“Security” System(sic)

It appears (so far) that there is nothing wrong with the security system, but rather that SOMEONE(S) did not execute the system properly — SOMEONE didn’t change the status of this clown from “watch” to “No fly” after specific information from the father.

There was a second problem at the State Department — this guy retained his multiple-entry American visa AFTER Britain denied him any visa at all! (CLUE!)

This is further confirmation of my Theory of Gates, which states that systems are in place to stop all disasters with multiple gates. It is “five nines” likely that at least one of the gates will remain closed and stop the possibly hundreds of potential daily disasters of one sort or another — but given enough potential disasters all gates will eventually be left open at once (by SOMEONE) and a disaster happens.

No matter how good the system it is populated by bureaucrats with lifetime tenure and no advancement on merit, but on seniority.

With all due respect, the Christmas Bomber did not fail – he succeeded in spreading terror. He failed at killing people, but as a terrorist he DID spread terror.

He will cost our nation BILLIONS in extra security, he will cause millions to react by driving or taking the train rather than flying, and he will cause thousands of bureaucrats to try to divine security holes – or in finger pointing to someone else.

He will not cause one bureaucrat to lose his or her job, however, THAT terrorizes ME!

Terrorism Is NOT Failing!

The tie-up in NYC was a result of the SUCCESSFUL Christmas Terrorist. Hundreds of police occupied tens of thousands of New Yorkers inconvenienced

And this is just one example of increased “terror” in America.

Not a bad ROI for Al-Queda for the cost of one-way plane ticket!

I see that Amsterdam will start using full-body scanners. As I understand it, only 40 major airports worldwide use these scanners out of concern for “privacy.” Here in the US, the ACLU has ked the fight against the use of full-body scanners,

Of course there are other devices that could have stopped the Christmas Bomber. “Puffers” and sniffer dogs for example.

Two problems with dogs – some people freak out with dogs, and the few that are available are usually used for luggage. There are simply not sufficient dogs available for humans.

In a perfect world, all methods would be available everywhere and a passenger would be given the choice – that would cost many billions of course.

Another Al-Queda success.

There is a call for an attack on Yemen training camps – those folks fled to Saudi Arabia and Somalia after the Yemeni Air Force attacked their bases a week or so ago. with US intelligence help. While a Yemeni Air Force attack is better than nothing, there is nothing that can match a US Air Force attack – there would have been fewer Al-Queda to disburse to Somalia or Saudi Arabia.

We need to get serious, and the Yemeni Air Force is NOT serious! While it may be true in some cases, it is not generally a fight against ignorance or poverty. Communist insurgencies in Asia and South America, yes, but not Islamic insurgencies.

The Christmas Bomber was wealthier than anyone on this blog by a factor of 10. So too, many of the 911 bombers.

Radical Muslims are a lethal combination of religion and political philosophy – and on steroids. Every insurgency feeds to some extent off some religion – certainly our own 1776 fed off Christianity combined with the torrid writings of Thomas Paine, whose screeds Washington ordered read aloud to his troops although almost all of his troops were quite literate and many carried both a Bible and Pain’s Common Sense.

The radical Muslims wish to spread the faith by the sword…our own Christianity has been through this period as have many religions. There have always been religious fanatics, but basement technology makes these new insurgents particularly dangerous and the day is coming when you will build a very lethal bio/nuclear bomb in your basement – compounding the problems exponentially. The internet permits the radicals to recruit, and modern transportation permits them to move. It is only their religion that is pre-16th century.

While liberals like to equate the radical cause with poverty, that just paints the actuality with liberal paint – it does not change the product underneath it. Now if you want to argue that Wahabiism takes advantage of ignorant and poor Muslims through madrassas to educate them only on the Koran, and in particularly the radical interpretation of the Koran, I agree, but nowhere in the doctrine do I find a concept of making the poor have a better, more prosperous life. Certainly there is no call from the radicals to take the riches of the wealthy – many of them come from VERY wealthy families.

I might add that when radical Muslims strike, they do not target the “rich” and what they shout (if anything) is ‘God if Great,” a pretty good indication that theirs is a religious, not an economic war.

Israeli profilers talk about the “thousand mile stare” – which is how the Dutch filmmaker described the Christmas Bomber. He had prayed himself into a trance in preparation of his death.

I might add that when radical Muslims strike, they do not target the “rich” and what they shout (if anything) is ‘God if Great,” a pretty good indication that theirs is a religious, not an economic war.

Just a Thought

Right now I am plowing through several books – Plunder and Washington’s Crossing. (I have yet to get to Six Frigates, but I will.)

The books on Washington and the war made me think of the parallels between – don’t laugh – Thomas Paine and Sarah Palin. Both were terribly flawed individuals (Paine, far more flawed) whose message transcended both their abilities and their personalities.

Paine was a drunk who escaped England to avoid debtors prison, and in doing so abandoned his wife and children.

Never ignore anyone able to generate passion. They are powerful forces – sometimes for good, sometimes for evil, but they should not be underestimated.

You Think This Is Easy?

French Constitutional Court Rejects Carbon Tax (Update1)

By Gregory Viscusi

“Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) — France’s constitutional court rejected a proposed tax on carbon emissions, saying a web of exemptions violated the principal of equality and rendered efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions ineffective.

The government said it will make new proposals on Jan. 20.

The tax, which would have started on Jan. 1, was set at 17 euros ($24.38) per ton of carbon-dioxide emissions, President Nicolas Sarkozy said in September. To make the tax more palatable, he partially or fully exempted power plants, public transport, airlines, farming and fishing, as well as 1,018 older cement, steel and glass factories.

