from San Diego

Last I heard, San Diego County only has had seven deaths, and for California’s second largest city, that is amazing.

San Diego has, as you probably know, tremendous medical facilities and huge capacity so I hope LA, and San Francisco are spreading their overworked staffs and overburdened patients with us. Already we have disembarked five cruise ships and examined the passengers and crew. Just yesterday a disembarked cruise ship that reported no virus actually had both a crew member and a passenger with the virus.

We have only 603 cases countywide and with luck the medical and private industry will have more success in finding solutions. Just today the President announced that a private company was authorized to clean and sanitize face masks at a rate of 120,000 a day per machine and they have four machines. A mask can be revitalized as many as 20 times. This will instantly ease the mask shortage!

The longer we can delay disaster, the more innovative industry can ramp up to fight the disease


While the hospital ship, USS Mercy is in Los Angeles on COVID-19 duty, it uses medical staff from the Navy’s Medical Center in San Diego, commonly called Balboa. This of course diminishes the medical staff available for the largest Naval community in the world, San Diego.

The Mercy on this coast, and the Comfort on the East Coast, don’t have Doctors of their own, they must find Doctors and medical staff elsewhere. Just like Ventilators, there is no “stash” of Doctors. If the Navy runs short they will call up Reservists and they will come from your local hospital.

I remember writing Washington about a “Ghost” C-B Battalion, made up entirely of ship-fitters at Mare Island. They were too important to the Navy to be called up, but they were on the books as a reserve fighting force. They were being counted twice, sort of a widely acceptable fiction. Of course the Navy in Washington never replied to me, except when I got in trouble. (Often.)

Egalitarianism Begets Socialism Begets Communism


I wrote in my newspaper column years ago predicting that, as the Democratic Party inevitably moved along the continuum from egalitarianism to Socialism, more Democratic voters would drop away, self correcting the problem. Today, I am far less sanguine. The establishment Democrats had to cheat within the DNC in 2016 to stop Bernie, and this year they have trotted out first Biden and then Bloomberg, but both have crashed.

The Democratic Party is self-destructing right before our eyes. and Bernie Sanders is the flag bearer of the destruction today, but Hillary contributed to weakening the party, and Trump bears some past responsibility by angering Democrats so viscerally that they look to an extremist.

The past aside, today Bernie is the face of the destruction, and perhaps the Party can stem the destruction at their convention, but Bernie is not responsible. No, the “One Man, One Vote” is responsible because there will always be more poor people than rich, and, as in Cuba and Venezuela, often there are enough poor who want to take some of those riches.


The Genesis is the egalitarianism on which the Democratic Party rests. It is only a short distance between egalitarianism, socialism and then communism. It starts as wanting to see a narrowing of the distance between rich and poor, then when the bottom doesn’t respond to rising, the effort begins to share with the rich, and eventually to taking from the rich.

It is perhaps not inevitable for Egalitarianism to beget Socialism, it is simply an easy route, and always there are those willing to push for it.

Today, in the Democratic Party, there are more than usual.

Saturday Musings

The Russians supported Trump in 2016 (despite what Trump says) and they support Bernie for the same reason…to spread CHAOS! Of course there has always been an underlying socialist/communist trend bubbling deep in the Democratic Party, and it is bubbling to the surface now, as it did in the 30s.

Weakening our political system weakens America. That is, and has been Russia’s game since the mid1930s.


The Major League Baseball treatment of the Houston Astro cheating scandal is pusillanimous at best.

The Astros’ 2017 World Series Trophy, in which they cheated to win, must be removed from them and their wins struck. Their guilty players must be punished, not just their management.

Teams, who are livid at the pat on the hand treatment, have been warned not to throw at Astro batters on penalty of two or three times the normal suspension, should begin games with scrub pitchers for whom suspensions are meaningless; a moment of silence should begin games; fans should sit out Astro games.

The Commissioner of Baseball needs to resign! He botched this scandal, completely!

History of Hidden Meadows

An ICE Legal Attack

While San Diego is not on the list of cities initially destined for an ICE Tactical Unit, we were hit with four Subpoenas to get access to Sheriff and County records re illegal aliens with criminal charges, released.

Our county tries to comply with both State law and Federal law, but it is an unsatisfactory compromise, and we can’t serve two competing masters. We are a Sanctuary State, and this is an attack on the County most likely to, if not concede directly to Federal pressure, at least fight less.


Commenting on a blog post, I recently noted on a different subject, that Britain was once a REAL European country…connected directly to the mainland of Europe through a lowland country now called Doggerland.

Doggerland had an estimated population of about 100,000, but 8,100 years ago, a massive tsunami caused by an earthquake that released an ice dam created by the end of the last ice age, to fail.

The resulting tsunami initiated on the Norwegian Sea floor, overcame Doggerland, and created the English Channel.

No longer connected to the mainland of Europe, that was the REAL Brexit!