The Sacramento Bee has been all over a great story about the excess buying of vehicles – from 50 Prius vehicles to huge trucks – by the California Department of Transportation.

There are 37 Prius that were not spoken for by State agencies, and they are being converted to electric plug-ins at further taxpayer cost. Since they are not being driven  as hybrids, and are not spoken for to be driven as all-electric, they both get the same gas mileage (zero), and have the same emissions (zero) – just when converted they have it at a higher cost. (Government-think at work!)

A top General Services official has resigned and a Department of Transportation peon has been reassigned.

Many of the vehicles were purchased on June 30 so as to spend money left in the budget, but there is a large lot filled with unused vehicles purchased in 2006, 2007 and 2008 – many with extended warranties ticking away as they sit!

The State Transportation agency spent $6.5 million this year on vehicles, while many sat idle in parking lots and the State was/is in fiscal crises.

World-wide Wealth Redistribution

“East-west climate row at EU talks ”

EU leaders have begun a summit in Brussels deeply divided over how much money to offer developing nations to cope with climate change.

It seems the EU has about the same internal relationships as the religious-right to the Republican Party, or the Blue-Dog Democrats to the Democratic Party – which is to say they are poles apart. In an effort to get some solidarity among European nations to act as a bloc before the Copenhagen Climate Conference, what actually happened is a demonstration of deep division – but more importantly is demonstrates that there is more to income redistribution than just domestically in the US.

Yes, the Copenhagen conference will try to share their wealth (or more appropriately, the wealth of their taxpayers) ALONG WITH THE WEALTH OF THE US, with “developing countries” to offset the developing countries loss for going green.

The developing countries are, of course, a bottomless pit who will bleed the developed countries dry, but that will assuage liberal guilt for those developed countries being successful.

If anyone thinks that the “rich” in the US will just have to share their wealth with less fortunate Americans – stand by for equalizing the wealth across the globe.

Anyone with a bathtub is rich beyond the imagination of most of the rest of the world – so prepare to share yours.