In all, 93 percent of all industrial carbon emissions in France would have avoided paying the full tax, the constitutional court said in a decision published on its Web site. The tax would have fallen disproportionately on fuel for heating and cars, it said. “

New Years Resolution

I hope I can keep my New Years Resolution:

I will henceforth refer to “liberals” as “Radical Christians” because Christians say I should be my “brother’s keeper” while “liberals” say I must be my “brothers keeper.” Definitely radical (they love the word “mandatory”) and with the essential Christian (actually just human) concept of helping those less fortunate.

There are other terms equally applicable, including “Compulsory Utopians” — and I understand that some Christians may not like “liberals” being equated with them, but Muslims probably don’t like their radicals being equated with them, either.

Many Christian churches have turned so liberal that the term “Radical Christian” seems appropriate. Of course all liberals are not Christian, and I suspect that all Radical Muslims are not really Muslims, either, but are making a political statement through that movement.

my reading of modern history is that liberalism began to spread quickly when the ministers of Christian churches abandoned (or at least diminished) the charitable works of the church in favor of the use of government to enforce that which they could no longer successfully argue to the extent that they wished their congregation to perform.

So, for as long as I can remember to do so, liberals will be Radical Christians — dedicated to turning the other cheek continuously overseas and taking by force the earnings of some to give to others deemed more deserving.

Glad I Had My By-Pass

Commencing on Friday, the private practice of Cardiology will come to an end, if you believe Jack Lewin, the CEO of the American College of Cardiology. The American College of Cardiology has filed suit against Health and human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  (The College represents 90% of the nations 40,000 Cardiologists.)

On Friday, doctors payments for such procedures as nuclear stress tests will be reduced 40% for Medicare patients, and some procedures like EKGs will have their payments to Doctors reduced by 33% over a four-year period. Doctors who have spent huge sums to purchase these nuclear stress machines will not be able to pay them off, and it is feared they may close their private practice and go to work at hospitals where the cost can be spread over more patients.

A professor of health economics at Stanford is quoted in the USA Today article as saying that the outcry from physicians should come as no surprise because in the past the government has encouraged Doctors to invest in technology.

I hope this is change you Obama supporters can believe in – it will be, “Take two aspirin and on the way out be careful not to stumble over the shrouded electronic equipment that could save your life on the way out.”

USA Today Dec 30, page 4D, An updated article at http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2009-12-23-heart29_ST_N.htm


The question of sending a fire engine to a medical emergency is one fire districts often question — but the firemen say it is necessary, and so do their friends and fellow fire house buddies, the EMTs heartily agree.

Of course it is featherbedding, and fully supported by the fire unions — although unions are specifically forbidden for firemen and police in California. In our era of euphemisms, fire and police unions are called “Associations,” but they provide every service of a union including the control of just about every elected official.

We could save a great deal of money, and lives by dispatching an EMT on a motorcycle as the very first responder to medical alerts (and 90% of all calls ARE medical emergencies) — the doctors say if you don’t get to a severe heart attack in 4 minutes, don’t bring a deliberator, bring a clean white sheet.

(The Fire union would demand that it be a seven-person motorcycle!)

We need to look carefully at fire staffing, fire pay and retirement.

It is eating us alive — with the average fireman in California making a LOT more take-home pay than the Commanding Officer of a nuclear submarine!

A Little Perspective

Mark Steyn hit it this morning when he remarked upon the list of 500,000 on the watch list, and that it is not easy to check that list instantly.

Steyn remarked that if you buy a book on Amazon.com, and access that site 8 years later, the site will instantly remind you of that previous book purchase, and six other books that people who liked that book have also subsequently ordered – and Amazon.com has a LOT more than 500,000 in their database!

I don’t even want to recall the BILLIONB that were spent on Air Traffic Control, and FBI computer systems that never worked properly – yes, they were designed and built by private enterprise but to government specs, and installed under government direction. Amazon.com and a thousand other huge private systems work all day every day – because the management says they must or the manager loses his job!

Think any government workers will lose their job over this? Think again! If it happened at Amazon.com, the Boss would say to the IT department leading people, “How long have you all worked here – NOT counting tomorrow?”

Pure, Blind, Dumb luck

I saw our Homeland Director on two TV news/opinion shows this a.m. She appeared either clueless, or restrained — either way it was not reassuring.

The Obama administration appears to treat this ‘attack” as a criminal matter at home, while it engages in war abroad — not just Afghanistan and Iraq, but in Yemen. Yemen appears to be the next war, regardless of what the doves may wish.

President Obama appears to be bifurcated (or confused). Perhaps he thinks he can mollify his left wing by domestic talk of criminal treatment, while engaging in war abroad. His drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen are hardly criminal pursuit but rather war-making with technology.

(1/3 of all aircraft ordered for delivery this year are drones.)

We escaped a disaster this time just because the device failed, but the bomber got all the way to his destination, undetected although Amsterdam has body canners.

The only fault I can find so far with our processes is why the name did not progress from the “watch” list to the “no-fly” list after his father’s warning, and why the bomber was permitted to keep his multiple-entry visa?

That does not appear to be a political failure, but simply bureaucracy at work.


While I find it interesting that Amazon.com sold MORE Kindle books this Christmas  season than they did printed books, the Senate healthcare Reform Bill was far more interesting.

In what can only be called alchemy, the Senate says they can take half a TRILLION dollars out of Medicare but keep it whole without reducing its value to seniors: increase taxes half a TRILLION dollars and keep healthcare increases down without knowing what new drugs and technologies will be invented; provide ‘universal coverage” while leaving 25 million citizens uninsured; and, at least to me violate the constitution by REQUIRING private citizens to purchase something from a private company which I find nowhere in the Constitution.

Can the government also require us to only buy GM cars? California bonds?

I also wonder if the Healthcare Bill is a complete financial failure – can we remove the pension of those who saddled us with it?

The mind boggles!