…Brought Forth a Mouse

And don’t start like the old writer of epic cycles:

‘Of Priam’s fate I’ll sing, and the greatest of Wars.’

What could he produce to match his opening promise?

Mountains will labour: what’s born? A ridiculous mouse!

(Ars Poetica, 136–9)

Aesop’s Fables

Yes, it strained and brought forth a mouse!

So, Conservatives want to know what the millions of dollars spent on the Mueller Report bought?

The answer is: Trump was absolved of any taint that he was a tool of Russia.

Now you may think the price was too high, but it cleared a major obstacle to his re-election. Schaffer, Brennan and a lot of others have egg on their face, and their future utterances should be discounted 75%.

There certainly was massive Russian interference in the 2018 election, but it was on the Obama Watch, and it continues to this day. The Kremlin weaponized their interference against ALL western nations years ago.

And Trump was the beneficiary of that, because the purpose of Russian interference was chaos, and Lord knows we have chaos.

But Trump had nothing to do with colluding with the Russians. It should make everyone happy that the president of the US is not a traitor.


Trump v. McCain

There is a meme floating of who, Trump or McCain would you have take your back in a foxhole.

Not talking politics, just humanity…Trump couldn’t carry McCain’s used Jockstrap.

Believe whomever you wish, but Trump’s Cellmate said MCCain was a HERO, and he said that on FOX news. McCain’s Cellmate was the holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor. His name was Navy Captain Bud Day.

I am not in the habit of calling Medal of Honor winners, a liar.

Trump didn’t just dis MCCain, he dissed ALL POWs with his famous remark that he preferred those who were not caught in war. In that, he dissed (is that even a word?) the starved POWs of the Japanese, the tortured prisoners of the SS, the unfortunates of the Korean War…

Compare that purposeful slight of ALL POWs with Trump..

Sorry, but McCains Silver Star, and Purple Heart impresses me a great deal more than Trump’s Bone Spurs. All day. Every day.

And twice on Sunday!

Vaporware Deja Vu

Back when I was selling Apple Computers with only 16 KB (yes, that’s Kilobytes!), Apple would announce new products months in advance of delivery, the fail to meet its delivery date by week’s or months.

Apple finally stopped announcing delivery dates altogether, but its representatives who visited my store to take orders for product, would give me indications by pronouncing the actual delivery date by us in the word “Soon.”

There was “soon” and “sooon” and “soooooon.”

That’s the Mueller Report. I have seen weekly reports of the release of the product as soon…but nothing ever appears. In my old Apple days we referred to that as “Vaporware.”

Mueller and his team are fully funded through September. It is widely acknowledged, except on CNN, that Mueller has nothing on the subject of Collusion, his primary objective. It can be argued that Trump surrounded himself with a bunch of shady characters and that Mueller exposed them, but other than that it is unlikely that Mueller has a Smoking Gun for impeachment.

Meanwhile, we get nothing from Mueller and I have nothing but deja vu from my old Apple days of “soooon.”

IRS/FBI = Serious Hurt

While Hollywood has the most well known cheaters in the “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal, right now it appears that Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay is the center of activity. More than a dozen of the big donor cheating families come from the Bay Area.

When you are dealing with as many as 700 cheaters known so far, there are some serious shoes yet to drop and the investigation is not over.

The participants in the scheme could suffer not just embarrassment, but serious jail time because there is such public interest, and no judge is wanting to appear to give ultra rich people a soft sentence. There are Federal Mail and Wire charges here, and bribery is the least of their worries. It is even possible for some students to be charged if they knowingly participated

Certainly the families who entered into this scheme didn’t consider Federal charges of a serious nature, but when the FBI and IRS are involved, you are in for serious hurt!

Morning Musings

“When called by a Panther, don’t anther.”

Ogden Nash


Trump’s proposed budget has some good points that are roiling Washington. He proposes a 10% cut in Education, (which should be a 100% cut) because education is, under the often ignored 10th Amendment, a state issue.

Trump proposes a 20+% cut in the EPA, again a winner. The EPA has run amok with “Enabling Regulations” exceeding the laws passed by Congress, particularly in Wetland issues, and needs to be cut back, severely.


I can’t say I know anything about the two actresses charged today in a scheme to get their children into good colleges through bribery and cheating, but the Hollywood scandals just pile up. The place is truly a cesspit.


While the Ethiopian Boeing jet that crashed may have done so for the anticipated automatic trim system of the Indonesian jet problem, the eyewitness on the ground all saw smoke, indicating a problem with the engines or possibly a terrorist bomb. Automatic Trim Systems could indeed cause a control problem if the plane wasn’t high enough, but the plane was trailing smoke. We will know soon enough because the problem has caused a huge, international glitch in air travel, mot to mention what it is doing to Boeing!


The sentencing of Cardinal Pew, one of the Top Five Vatican Cardinals, on sex charges in Australia, will be televised in Australia. The televised sentencing is unique in Australia.

How “Temporary” is Temporary?

Since 1990, a Law has permitted Temporary asylum or “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) not just to DACA residents, but Temporary relief and residence to people fleeing insurrections, earthquakes, and other disasters from 10 countries around the world. There are about 320,000 people living here under “TPS.”

Many of these “Temporary” residents have become so comfortable that long after native disasters have become history, they don’t want to return home. Some have been here so long, they hardly remember their previous home town, but the Trump administration has begun the process of revoking their “Temporary” status and the lawsuits have begun.

A good example is El Salvador’s TPS, who number 185,000. They were granted TPS in 1991 because of earthquakes that severely crushed that nation, but the nation has recovered and they are still here. In 2018 the Trump administration revoked the TPS for the El Salvadorians and begun to deport them, slowly, under an agreement with El Salvador to limit the weekly number.

Similar to the problem with the Mexican DACA children, many of the TPS people from the 10 countries covered by the 1990 law, have had children who are now American citizens and have never seen the native country that their parents are being deported to.

No One Alive Today…

So what happened in Hanoi?

First, and most important, no agreement had been worked out before the Principals arrived, because Trump relies on personal relationships instead of the usual methods of statecraft. It’s simply his style, and in this case it blew up. Trump’s most powerful negotiating tool, the US Military. Is impotent because Seoul is hostage. Sanctions are slow, although they work best against the weak, and NoKo is weak.

Next, Kim overreached, believing that Trump needed an agreement more than he actually did. In the next meeting, closer to the 2020 election, Kim might have a better argument.

Finally, The NoKo is never going to give up their Nukes…well, never is too long. After full integration of North and South economies ala East and West Germany, full amnesty for regime sins, past and present, and assurances that the Kim family can remain in power forever…perhaps then.

I believe that Kim actually wants to stop his country’s periodic national starvation years. He probably overplayed his hand, and the Bromance with Trump will play out somewhat better next time. The sanctions hurt NoKo more than some countries because being so far north, crop failures are endemic, and NoKo must trade its raw material to import food.

Neither side wanted to come away with nothing, but the status quo ante hurts NoKo worse. Neither side is going to start a war, the US is more powerful economically daily and NoKo remains a wart on the globe. NoKo is a Nuclear nation against the wishes of four American presidents, but it can’t eat its Nukes. It can extort food from the South by threatening Seoul, but it is better positioned to negotiate away an unneeded facility or two, even a few Nukes, holding more hidden away

No one alive today will see this played out.