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I just wish I could find the source of this great quote about the Democrat reaction to the election: “It was like their spouse had died, their child had died, and their dog had been hit by a car,” he said. “You just never saw this level of loss.”

I understand that. What I do not understand is the level of just plain anti-American rhetoric being spewed by the left — and led by John Lewis, (Can I use his name without adding the title “Icon?” I think he added that to his name, or perhaps it is Copyrighted.)

There is poison in the air. Anarchy. Absolute racial divide. 

Brit Hume attributes it, in part, to the fact that Trump simply will not smooth his edges and that has something to do with the reason he was elected. Trump is who he is, and as we are inside of a literal handful of days until his presidency, those who do not recognize his election should found a Government in Exile located in Canada. If just those who threatened to go to Canada if Trump won would just do as they promised, the Government in Exile would have company. J D.C.   

Form their perch in Canada, they need not attend Inaugurations, need not recognize the election, need not believe that Trump is president. The Government in Exile can act as Governments in Exiles of nations whose governments have been seized by Juntas — they can organize, complain, criticize, even make lofty pronouncements.

Participatory Democracy requires that we “participate” — of course it doesn’t require that we attend an inauguration ceremony, that is optional. I am not attending and neither I nor the nation is the worst for it. A congressman, or a group of CongressCritters can skip an Inauguration but to announce that you are skipping out AND that Trump is NOT A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT, that is Government in Exile stuff.

My readers know that I neither supported nor voted for Trump. If Pence is the new, new president, I will cheer, but I served this country in the military under both Carter and Reagan without ever being concerned about whether my president was “Legitimate,” they were just PRESIDENT! 

If Trump screws up and gets impeached, that will not bother me one bit, but right now he is the President of the United States. John Lewis has taken with him much of the Congressional Black Caucus in solidarity, opening a new and unnecessary racial divide. This is outside the political process, and the nation deserves better!

The Swamp is Huge, and Deep…

Hallelujah! In a Congressional effort to “drain the swamp,” bills are being proposed to enact “Employment at Will” as the standard for federal employment. One bill is by Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.), and his bill is named “Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act.”

No single thing could do more to reform federal employment than this single bill. The bill in question would only become law a year after enactment and then only for new hires. 

One of the bill authors remarked that Employment at Will would make the federal employees “like the rest of the country” but that is not entirely correct. Teachers, and other state employees –in effect “government workers” — have the sort of protections that means, in effect they can’t be fired.

Civil Service protections, through union action, have enshrined and codified such onerous “due process” clauses as to thoroughly constipate the system to get rid of even the most objectionable individuals! 

Needless to say, union leaders are irate. The Due Process provisions, they say, are to protect workers against capricious managers, as if managers want to fire their best workers and keep their best workers. Personally, I don’t think that firing your best workers is a fast ladder to management success.

As a young Lt. in the Navy I was a Project Manager of a super secret computer data system with hundreds of military and federal workers. Receiving order to effectuate a Reduction In Force, I rejoiced at the opportunity to get rid of dead wood. It was then I learned about Bumping Rights” wherein a fired worker could resume his previous desk, and that person then bumped his previous replacement.

I lost my latest Ph.D hires…(Sigh)


For weeks, President-Elect Trump has denied that the Russians hacked the election. No one said that the Russians had hacked the election polls, but that the Russians had disrupted the process by selectively feeding Wikileaks and Julian Assange.
Assange denied it, and for some inexplicable reason Trump and millions of Americans took the side of Assange against our intelligence agencies. It was bizarre, and to me it still is bizarre. I wrote on many Facebook pages that the UN enlightened Trump followers who followed Trump down the Assange Dead-End Corridor were going to look stupid when a Trump changed course 180 degrees.

It is really too bad that one can’t go back and debate those idiots because those pages are history, but President-Elect Trump quietly accepted that Russia was indeed involved. These TrumBots were left out to dry by the change of direction, and were further scorched by the newly questioned Secretary of Defense, Major General “Mad Dog” Mattis, and the newly appointed CIA Director as well, both of whom said the Russians did it.

Of course they did. The Russians, as I have noted recently, just like to sow discord because discord weakens your “enemy.” Chaos is a wonderful tool for any nation to be able to toss into a nation that is nettlesome to them.

The national press appears to credit Russia with hating Hillary, but I believe the press are just overthinking it. Russia wants chaos, and certainly Trump as a president will be chaotic. He already is, and he has not been sworn in yet.

Trump’s election is forcing Obama to consider all sorts of things on a shortened timeline that he could have just as easily let slide into a friendly Hillary administration, from hustling GITMO prisoners out, to commutations of current prisoners. Chaos.

Hollywood has lost its collective mind. Chaos. Cities and states are making emergency plans to stop an planned attack against their Sanctuary Cities, and millions of illegal aliens are looking over their shoulders. Chaos. The incoming president-elect is at war with his intelligence forces. Chaos. The proposed Attorney General is causing political chaos.

