“How About This…”

Hey! I have this great idea! If we are going to “tax” the “rich” – those whom we presume have “won the lottery” and been blessed with “unearned enrichment” – all of that defines EXACTLY those whose GOVERNMENT retirement is excessive.

I propose a tax of 75% on every dollar over $100,000 that GOVERNMENT retirees are receiving. CalPERS says they have 6,000 such egregious benefit-takers, and that does not count many County retirees.

I’ll bet we can make a dent in the deficit!


Here is the Root Cause of the California Public Education Kerfuffle

I think my previous posts have  amply demonstrated the demise of California Public Education – we rank 46 or 47 among States, territories and possessions. (Depending upon whether you round up, or round down.)

So, what happened to the vaunted California Public School System?

Teacher’s unions and diversity

Without getting into the details of how teachers themselves were dumbded down by teacher colleges, suffice to say that Massachusetts had the same problem until the late 1990s when they gave a literacy test to their incoming teachers – and more than 50% of the minority test-takers FAILED

That caused an uproar, and a partial turnaround, although not completely – last month a test given to 650 incoming Elementary teachers in Massachusetts was greeted by a 74% FAILURE rate.

At least Massachusetts is trying, and to date in the same tests that California ranks 46 or 47, Massachusetts ranks 1 or 2.

California has yet to test its teachers rigorously, so we have not had any turnaround.

Not that we necessarily could turn our public schools around with substantially better teachers, anyway. We have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of “English Learners.” (Read “illegal aliens.”)

That “diversity” is killing us. Figuratively, and literally.

Every public classroom in San Diego has a passel (a technical EduSpeak term) of “English learners.”

And, no. I don’t know why California does not require English proficiency BEFORE mainstreaming students.  What I do know is that the U.S. Constitution requires that we educate them (at least that is the current interpretation of the 14th Amendment), and there is no apparent interest in the Education community to segregate “English Learners” until they are language proficient, lest they be accused of “segregating.”

‘Tis a mess. The numbers only demonstrate the level of the mess. California students are led by the leaderless, educated by the uneducated and distracted by lingual chaos.

I am surprised California students stand as high as they do, under the circumstances.