The Sacramento Bee has been all over a great story about the excess buying of vehicles – from 50 Prius vehicles to huge trucks – by the California Department of Transportation.

There are 37 Prius that were not spoken for by State agencies, and they are being converted to electric plug-ins at further taxpayer cost. Since they are not being driven  as hybrids, and are not spoken for to be driven as all-electric, they both get the same gas mileage (zero), and have the same emissions (zero) – just when converted they have it at a higher cost. (Government-think at work!)

A top General Services official has resigned and a Department of Transportation peon has been reassigned.

Many of the vehicles were purchased on June 30 so as to spend money left in the budget, but there is a large lot filled with unused vehicles purchased in 2006, 2007 and 2008 – many with extended warranties ticking away as they sit!

The State Transportation agency spent $6.5 million this year on vehicles, while many sat idle in parking lots and the State was/is in fiscal crises.


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