Is the Tecumseh statue on the Naval Academy campus next? (Ignore for a second that it is really not a statue of Tecumseh, but actually another lesser known American Indian…but I digress.)  

The Midshipmen know the statue as Tecumseh, and revere his fighting spirit, even though Tecumseh tried to form an Indian confederation East of the Mississippi — and fought both the Settlers and joined the British to fight the government of the United States in the War of 1812. Of course the Indians held as captive slaves the Irish, the Settlers, and Blacks. 

There are statues to American Indian warriors, nationwide. What are we to do?


We will know when the intelligence agencies think the North Korean situation is deadly serious, when Seoul is evacuated. They are the hostages the North holds. It would take a week to evacuate that major city, and disrupt the South’s economy. 

That would be a major move, not undertaken lightly because it might even entice a North attack fearful that they no longer hold a hostage.

There is some media debate about no obvious US DEFCON preparation , but no visible preparation is necessary. A single FBM Submarine in the Pacific can completely obliterate North Korea.  Their missiles are preprogrammed and ready for flight in seconds.

Unfortunately, the North has used hostile rhetoric for decades, and one day a US president will take their words seriously, but generally speaking it is just rhetoric for public consumption of the North Korean military.

Interesting Court Case

An interesting case in San Diego is being reported on by the Voice of San Diego, an on-line newspaper with top credentials.
It seems that a San Diego attorney, known and well-recognized for representing marijuana industry individuals and dispensaries, MAY have participated in a criminal coverup — an attorney who participates in criminal activity breeches the veil of attorney-client privilege! 

A judge has already ruled that the e-mail she sent to her client MAY be evidence of such 

a covering up criminal evidence in a police raid.

It is a shock to the attorney community, just see a fellow attorney in the dock, and they are afraid of the solid attorney client privilege being weakened. 

It should happen more often. I suspect many attorneys illegally assist their clients in cover-ups, then hide behind client-privilege. 


Afghanistan Solution

The president is looking for a way to pull out of Afghanistan, and I have one.
Simple solution: Pull out and leave the government with this message: “if the Taliban tries to support another attack on America, there will be 24 hours of pure hell in which all SEAL teams combined will assassinate the government from top to bottom. There will be much collateral damage. Bigly!”

We might add, “there will be no apologies for civilian casualties.”

We invaded Afghanistan to depose the Taliban government only because the Taliban government supported and trained the 911 attackers. We do not care — or should not care if the men oppress women, use boys for sex. That is their culture and has been for a thousand years, but if they plan to attack us, the gloves come off.

(Added advantage, once we are out through Pakistan — we can stop treating Pakistan as a friend, and add them to our enemies list.)

We Already Have 11 Million Illiterate Refugees

Of course we should have a wall, and stop illegal immigration and we should more closely monitor legal immigration. It only makes sense. We have more than 11 million refugees from South of the Border.
I have fed, housed, clothed and found work for hundreds of illegals. I love illegals, but hate illegal immigration. (There is a difference.)

My illegals were uniformly uneducated — most, I would judge to have a third grade education, at best. The nation would be better if we only permitted college graduates, and while that is impossible, it should be our goal.

Our nation has a sufficient number of native uneducated people, and many have high school diplomas! I know — I was a professor of computer science, and had to deal with native illiterates! We have sufficient native illiterates. There is no need to import them!

Trump is no “Red Diaper Baby”

It may be the Trump has positive feelings about Russia. Many Eastern Democrats did for generations, and while Trump does not appear to be a “Red Diaper Baby” it is obvious that he holds Russia in some positive regard. Perhaps it is financial as the Special Council investigation infers, perhaps it is ideological, perhaps it is support for a political friend during the election, or perhaps it is just East Coast liberal contacts.
Russia is being sanctioned for seizing the Crimea, and continuing to attack its neighbors. At some point, Russia must realize it is a third world country with nuclear weapons, but since it can’t use nuclear weapons in today’s world, it is impotent.

Russia may have a friend in the White House, but certainly not in Congress. The scales appear to have even fallen from Democratic eyes.

The Russian economy is about half the California GDP, and it is trying to hit above its weight. The West’s economic sanctions hurt them further. They would be wise to modify their behaviors, or their economy will crash. Again.

Is There A Coherent Foreign Policy?

Russia has half the California GDP, so if they want to play at sanctions, it will not be a serious fight. 
Russia can be accurately described as a Third World Country with nuclear weapons. The are not so different from North Korea and Iran in that regard. Russia has partially rebuilt their military, but they are not the USSR.

Our problem is not Russia. Our problem is an unclear US foreign policy that has made our allies unnerved. 

What is the Trump foreign policy, other than tweets?