Kelly Was “Furious” It Is Reported

Well, perhaps the White House believes their non-apology apology settles the issue, but the wording agreed upon by the Senior staff and grudgingly read, haltingly, by the president is damage too complete for words.

Now perhaps we can get over that in some time, but if there are more incidents this large, the Senate could censure Trump. The Senate had to give Trump a challenge to put the sanctions voted overwhelmingly against Russia or the Senate would vote to overturn the presidential delay…in effect a pocket veto. The president grudgingly signed the Sanctions. He knew the House and Senate had the votes. Trump claims credit, but his hand was forced.

That should have told us that there was some special interest in Russia, not as a Communist but as a person who simply does not recognize the danger, “Day to Day”, of Russia. As Congressman O’Rourk remarked on PBS, the Russians can’t challenge the US militarily, or economically and must use other means.

Their asymmetrical warfare includes interfering with the elections of Western nations, particularly the US. I wrote and published a column before the 2016 election warning that the purpose of Russian electoral interference was to sew chaos…and their support for Trump was that his presidency would be chaotic.

Trump, and his supporters would say “disruptive,” and they would be right…but it is also chaotic. You can argue that the president is justifiably pushing NATO to pony up, I have argued it for years, but there are ways to do it forcibly without making lifetime enemies. The nation will need to live with NATO long after Trump has passed this veil!

Democrats are naturally all over this but everyone should at least find it difficult to support the president.

They don’t. For reasons Best understood by them, TrumpBots see Emperor’s clothes where there no none.

My support for Trump, such as it is, is based on Chief of Staff John Kelly, who, three sources reported to Vanity Fair, was FURIOUS about the Finnish news conference. The Hill reported that Kelly would not stand in the way if Senators wanted to rebuke Trump. Without Kelly and Mattis, my support, always tenuous would be, gone!


Non-Apology Apology

Had to await the presidential presser…

The president did a nuanced non-apology, apology.

Members of the Cult must be whipsawed. Yesterday, in lockstep with the president, they too questioned our intelligence agencies, and today they are, as yet, unable to get the ship turned 180 degrees.

The president has a soft spot for Putin, and that is long standing. It appears to be a soft spot for all Dictators, but Putin in particular. He ignores the fact that Putin is a murderous thug. Everyone seems to know it but Trump.

I have no idea what Trump thinks, or why.

Neither does anyone else.

Trump’s Delusions Are Dangerous

Putin says that Russia didn’t interfere in US elections.

Well, I guess that settles that!

What Putin doesn’t know is how much we know. The fact that the Mueller team can name a dozen GRU operatives with sufficient knowledge that the attorneys on the team believe they could get a conviction, says there is a lot of signal intelligence available.

Trump appears to downplay the Russian interference, probably because he thinks that the US public will think his election is tainted…well it is, but there is no evidence yet that Trump, or any of his team colluded with the Russians.

There is ample evidence, however that Trump has a soft spot in his heart for Russia. Perhaps he feels some appreciation for the help. Perhaps he doesn’t understand history, or even current events.

You can put whatever spin you want on it, the results are the same. Trump believes that he personally can influence events in totalitarian nations, simply by showing up and shaking hands.

All politicians believe they have the answer, but the world is five dimensional chess, Trump doesn’t even believe his own intelligence experts, which places our nation at a strategic disadvantage. In the current situation, we are not in danger but if Kelly and Mattis leave the administration, we will know Trump’s delusions have placed us in danger.

Where Was Obama?

The first thing that strikes me about the indictment the GRU Officers is that there was an awful lot of Russian interference with our election process during the Obama administration, and apparently the Obama administration did nothing about it.

I hope the Mueller investigation can discover why it was that the Obama administration either failed to protect our electoral process, or our intelligence services were asleep at the switch.

The announcement of the indictment of 12 RUSSIAN GRU officers by name should, at trial in absentia let us know when the identification took place, but it is likely that no trial will take place for fear of alerting the Russians as to “methods.”

Still, it all happened on Obama’s watch. Now it is highly likely that Obama knew of the Russian interference, but figured that Hillary had it in the bag, so why bother…still Mueller May tell us in his final report.

Everything being investigated happened of Obama’s watch!


The House Oversight Committee interview of FBI Agent Peter Strzok, demonstrates the meaning of “Obstructionism.”

What struck me was that the hostile Messages regarding Trump, were all on FBI servers, and that any Messages that may be on Strzok’s personal servers that may be germane were determined by Strzok himself! And Strzok will not let other independent observers see his private messages to determine if there might be germane messages.



Today we see the good and bad of Trump as president.

The SCOTUS pick seems pure gold, although Democrats will reflexively oppose whomever. This has become a political process since 1993 when the Senate voted 96-3 to affirm Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, easily the most liberal member of the Court. The Senate obviously did not question her leanings, but simply asked if she was qualified. She was.

Now, the bad…Trump continues his bromance with Vlad Putin, who continues to occupy Crimea, fight in the Ukraine, support the murderous Syrian regime, try to influence American elections and attack 11 British residents with nerve gas. Sorry, but Russia is an enemy, not a “competitor.” Even the most virulent Trump supporter must be scratching their heads over the Trump/Putin situation. All the Love seems one-sided.

Now the president is off to Europe. I just hope he is as smooth as he was with Kim Jon Un. He seems to like our enemies more than our friends.


Russia Deserves a Serious Reaction

The Washington Post accepts BuzzFeed’s analysis of Russian attacks on former Russian citizens living in England, and that analysis says there have been 11 attacks, many resulting in death.

It is little wonder that the Brits reacted so strongly with the Skripal attack recently, and ordered scores of Russian diplomats suspected for spying out of the country. Now comes another couple poisoned, and another death.

While this poisoning appears accidental, the probable result of the disposal of the nerve agent used in the Skripal poisoning of a former Russian agent and his daughter, only the near collapse of the British government and the existence of a World Cup game Wednesday between England and Russia keeps diplomatic relations together. I would not be surprised that Britain breaks diplomatic relations with Russia on Thursday.

What this does to the Trump/Putin meeting is anyone’s guess, but Trump appears to accept Putin in the best light. I think Trump wishes he could have as much power as any authoritarian government has, and Putin has almost full power. Any leader who can order 11 attempted murders, some actual murders on British soil, obviously has unlimited powers at home, and cares not a whit about British reaction.

Admittedly, many Western nations reacted to the Skripal attack and joined Britain in sending diplomats home, but the affair does not appear to have impacted the bromance between Trump and Putin.

Russia may get a pass because the most recent death appears accidental, but the woman is still dead because of Russian actions, and I would hope for at least a postponement, if not cancellation of the “Summit” meeting. The British government appears to be paralyzed with internal strife as evidenced by the resignation of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and whether they can pull themselves together sufficiently to reply forcibly to Russia is in question.

Eleven attacks on a nation’s soil would appear sufficient for a serious reaction