TEFLON Wears Off!

A reader on another Blog asks if  “popularity” of conservative press means FOX News et al are “right”?

Our nation’s voting premise is that popular is right! The candidate with the most votes wins, and the press is a contributor to that “popularity.”

We do not vet our candidates through a battery of intellectual and historical tests.

The “popularity” of a candidate can overcome bad, or divided press – as in the last election where breaking a racial barrier was deemed a superior cause – but as General Dinkins proved in New York a continuing popularity requires something new…the barrier has been broken, and there must be a Second Act.

Seizing control of most of American automobile makers, surrounding oneself with radicals not subject to senatorial scrutiny, trying to remake one-sixth of the American economy with a 1,500 page bill; threatening to remake the Armed Forces with what is a controversial Gay Policy; grabbing the helm of a failed Immigration Reform concept; revolutionizing the American electrical system through Cap and Trade; questionable policy on military decisions (and much more)…part or all of this may wear on the President’s poll numbers as it is brought to light more and more with Fox News GROWING popularity, as the President’s approval ratings continue to tumble. Polls show the President could not be elected today.

But the final blow will come when the bills start to come due with Healthcare Reform (however it is finalized), and Cap and Trade. Even Judge Judy contestants know when they have less money at the end of the month, and most Healthcare bills will begin collecting taxes YEARS before any planned “benefits” appear.

FOX News is just one of the President’s problems, and all are self-inflicted. The President is blaming the messenger.

TEFLON wears off, and the more it is abraded the more it wears.

The Real Conservative Movement — Absent a “Leader”

Fox News DOMINATES the national cable news – usually more than all other cable news combined! More than 50% of Fox viewers call themselves “moderates, independents, or liberals.”

The Wall Street Journal dominates the Mon-Fri newspaper circulation, and stands #1 in “credibility” according to the Pew Research Center for People and the Press.

Rush Limbaugh dominates the AM airwaves, has for decades, and no liberal talk show is even in the same Zip Code, Area Code, or even state.

Liberals are whistling in the dark when they denigrate conservative sources. They may not like conservative sources, they may even object to the Editor’s Choice of news on conservative news sources, but it is hard to argue with the results.

Beck fail? Possible, but it is hard to argue with his success on ‘Green Jobs’ Adviser Van Jones or ACORN. I said earlier today that he is pushing on a string, but I suspect he has ended his success string. By the way, the White house has said FOX is wrong, and Beck has installed a 24 hour monitored direct line to the White House to give the White house the opportunity to call and set a story straight.

Nothing heard, break, over.

The President Counts on Popularity — a Risky Bet

Like most people in the US, I was happy in one sense that Obama was elected, because I thought it would be good for racial relations. It was a milestone election and the elation was palpable throughout the nation. I did not vote for him, or McCain, but the election of someone who might be post-racial was a moment for general happiness.

I opposed Obama on purely political reasons, and I still do. He appears to be a great surprise to a lot of people – but I know the general IQ of the political public approximates those who appear on Judge Judy.
When Obama said he was going to “transform America,” I took him at his word, and I disagreed with his word. I knew what to expect, but compartmentalized that along with my happiness that a much needed barrier had fallen.

But I am not surprised. I would have had the same general elation had Hillary won, because it is way past time we broke the gender barrier as well, and I would have still opposed her on political grounds because as much as she has mellowed and worked like a Trojan in the Senate, she is still to the left of me. (As is McCain.)

It is possible to believe that breaking racial and gender barriers (I have worked hard throughout my life at breaking both), does not necessarily carry with it the desire to remake the economic basis of the nation.