California Center For The Arts, Tattoo Shop and Massage Parlor

An article in the North County Times, just as there probably is in your local newspaper about layoffs to trim the budget. Naturally, politicians suggest laying off police and fire.

Please note that there is no mention of cutting cubicle workers, park maintenance, etc. — just vital services. This is the Washington Monument Ploy, and if you don’t understand it check it on Wikipedia. It is so old that politicians have used it for centuries, successfully counting on an uninformed public.

I wrote my first letter to the Editor of the NC Times railing against the “California Center for the Arts” before it was ever built. It was obvious. Now is the time to remedy the problem that costs the city millions a year in subsidy.

The Russians under the Czars were embarrassed that they were considered untutored Boobs by the cultured Europeans, so the Czars bought tons of Renaissance Great Art – only to find that the Europeans consider Russians as untutored Boobs who owned tons of Renaissance Great Art!

This is the story of the Center – it was designed to give Escondido a cache of sophistication, (something it sorely needs,) but a failed Center gives Escondido the worst of all possible worlds: Bad economics added to terrible politics added to unsuccessful “culture.”

This is the time to end this Black Hole!

The politicians who first approved this White Elephant have retired and continue to collect their pensions, while being addressed at cocktail parties as “Mr. Councilman…”

Could we possibly design an accountability system whereby politicians must pay a price for stupidity, when their grand scheme does not work and costs the taxpayers forever? (Can you say “Sprinter?”)

This was a pure case of Edifice Complex! Somewhere on this complex there is doubtless a brass memorial to the “Founders” (who “founded” this with other people’s money!) and it should not be a great problem for a NCTimes reporter to go and interview these “Worthies” as to the result of their failed idea!

I would pay to see that article in the NCT.


From the “We Are Not Alone” File

Today, five Turkish men were sentenced to a total of 50 years in a British prison for smuggling hundreds of Chinese illegal immigrants into Britain for almost $40,000 each.

Today,  Greek Socialist leader George Papandreou called illegal immigration a scourge on his country. (Monsters and Critics-Europe) “In April, the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR called on European Union states to stop sending would-be migrants back to Greece as its record in handling asylum seekers is too poor. EU asylum rules say refugees must file asylum applications in the EU country in which they entered the bloc.” (The problem is that Greece sits at the corner of three continents, and many illegal aliens pass through Greece to other countries…like Italy.)

Today, in Italy, this article about a half-American, half-Black: “Sandy Cane is being hailed as “Italy’s Obama” – she has a mixed race heritage and at 47 is even the same age as the US president. But her politics are firmly to the Right.

The Northern League, which wants greater autonomy for Italy’s affluent north and is allied to Silvio Berlusconi’s government, has been the driving force behind a crackdown on illegal immigrants, including tens of thousands from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Many Italians accuse immigrants of street crime, including several high profile rapes.” (London Telegraph)

The Illegal Alien beat goes on. Everywhere in the Western World, as third-world people seek first world jobs.

By Any Other Name

The CEO of Bank of America, in reply to a question by a Democratic Congressman, said: “”It is true that we were told that if we went through with calling a [material adverse change], the government would remove the management and board.”

He then went on to say that this “threat” was made to a bank in good standing, and not one that wanted or needed government funds.

If this is not government running business without owning it (fascism) then I do not know what else you would call it.

Our California Education Disaster

I urge everyone to read, understand — then copy and paste this analysis I did for use on my website. Use the information on every Blog where you find teachers demanding more money for a failed California education system. These numbers, analysis were taken directly from the site provided — and all are the latest available U.S. Government figures.

No attribution is necessary. it is important to note that California has the highest paid teachers in the nation!

National Comparisons

The following State quotes and comparisons are from the National Report Card, U.S. Department of Education

“The average reading score for fourth-graders in public schools (220) was lower than for students in private schools overall (234) and lower than for students in Catholic schools specifically (232).”

Reading (2007)

At the Fourth Grade level, California students rank just above Mississippi, Louisiana, and the District of Columbia. (

At the eighth grade level, California students rank only above Mississippi and the District of Columbia. (

Writing (2002)

At the Fourth Grade level, California students rank above the District of Columbia, Arizona, Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and South Carolina, Oklahoma and New Mexico.



At the Eighth Grade level, California students rank above the District of Columbia, Georgia, Minnesota, Louisiana (by one point), Mississippi, and West Virginia (by 2 points).


Math (2007)

At the Fourth Grade level, California students rank above the District of Columbia, Alabama (by one point), Mississippi, New Mexico, and tied with students in Louisiana.


Math (2007)

At the Eighth Grade level, California students rank above the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Alabama.


Science (2005)

At the Fourth Grade level. California students rank above Mississippi. (That’s it, but a few states were not ranked)


Science (2005)

At the Eighth Grade level, California students rank above Mississippi (That’s it, although a few states were not ranked. States with higher scores include Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee…)