Ch.9, San Diego

John Coleman is a talented weatherman, correct on Global Whatever but has a TV shtick that is just off-putting to beat the band. It is as juvenile as a Michael Jackson Moonwalk and I can only conclude that he has entered his Second Childhood.

I understand that John does his thing as much to annoy those of us who dislike it as anything, sort of a thumb in the eye, but it doesn’t bother me any longer because I have abandoned Ch. 9 for the lovely Ku’u’ Aloha Taylor, whom I enjoyed so much when she was on the tube in Honolulu and seen throughout the islands.

Ch. 9 insists on recruiting the oddest bunch of oddballs on TV, and I suppose that is their way of making a name for themselves among the other and stronger name brand stations, but their local news strategy could have as easily been successful without the low comedic value. Watching pratfalls is only funny to a small number, and the rest of us watched in spite of not because of the pratfalls.

That station was forced to remove their charity case, Rod Luck, who stepped on his own crank and was not renewed, and that removed a huge talent blot on their station.

They still have a ways to go.


Policy Changes

The administration has elected to take a new strategy in Afghanistan on the poppy fields, and we would be wise to hold fire to see if it works. The previous spraying did not work, in part because, unlike Columbia, Afghanistan has cultivated that crop for so long that it is not just economic but cultural.

The new strategy is to interdict the material used for manufacture of drugs, and the finished product instead of turning the poppy farmers against us. It might work, and only time will tell. We do know that the previous policy had just about zero effect.

Sometimes I think the Obama administration changes policies just to change policies. Take the policy of no longer raiding, arresting and deporting illegal workers at plants around the U.S. The new policy is to raid and arrest the owners/managers of the plants and not the workers, but if the administration thought that they would earn Brownie-points with the immigrant activists they were mistaken. The activists now complain that the policy took away the jobs of the illegals!

Well, yes. That was the object.

It remains to be seen if the new illegal immigration policy will prove to be an efficient method of hiving the illegals self-deport. It certainly takes away the argument that the U.S. government is breaking up families by deporting only the breadwinner. In a down economy where new jobs are less available, this policy may work if it is pursued.

Many policy makers have so much time and energy into a policy that they are afraid of changing course. These are two new Obama policies that bear watching.

They may work. We will see the results soon enough. No harm in trying because the previous policies had serious flaws.



One of my remaining joys is my Q-Ship nature – I enjoy being something different from what I appear.

Q-Ship is a term of art among performance automobile enthusiasts. It denotes a automobile whose performance far exceeds the performance you would expect from its benign design. Think of it as polar opposite to a Nissan Sentra with a ground effects wing. The term Q-Ship comes from (appropriately enough) the British answer to U-Boats in World War II. U-Boats would surface and sink unarmed British merchant ships with their submarine deck guns, rather than use valuable torpedoes which needed to be hoarded for activities against armed naval ships.

The British promptly designed a class of merchant ships called Q-Ships, with hidden guns. The surfaced U-Boat was no match for the Q-Ship.

Subsequently, high performance automobiles that do not look like high performance automobiles are called Q-Ships. Ford has a new Q-Ship coming soon…the Ford Taurus SHO. 365 HP, but it will probably look just like a Taurus. I owned an SHO back when they came out (1988) – a terrific car, and I had it for 10 years!

Some of us LOVE Q-Ships in cars or anything else. I have owned many Q-Ship cars – cars that looked innocent and normal, but are actually fully modified semi-race machines.

Anyway, many people are Q-Ships in one way or another. In my case, when my wife and I shop COSTCO, I remain in the computer section – because I am a certified Geek. I was a machine language programmer beginning in 1967, and wrote the first program that tracked Soviet satellites and 600 American surface ships to warn them hourly when they were under surveillance by the Soviets. I wrote the Navy’s first Artificial Intelligence program.

I was a core adjunct professor of Computer Science for 14 years, much of it at the Graduate Level. Obviously, I am comfortable in the computer section of COSTCO – but I know people look at me and say, “What is that white-haired old geezer looking at computers for? He probably spells “computer” with a “K.” I often have some 20-year old COSTCO stocker come up and ask if he can help explain the computers to me. I smilingly decline, but I get a kick out of it.

And when I drive around town, I have a hot car, one that brings younger drivers to rush up behind me to check out the hot car with the old guy driving. It is then they note the license holder: ‘SCCA Driver.” They back off quickly – yes, “that old guy” is a retired Sports Car Club of America licensed racing driver. I have driven racing cars at 186 MPH, and yes I have lost (more than) a few steps, but the street-racers could never have done that. The street-racers then treat me very respectfully.

Everyone needs to be reminded that Lewis Hamilton driving his street car looks to the world just like a successful young man, as does Filipe Massa, and Kyle Bush, and Mario Andretti. It is not just older people who do not look as what they are, or were.

I’ll bet that Bill Gates had trouble getting a date in high school.

Almost all older people have something in their previous lives that their current physical or mental condition no longer portray – older women who once were beauty queens, frail men who were high-school and college wrestling champions, confused people who spent a lifetime teaching advanced mathematics, old men who now appear defenseless who once killed many of the enemy in WWII or Korea…

This insight has only come with age. I admit that it didn’t occur to me in my youth, and I have no idea how I could now convey the concept. I remember that someone once told me that all people in retirement homes should have a photo of them in their youth, to remind the staff that they were not always frail and elderly, but once vibrant and beautiful.

We Are In deep Trouble

It is not a comfortable position to hope that the US Senate will save this nation.

That is where we are, with the Cap and Tax Bill. The possible saving grace is that someone in the Senate will actually be able to READ the bill before they vote on it. The House delayed the vote momentarily while a single copy of the bill was brought to the House Chambers – just so the Republicans could not say that a single copy did not exist in the Chambers!

What we know, or at least we think we know is that the bill admits that it will cause massive job loss, and that there is money set aside (apparently they will print it, because there is no surplus) to compensate those who lose their jobs.

What there is not money set aside(sic) for are the jobs lost to China and India! Those countries will benefit because they have no meaningful CO2 restrictions.

This bill is simply the “Carbon Tax” bill, renamed to avoid the term “tax.”

The Senate is our only hope – that they will modify the bill to recognize that this single bill will “level the playing field” economically with Third World Countries. That is the interest of MANY who are pushing this Global Warming operation, and Cap and Tax is the means by which we will be equalized.

There are many who believe the United States is too powerful militarily, and too powerful economically. We are just too big for our britches. It’s time to bring us back “to size” in their opinions.

Michael Who?

Is everyone fed up with the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death?

I am!

I can understand “wall to wall” coverage of international events, but this maudlin coverage of a wealthy suspected pedophile, likely from drugs, is insane.

I don’t mind Access Hollywood or other celebrity sites doing their thing, but the evening news? Constantly? The news has interviewed anyone who was ever at a concert, or who was once in a venue where there had been a concert!

Meanwhile, the most sweeping tax bill ever to be inflicted on the nation, gets passing mention.

Bread and circus!