Tempus Fugit

From my Blog:

My new copy of PC Magazine just arrived – on the Internet.


Unlike many newspapers that are available on-line and in the driveway, PC Magazine is now available only on-line now.


It looks pretty good on my 24” monitor, but it might not be so good on a smaller, less competent monitor.


The system used is one called Zinio, and it is very clean and readable. The system also sells single issue copies (including back copies) of many other magazines, like Car and Driver, Home and Garden, Science and Nature, Health and Fitness, Popular Mechanics, Playboy – you name it, you can subscribe on-line for FAR less than the paper copy.



People Have Choices

You have to love American ingenuity – homeowners in Spokane are buying their dishwashing detergent in nearby Idaho because certain counties in Washington have banned phosphates to “save the earth.’


The problem is that dishwashing detergent with less than 1% phosphate simply does not clean dishes – and that, after all is what dishwashing detergent is supposed to do!


The nearest COSTCO in Idaho says that their sale of phosphate dishwashing detergent has increased 10% because of all of the people coming over from Washington.

Mr. Ford, Meet Your New Competitor

How would you feel if you were Ford Motors?


Here you have finally defeated your main competitor, your competitor is almost bankrupt and in comes your own government and saves them!


Not only do they save your competitor, the government gives them billions of dollars and promises them billions more. Then the government fires the president of your competitor, demands that your competitor change half of their Board of Directors, and the government stands behind your competitors warranty…in effect the government is your new competitor.


So, if you were Ford, how would you feel about competing with GM – Government Motors!


Avoid, Do Not Evade!

Everyone deals with price rises differently – even when we can afford them.

I intend to defeat the new California sales tax increase – not by avoiding the mere 1% increase, but by avoiding all 10%!

I have always bought liberally at COSTCO and Sams, and although I am eligible to shop at Navy Exchanges as a retired Naval Officer I have never shopped there. Shopping at an Exchange is geographically inconvenient, but I have decided to take the inconvenience as a protest.

Government always does economic static analysis. If x number of people buy widgets at Y, and we raise the rate to Y+10%, then we can raise money at a rate of X times Y+10%!

NO! The world does not work on static analysis, it works on dynamic analysis. Some people will simply stop buying, or buy elsewhere. They will avoid (which is legal), but not evade (which is illegal.)

An added benefit for those of us who are retired military, is that exchanges and commissaries actually do make a profit, and that profit is distributed to recreation facilities for the military,  Taxpayers do not build military golf courses, or buy bats, balls and gloves, or build hotels for military – all of that comes from the profits of exchanges and commissaries.

I will buy more on-line, and I will concentrate my purchases on-line ONLY to those companies that do not have California taxes. Companies not in California, and which do not sell directly in California, do not collect California sales taxes.

Yes, you are SUPPOSED to pay a California “Use Tax” which is equal to California sales taxes but as yet there is no cross-indexing of that information.

California is working on changing that, and of course there is always pressure on the Congress to actually collect sales taxes directly for the States, but not yet.

If you are careful, you can find ways around some of the tax increases. I intend to work at it, while in the past I just considered it a “cost of doing business.”

Now I consider it a game.

It is a game I intend to win.








Government Motors

In one sense, the government firing of the GM CEO may well have been justified in that he was not sufficiently tough on the UAW over the years, but is it the government’s job to referee that?

The answer is “NO!” and looking at government-run agencies (Social Security, Medicare, Post office, DMV, etc.) one wonders what President Obama knows about automobile manufacturing that GM does not?

Works for Me!

There appears to be a change in the Obama plan for illegal immigration raids


In the past, illegal immigrants were deported.


In the future, apparently, the Obama administration will arrest the plant owners and managers – and without work the illegal workers will self deport.


That just might work.

Who Done It?

You have to love the Israeli methodology of war.


The Iranians apparently built a bunch of rockets in sections, so they could be smuggled through the Sudan and into Gaza through Egyptian tunnels.


So, the Israeli intelligence finds the information while they were recently overrunning Gaza, and they stationed high-flying Predator-like unmanned aircraft hovering over the Sudan routes and when the 17 trucks driven by Iranian drivers appeared, they were vaporized.


40 dead.


The Sudanese president claimed 900 refugees were killed and that the Americans did the deed on the trucks.


That is possible, but unlikely. We have gunships based nearby who could have done it, but who knows.


The Times of London says it was the Israelis.


(So do I.)



I see that the President of the United States has forced the president of General Motors to resign.


I have not yet heard that he has forced the president of the united Auto Workers to resign.


(You think?)

Show Me!

I keep reading about this new Tesla battery automobile, electric power…fast, green, cool.


But I am old enough to remember the Tucker automobile, and the DeLorean, and …


Anyone can build a sweet, one off that will do (fill in the blank) – but production? Production is another matter.


The Soviet Union fell in part because they have great scientists that can build a single ANYTHING, but they couldn’t build a thousand or a million of ANYTHING.

Protect San Diego County First!

Can someone tell me why there is any question about getting the Scooper aircraft to protect San Diego from wildfire?


After all, EACH Supervisor has a $1 million “slush fund” which they distribute in their districts in order to curry favor and “buy votes.”


Sorry, but those $50,000 donations to the Children’s Oboe and Bassoon Orchestra may seem harmless expenses, but not so when the money could go to better protect San Diego County!