Those Who Presume to Know…

From Science Magazine, October 2, 2009:

(Quote)The blogosphere has been having a field day with global warming’s apparent decade-long stagnation. Negotiators are working toward an international global warming agreement to be signed in Copenhagen in December, yet there hasn’t been any warming for a decade. What’s the point, bloggers ask?

… The pause in warming is real enough, but it’s just temporary, they argue from their analyses.

… Corrected for the natural temperature effects of El Niño and its sister climate event La Niña, the decade’s trend is a perfectly flat 0.00°C.

So contrarian bloggers are right: There’s been no increase in greenhouse warming lately. (UNQUOTE)

So, why was not the hiatus predicted in advance by the vaunted climate prediction computer programs? It is always easy to say, after the fact that “We were not surprised…”

Some climate scientists contend that the lack of Global Warming may continue for “a decade or two more” — which certainly puts off the dire predictions of Florida and NYC underwater.

Is there general global warming? Certainly. Glaciers covered most of North America as late as 10,000 years ago and the world has been warming ever since…thank God! It may well continue.

Or it may not. I don’t presume to know…the difference is that some do presume to know.

So, why didn’t they know about the hiatus?

The More Things Change…

Yesterday, I enrolled in the orientation portion of cardiac rehab for regaining my strength after the 5-way heart by-pass surgery.

One of my fellow enrollees was from the Middle East (Afghanistan), and he had no insurance. He will get exactly the same rehab program that I will get.

Then as I went to the office to give them my payment methodology, the only other person applying was a very YOUNG Latina, who did not speak English — with her brand new baby.

So, who is going to pay for these un-insured – both of whom will get all of the needed medical services?

The answer is a) the taxpayers, or b) the already insured through increased premiums, or c) the hospital will write it off as unrecoverable.

Now, under the five new health bills under Congressional is considering, who will pay the bills of these un-insured — both of whom will get all of the needed medical services?

The answer is a) the taxpayers, or b) the already insured through increased premiums, or c) the hospital will write it off as unrecoverable.

The only difference is that 1) taxes will go through the roof, 2) the government will get more involved in every aspect of your medical life.


P. T. Barnum, Revisited

Many years ago I wrote a column praising J. David Dominelli – you may remember the famous San Diego scam artist who was called “Captain Money” at the time – because he was successful at doing what President Obama wants to do…redistributing the wealth. He took tons of Ponzi-style investment money from rich Rancho Santa Fe residents and redistributed it to far less wealthy Porsche salesman.

I suggested that J. David be elected to the Senate because taking from the rich and giving to the poor is what they also do, legally. (Coincidently, J. David’s actual wife – as opposed to his live-in, former Del Mar Mayor, Nancy Hoover) — his actual wife wrote me and said my column was the funniest she had read on the subject.)

That is sort of the way I feel about James Arthur Ray, the “Guru” who had two people die in his “Sweat Lodge” in Arizona. More than 60 people paid $9,000 apiece to sit in a makeshift sauna for two hours in some sort of a mystical Native Indian rite.

Obviously, those sweat Lodge occupants are people with too much money on their hands, without even commenting on their mental state. Their money eventually went to the Guru, of course, but also trickled down to secretaries and “event organizers.”

Lay continues to have “seminars” almost weekly in Southern California, several scheduled this weekend in San Diego, confirming the brilliance of P.T. Barnum.

Still, successful, private redistribution.

(J. David died in Chicago two months ago of natural causes at the age of 68, after spending many years in jail. He was the Bernie Madoff of his time.)

A New Prospective World

I have fallen through the Rabbit Hole into the Land of the Prospective.

Congress has “graduated from the place here they read and debated actual bills, to where they voted for a 1017 page bill they never read, to now today when they will vote in the Senate Finance Bill that has not yet been written.

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee voted a Peace Prize for a President based on his intentions, none of which have come to fruition or even moved slowly in his intended direction.

Rush Limbaugh is accused of saying things he says he has not said, his accusers cannot find the citations they accuse him of saying, and, apparently they will hold him responsible for the comments because, even though he may not have said them he certainly could have thought them.

We have a White House that complains that fox News is adversarial. In my youth ALL media was adversarial to political people of all stripes — then we went through a period where the press knew things about which they would not report — such as the multiple Kennedy dalliances — and have morphed into a general rooting session for the administration…leaving only Fox News to be adversarial. Strange.

This new Prospective World is a bit of a problem for those of us who deal in what used to be called “reality.” This new world in which intentions count more than accomplishments, where rules are written in the air, where we believe we can divine the hearts of men based on words they did not say, is a puzzlement for some of us.