A Lesson in “Equality”

Here is a fact you may not know, and about which you may not care but it is germane.


The four years at a service academy do not count for pay or retirement purposes – but the four years at ANY university with NROTC DO count. (Assuming an officer belonged to the NROTC and attended several hours a week of classes/drill.)


That meant that as I stood watch as Officer of the Deck on my first ship, officers with far less responsibility from the University of New Mexico made 1/3 more each month than I did, made that each year forever during active duty, and retired with much more money each month or retired four years earlier than I did.


Over a lifetime, that amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars – more than enough to ‘pay” for a very good university education.


(Bet you didn’t know that four years at Annapolis does not count for longevity, even though, as an example, four years at Notre Dame does!)


 I entered with competitive appointments from Congressmen, Senators, the Fleet, and the Vice President (Alben Barkley).


The reasoning is a bit obscure and arcane. West Point Cadets are a product of Congress, not the Army, have no rank and their time cannot legally count.


Annapolis was established by Congress for the Navy, Midshipman is a rank in the navy (complete with ID Cards, UCMJ, rating a “salute” and the ability to use military base privileges.)


BUT, since our counter-parts at Woo Poo can’t legally count, Congress has determined that it would be “unfair” for Annapolis time to count – so in the interest of “equality,” Annapolis graduates are penalized.


Good Democratic Party reasoning. Equality at the lowest common denominator – lower the top instead of raising the bottom.


I’m surprised they keep score in the Army/Navy game!

Get a Rope!

There will be an upcoming ballot proposal for the so-called California Spending Cap.


(In error, in a previous post I said three years. I apologize.)

How did this happen that the argument telling the economic impact of the proposal is not complete?

Easy. The Democrats who run the Legislature get to pick who will write the “For” and “Against” positions, and they picked to write the Against position, groups who don’t really take that position!

You might think that the Howard Jarvis Tax group might be picked to write an argument against more taxes, but they were not.

Get a rope!

I do dislike voting for the lesser of evils, and if you think that our current president is not driven by his own deeply held religious concepts, I believe you are wrong.

The difference between religion and government is that religion says you should be your brother’s keeper, and government says you must be your brother’s keeper.

President Obama ran for and won the levers of government POWER, not the persuasion powers of the pulpit.

We are going to get the morality of Christianity, along with those concepts of fairness and equality, without the Christian concept of humility — and under the guns of government.

The loss of freedom will be as great as that under a fanatical lreligious leader’s  concepts, but without the liturgical trappings. You will not note the difference if the boot on your neck is black or brown.

SOP To The Teacher’s Unions

The recently passed “Stimulus Bill” (the one that no one read) has an interesting hand grenade contained therein.

In the $100 billion for the Department of Education (try to find the word “education” in the Constitution), there is a clause forbidding a single dollar to be spent for private education.

That may effectively end a program that has been a target that teachers’ unions have tried to stop for many years, the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship, where 1,700 poor children in Washington D. C. can attend private schools instead of what is statistically the WORST public school system in the nation.

Since 2004 the Opportunity Scholarship program has lifted thousands of poor Black children out of the cesspool of the District’s public schools where only one in eight students tests as “proficient’ in subject matter.

The Washington schools are so bad that politicians send their children to private schools – although, come to think of it, politicians everywhere send their children to private schools wherever they can, as does everyone else.

Perhaps the way to improve public education is to simply forbid politicians from sending their children to private schools.


I always wanted to live in Europe for a few years.

Now I get to do so without traveling.

Why does this not please me?

Why Am I Not Surprised?

I am not surprised that the Obama family has selected as its White house pet, a “Portuguese Water Dog.”

The Europeanization of America continues.

We are France, with underarm deodorant.


Newspapers provide serendipity in news, while radio, TV and the Net are each, serial.

The eye can easily spot multiple subjects on a newspaper page, and prioritize the order of interest and reading, but until “news readers” like Sony and Amazon currently available can display a readable page at one time even electronics can’t easily compete.

A 24”+ monitor is needed for current page display of newspapers, although the NCTimes and the WSJ are pretty good designs for page display. Newspapers are best at gathering the news, and electronic methodologies are best at delivering the news, but the last time I saw the numbers only the WSJ was making a profit at both.

Good minds are working on the subject, but the newspaper troglodytes held on too long, got behind the power curve and can’t generate the speed necessary to recover from their stall.

Octomom Syndrome

I have an objection to using public money for gang tattoo removal.

I know a very wealthy liberal who has donated such a machine for that exact purpose, and I applaud him for doing so but that is not stimulating an economy and has no call for federal tax money.

Somehow, gang members find the money for getting the tattoos to begin with and there is a price to be paid for living peacefully in a society after a life of crime.

It is the Octomom Syndrome — whatever anyone wants is the collective responsibility of everyone else. (Octomom could be the Poster Child for the Democratic Party.)

Gore Retreats

Finally, some good news on the AGW front.


Fearmonger Al Gore has removed a Disaster Graph from his roadshow slideshow, says the New York Times. http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/23/gore-pulls-slide-of-disaster-trends/


Read the article for yourself, but Gore was under pressure from scientists (finally!) to stop the fearmongering.


The NYTimes says, “The graph, which was added to his talk last year, came just after a sequence of images of people from Iowa to South Australia struggling with drought, wildfire, flooding and other weather-related calamities. Mr. Gore described the pattern as a manifestation of human-driven climate change.


The slide was developed by the Brussels based the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters , but the slide was pulled after the Center was quoted as saying “Indeed, justifying the upward trend in hydro-meteorological disaster occurrence and impacts essentially through climate change would be misleading. Climate change is probably an actor in this increase but not the major one — even if its impact on the figures will likely become more evident in the future.”



So Much for Change

I wrote constantly before the election that Obama would change few of the Bush foreign policies. That prediction stands and has been confirmed – the changes are on the margin.


That does not mean that President Obama is a liar, although that is what the bush bashers would cry if the roles were reversed.


It is a case of discovery. Candidate Obama did not know what President Obama knows. Neither presidents Obama or Bush would do things differently knowing what they know – the options are limited if the protection of the American public is a high priority.


I have seen International Law ignored in the national interest under liberals and conservatives, under Democrats and Republicans – and that will continue under both political parties forever.


Naïveté is a wondrous thing for Bloggers, but reality is far different when you have the safety of human life in your hands.


Of course it looks like “lies” and violations of all sorts of textbook condition, but reality gets in the way. You can be s pacifist as you wish, until you see the glint of a knife, then reality wins or you lose more than your philosophy.