My (Relative) Love For Microsoft

I love Microsoft!

Actually, I don’t, but that is neither here nor there – what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is their announcement that they will charge DOUBLE for Windows 7 to buyers in European Union nations!

When faced with adversity between two groups I don’t like, I often hope both parties lose, but in this case I dislike the EU so much that my minor problems with Microsoft are inconsequential.

The EU has sued the pants off Microsoft for things that are normal business practices, like bundling an internet browser with their operating system, as if that is some sort of crime. The Internet Explorer browser came with my operating system also, and it is the only browser that my Multiple listing System will recognize – but that is all I use it for.

It took me no time, and no money to download Mozilla Firefox to use as a browser. It would take a European the same no time and no money to do the same, but the EU loves to fine American corporations for billions of dollars.

I guess Microsoft figures that if the European Union wants income, it will get income that came from the European buyers of the product.

I hope they stick it to the EU!

There is some suggestion that the double price is to atone for the Value Added Tax in EU countries, but I doubt it. Almost everything costs so much more in Europe because of the VAT, I guess we will find out soon enough.

Are we France, yet?


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  1. It ‘s a perfect writing. Thank you.

  2. A wonderful writing. Thank you.

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