Now chaos can be good. In technology it is called disruption and it serves great purpose in shaking out old, uncompetitive businesses a and technologies — just as we are closing Macy’s and Amazon is hiring 150,000 people, but a national political campaign as narrow as this one, with the nations’ emotions involved are, well, chaotic.

From the Russian standpoint, they have been wildly successful, and they didn’t suspect the results before they began. They also may have unleashed a whirlwind, but no one knows the final results when one releases chaos. Our enemies, and Russia is chief among them, may test us early in our chaotic condition.

Dangerous times ahead!

The Administration and The Press SHOULD be at ODDS!

The CBS host of their Sunday show, John Dickerson, condemns Trump for his press relations, as if our instructional memories are short.
“Mr. Trump is creating a new relationship with the press. All presidents try to control the message by controlling the press — but Mr. Trump is trying to do it through intimidation to soften up the stories against him. ”

Yo! Dickerson!

Do you remember that Obama held invitation only pressers and didn’t invite Fox News. (September 20, 2009) The good news is that the major news organizations, CBS, NBC, ABC all condemned the slighting of FOX News…but the administration was obviously hostile!

Do you remember the Obama administration Justice Department investigating a Fox reporter? (James Rosen)

“White House senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday that the Fox News Channel is “not really a news station” and that much of the programming is “not really news”.

We have an institutional memory. We remember that presidents have a Constitutionally protected antithesis to government. It is their job. 

Presidents, all presidents hate it!

Good! They should! It is the norm!

Alexi, What is…

The Consumer Electronics Show this year is the “Alexi of everything” show, and I understand. At my advanced age, and with an ill wife, I have Caregivers for her almost every day. No Caregivers at night, so I can use as much electronic help as possible as I grow older.
Alexi is just beginning, but I use it for Basic knowledge searches, and Amazon ordering, but very soon I’ll use it to control the thermostat, locks and lights. Yes, I am going home automation, now that Apple HomeKit is mature and I’ll buy those things that are compatible with both Siri and Alexi. The more these items are broadly compatible, the better for consumers.

Although I am still a Left Lane Louis, the day will come when I will have to surrender my car keys, but fortunately autonomous care are right around the corner. That same CES show brought a Google Autonomous car based on a Chrysler MiniVan, and there have been test beds running on Lexus SUVs for years. We need to get these on the off the regulators desks and into show rooms. 

One of the cars at CES even had Alexi installed. While Alexi is an Amazon product, one cannot count out Google Home, but Amazon Echo and Alexi have 5.1 million units in the marketplace — two million units just in 2016. That is a healthy head start, but Google is a ferocious competitor. I may use both.

It is always wise to await a settled marketplace, but at my age I can’t wait for settled. There are some good options available today. Ordered an Ecobee thermostat, today. 

Quick Hits

No “California” will not wash away this week in the coming storm, although much of Central California will take a major hit. This is not just a big state, it is a long state, and San Diego will be a balmy 78 today. We will have a week of showers in San Diego, and cooler weather, but it is Central, and perhaps north that will suffer — and that storm will sweep across the country…

Good for Kentucky! They became the 27th state to become a Right to Work state. Eventually, nearly every state must become a RTW state to survive. Missouri is next! I love it, because it spells greater liberty!


I simply don’t get the discussion over Russian hacking. If one robs a bank, but gives the proceeds to the Red Cross, he may have done a good thing in the end but he will be charged with a crime for the start. Some of my friends don’t get that concept

Trump’s Ferguson Moment?

Trump has done nothing to instill confidence in the Intelligence community, and much to cripple those whose life is dedicated to this country.
One needs only read the confidence with which his followers, the TrumpBots), disparage the intelligence gatherers who swear allegiance to the Constitution, and praise a foreigner hiding in an Equadorian embassy in London to avoid multiple rape charges in Sweden! (Sure, as if Sweden is known to be really Victorian in their sexual laws.)

Some of my friends, Cold Warriors of decades, now believe Putin is our new friend if Putin is Trump’s friend.

You can’t make this up! Jesus himself doesn’t often get such blind adoration as the Great Orange One!

Someone needs to tell the Great Orange One that the very bright people in the intelligence field have options, as his Chief of Staff just learned about former CIA Director James Woolsey who just went out the door. Who can blame him? If some president had treated the Submarine Force so cavalierly, I would have been in my entrepreneurial/corporate/academic careers much earlier. I don’t stay where I am not wanted, and Trump has cut the morale off at the knees.

The Intelligence service can make a president look REALLY bad. The Great Orange One is not having a good transactions. They have deep roots in Washington, and around the world with other intelligence services. They can leak through favored intelligence services. They can cause more damage than Trump can absorb by doing what the Chicago police do — nothing!

Mr. Trump, don’t let this be your Ferguson moment!