Enron By The Sea

Democrats are too easy a target when it comes to out-of-this-world spending, but it is not a cut and dried issue.

(I fear the Republicans invasive personal proclivity and their mixture of politics and religion – but they are not currently in power anywhere that threatens me.)

There are “moderate” Democrats even on the San Diego Silly Council, fortunately because the (broke) San Diego City Council is dominated by Democrats, as is the broke State Legislature, as is the (broke) government of the United States.

But locally I give  you (Exhibit 1) the Downtown Library.

Estimated at $185 million in 1985, that Edifice Complex is still alive, despite city economic situation (pension fund, city deficit, potholes and diminishing staff and services.) – in effect, REALITY.

The Silly Council voted yesterday 6-2 to continue the bid process. Donna Frye, whom I anoint a “rational liberal” voted with the majority, but like Senator Snowe did in her Senate Finance Committee vote, Donna announced that her vote yesterday did not predict her future votes. (Donna voted “no” on several pension funding issues – in the minority – and that helps cement her “rational liberal’ designation.)

Carl DeMaio, Republican (and the brightest bulb), and Sherri Lightner, Democrat, voted to try to end this downtown library continuing financial fiasco. Donna voted “yes” but with her caveat.

The downtown library has morphed into the schoolbrary – a library with a Charter School on the top floor in an effort to ride the school mystique, on the theory that no one votes against a school. Lipstick on a pig.

In theory, the downtown library has $30 million in private pledges, but that was years ago before the economic collapse and the head of the organization in charge of collecting those refuses to collect the pledges and open an escrow, or announce from whom the pledges came.

Smoke and mirrors economics.

Just what one expects from Democrats.

A Little Perspective

President Obama BEGGED for the right to make these decisions. He WORKED for the right. He SPENT a fortune  (other people’s fortunes) for the right. He DEFEATED strong political competition with 8 years in the White House (Remember “two for the price of one”) and eight more years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – and brought her into the Cabinet as a trusted advisor!

President Obama has had his personally selected Afghan team in place for many months.

Liberals on this Blog have roundly dumped on GB for not being up to the 9/11 crises, nine months after inauguration..

President Obama has been in office longer that GB was on 9/11.