“Public Policy” Gives Me Shivers

 “Public policy” by definition defines the groups delineation of the role of the individual. Where that delineation is devoted to physical attacks, or fraud, I have no disagreement but where it delineates how we treat or “respect” each other I am afraid I get really squirmy.

It gets to the question of intent, such as in “hate crimes.” (Is there any such thing as “love crimes?”)

Physical activity is so much more clear cut. I also decry conservatives intrusion into the bedroom, but I see a great deal more existing intrusion of the government into the boardroom. There are many, many fewer restrictions on bedroom activity by government than just a few years ago, and what little there is, is unenforced and diminishing.

But government control of the individuals private activity (smoking, eating, driving) increases exponentially and any businessperson can testify as to the rules and regulations are terrible and increasing.

Therefore I am less and less interested in getting that last quarter-inch of bedroom liberty than I am of trying to hold back the absolute flood of personal and business regulation.

Pro Choice

I get to use that label because I am pro-choice on EVERYTHING! To abort or not. To pick one school for my child or another. To join the military or not. To choose my religion, or no religion at all. To have sex with whomever I please unless voluntarily obligated to monogamy. To have and keep a job by joining a union, or not joining a union. To smoke, or eat trans-fat or to not smoke or eat trans-fat if that is my choice. To hire whom I choose, or not to hire someone for my own reasons. To read what I choose when I choose to read it.


It is called Liberty.


We once believed in it. That was along time ago.

PC Gone Crazy

The Jewel of Medina, a historical novel about Muhammad’s wife, has been withdrawn before distribution (but after the author was paid) because of fear that Islamic religionists might be offended.

Can you imagine that happening if someone wrote a book about Christ having been married? (Oh, that has already been done!)

Obama is Slipping

From the SF Chronicle: (quote)(08-20) 17:32 PDT — It’s not panic time – yet – but some Democrats watching Barack Obama say his campaign should have gotten a wake-up call this week, not only from his appearance alongside John McCain at the Saddleback Church but from a major poll suggesting he no longer leads his GOP opponent.

At the Saddleback forum with Pastor Rick Warren on Saturday in San Diego, the Republican presidential candidate delivered on-the-money messages and answers so effective they were “scary to me,” said George Lakoff, a renowned author and UC Berkeley linguistics professor who has studied how the human brain absorbs and processes messages.

Lakoff, whose work has helped shaped numerous Democratic candidates’ campaigns in the past, said that “right through the motivational campaign theme, they were doing everything right.” (Unquote)

When even the Left agrees that Obama is losing ground, fast, only the Kool-aide drinkers are whistling past the graveyard.

Solution to the School Problem

Reduce teacher pay (#1) to match student performance (#48), and that would free up plenty of money for whatever else you might want.

Each year, peg teacher pay to match the previous years’ academic level and wish for the day when Cakifornia students outperform the other States of this nation AND the teacher pay is also the best!