A Coffee Recommendation

Lately I have found something to make my life more comfortable, and I suspect everyone is looking for some comfort.

My Dentist introduced me to a Keurig Single Cup Coffee maker in her office, and I actually looked forward to visiting her – she also is absolutely painless so it was not JUST for the coffee, but he coffee helped.

So I ordered my own. I don’t drink more than a cup a day – sometimes two – but those two are important to me.

I have been out of submarines for more than 30 years, so I have learned to drink coffee without diesel oil in it.

Keurig uses single coffee containers, so each cup I can select whether I want a robust Bold Dark Roast, or a foo-foo blend  more appropriate for a desert coffee. Their variety pack also contains cocoa and teas.

My taste runs to dark roasts, but I will experiment with coffees. Keurig even sells a device to use your own ground coffee, and that is nice because I have loved a Kona blend of coffee for many years. There are Kona blends in K-Cup containers as well.

My only problem with the device is my Luddite wife, who hates anything new that has an electric cord. Being a typical New Englander, she thinks that electricity is a fad and will soon disappear.

I ordered my B60 model off the Internet for $118, delivered, from www.outlettrail.com, having comparison shopped.