Who Will Watch The Watcher?

I continue to follow the www.politifact.com website – now it is tracking media pundits.


While Rush claims some 98+% accuracy, if you don’t mind I’ll let someone independent look at the facts. Every pundit makes so many claims every day that it is impossible to check everything, but major statements need sunshine disinfectant.


Right now on Politifact, Rush is batting a not so great Mostly True (1), Barely True (1), and False (1).

Rachel Maddow is doing worse – False (1)

George Will is doing well — True (1)

Keith Olbermann is doing O.K. – Mostly True (1)


Now Politifact has encouraged everyone to send them more specifics to check from media pundits. There are a lot of pundits, and a lot to facts to check but we should give them some material to examine.



The highlight of every year for me is to sit in front of the TV (SPEED Channel) and watch 18 hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

I realize that is not everyone’s bag, but it is mine and for a number of reasons: racing, to be sure; but also keeping humans and machines running at great speeds for 24 hours in the rain, the fog, the sun — running on roads that are used daily for cars and trucks.

Fifty-five cars, in four separate categories – the SLOWEST of which are factory-race prepared Ferrari and Porsche! You can imagine the speed of the faster cars. And you can imagine the traffic caused by so many fast, and relatively slower cars.

Each car has three drivers taking turns, but just trying to keep tires on cars at those speeds means better tires for your car in the future. Better engines. Better everything. Any car that breaks less, wins more.

Speed is of course important, but you can’t win if you are not running at the end of 24 hours. Last year, and this year the Peugeot Diesels were the fastest but Audi Diesels win with disgusting regularity.

In qualifying, the Peugeot showed six MPH down the straight – if you can imagine driving 215 MPH. At night. In the rain!

But the secret is endurance.

This is the best racing in the world.

Some People…

Some people are just never satisfied.

You just can’t please them. 

The illegal immigrant supporters protested loudly when the INS was arresting and deporting illegal alien workers at packing plants and locally at fence companies 

So the Obama administration responded. They have started a system where they leave the illegal alien workers alone, do not arrest or deport them, but arrest the employers.

There is an article in the LA Times about the new methodology of the Obama administration – going after the employers by checking social security numbers. Using this “Desktop Raid” methodology, the feds raided Overhill, a Vernon, California company that packages those awful meals served on American Airlines.

No illegal aliens were arrested. None were deported.

They are very unhappy! 200 or so lost their jobs! They are protesting!

Some people just can’t be made happy. (They want their jobs back!)