Rush May “Transfer” His Problem

If I had accused Rush Limbaugh on radio or TV of saying something racial he had not actually said, I would be very, very afraid.

Iif I was the sportscaster on the O’Reilly show who made claims to which O’Reilly said words to the effect “We have the best researchers in the business, and we cannot find those quotes” – I would be huddling with my attorney right this instant. In fact, I might move into his office.

Rush has been dropped from his bid to be partial owner of an NFL team, and that means he has actual money damages (BIG money damages) he can sue for – and I fully expect him to sue the billy-hell out of everyone in sight who may hold some responsibility.

Now Rush is not just one tough cookie, he is one hellishly rich tough cookie – his last contract was for a reported $400 MILLION and he was filthy rich before that. I think Rush has given some of the people an opportunity to admit that they cannot source the quotes that they have attributed to him, IF they withdraw their quote and apologize.



Women on Submarines

I see that the stationing of women on submarines is under consideration. Again.

When I was on submarines I favored women on submarines – in fact I wanted women ISSUED to us!

My male chauvinist pig attitudes aside, it was simply not possible on diesel submarines. We generated only sufficient fresh water for officers to shower every 11 days, general enlisted showered every four days, and only food handlers were permitted to shower every day.

Further, we had to vent the air from the effluent tanks back into the submarine, and when added to unwashed sweat and the overpowering smell of diesel fuel…well, my wife would not let me in the house. I had to strip in the garage, and march rapidly to a drawn hot tub of bubble bath.

And that was after four days at sea during normal ops. You cannot imagine what 56 days submerged on patrol smelled like. We had no laundry facilities aboard, either. We took three changes of clothes.

Now the nuclear submarines are a great deal different. They make so much fresh water naturally from the reactor that they pump the excess overboard, and they are much larger, but then they have almost twice the number of sailors aboard.

They are still crowded. Bunks are three high, with scant room to roll over. The submerged time runs as high as 77 days – as in the old days the limit is the ability to store food. We stacked food in boxes on the deck of the only passageway, and ate our way through the boxes. We stored potatoes in our “escape hatches” since we were in water too deep to use escape hatches the second we cleared the harbor — the escape hatches were to comfort our wives.

I guess they can work it out, but submarines are not designed like surface ships. They are basically weapons systems without any consideration for crew – crew are just shoehorned wherever can be found. Surface ships have designs with great consideration for crew comfort, submarines are design deficit insofar as crews are concerned.

Good luck getting women aboard. They will have to be a special breed.

The Polls Are Achanging…

The Gallup Poll shows that Hillary is more popular with the public than is Obama.


Many of us believe that the Democrats nominated the wrong person. Hillary had more experience, was a stronger personality, understood foreign affairs (and affairs in general, as well) – and had survived after taking many professional and personal blows that would have crippled someone with the thin skin of the current President.

But it is what it is, and we are stuck with what we have.

It’s not much.