Decision Week

The Virginia, New Jersey, and now with the withdrawal of the New York official Republican from the Congressional race, that race will more clearly demonstrate an Obama referendum. This will be an interesting week to examine.

The Republican New York candidate (Dierdre Scozzafava) who withdrew was behind both the Democrat and the Conservative Party candidates – by a bunch. The latest polls say that the Democrat and Conservative were tied prior to the Scozzafava withdrawal, but the official Republican candidate was way behind because she was simply Democrat-light…she supported Card Check and Cap and Trade, for example.

The Conservative candidate is not a professional politician – just an accountant who is fed up like many of us.

The Republican candidate had been supported by the official Republican forces, but Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty had supported Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate.

This is a deserved blow to the Republican Party apparatus, and hopefully Conservative Hoffman will win and send a blow to the Democratic Party as well. The Conservative Party in New York supports Republican candidates if the candidate is reasonably conservative, but Scozzafava was just too much to take.

New Jersey is too close to call. Virginia looks like a Republican win — but the polls have been wrong before.

Tea leaf reading, this week. Rationalization will soon commence.


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