Mis-Named “Stimulus”

 “Stimulus” does not work because the money you spend to stimulate the economy must first be removed from the economy — sort of cutting a foot off the bottom of your blanket and sewing it on the top of your blanket to make your blanket longer. (Not original)

Also it is like taking a bucket of water from a lake, going to the other side and dumping it back in to make the lake higher. (Also, not original)

BUT, it DOES work well as re-distribution — taking it from those who have “too much” and giving it to those who have “too little.” (And liberals are the ones who want to determine “too much” and “too little.”)

Yes, it is a scam, but it is a scam with charitable overtones – charitable with other people’s money, of course.

Somehow we need to instill the concept that there is no virtue in being generous with other people’s money but we are far away from succeeding at THAT. Somehow liberals have clothed themselves in the Salvation Army cloak, because we tend to forget that the Salvation Army works with volunteer money.

Liberals love to smudge the lines.

The Stimulus Plan is really the union bailout plan — money spent (as an example) on retaining tens of thousands of California Public School Teachers — but that will create a “bubble” when the federal stimulus funds eventually run out and the deficit-ridden State of California must pick up the future salaries.

Then the State will go to the feds for further relief, and we will have Stimulus IV, or V, or VI…

Then there is the UAW…


More Education Quotes

7)  “We expect parents to work in the best interest of the kids. We’re working in the best interest of the teachers.” – Hudson (Ohio) Education Association President David Spohn. (October 9, 2003 Akron Beacon Journal)

From Education Intelligence

A Double Victory! (Not!)

Congratulations to the eco-freaks! They have a “two-‘fer”!

In an Illinois town (and likely elsewhere,) the city has replaced incandescent stop-lights with LEDS. Terrific! 90% electrical savings, a desirable condition – and of course the LEDS lights save work because they need to be replaced less frequently.

Small problem. Because the LEDS generate less heat, they will not melt snow – so the lights become invisible when snow-packed. This has caused injuries and even a death.

So, the solution?

Hire people to manually clean the lens during snow storms – creating JOBS!


See how smart these eco-freaks are?

Credit to President Obama

Let’s give credit where it is due: President Obama had his “…great job, Brownie” (with his response to the Christmas Bomber) and his “Read my lips” (with the C=SPAN transparency kerfuffle) both in the same week!

There is something to be said for economy of effort.

Education Quotes

One of the places I subscribe is called The Education Intelligence Report. Good information.

They have published their “Best Quotes of the Decade” (most are really short) and I intend to publish some of the most outrageous quotes.

Here is one:

4)  “Black people can be gullible.” – Andre J. Hornsby, president of the National Alliance of Black School Educators, offering his explanation for the high rate of African-American support for school choice. (May 30, 2001 Education Week)

Too old fast and too smart late

Willie Brown, erstwhile Democrat pol and state leader for so many decades has had an epiphany, of sorts:

“The deal used to be that civil servants were paid less than private sector workers in exchange for an understanding that they had job security for life.

But we politicians, pushed by our friends in labor, gradually expanded pay and benefits to private-sector levels while keeping the job protections and layering on incredibly generous retirement packages that pay ex-workers almost as much as current workers.”

Too old fast and too smart late. He complains about a problem he is singularly responsible for – now that he is no longer on the union payroll.

Daily Kos Gets Something Right

“MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, one of the leading academic defenders of health care reform, is taking heat for failing to disclose consistently that he was under contract with the Department of Health and Human Services while he was touting the Democrats’ health proposals in the media. 

Gruber, according to federal government documents, is under a $297,600 contract until next month to provide “technical assistance” in evaluating health care reform proposals. He was under a $95,000 HHS contract before that. “

…” The Daily Kos declared that, given Gruber’s contract, the “fix was in” for the Cadillac plan.

Gruber, when contacted by Fox News, acknowledged that he has a contract with HHS, but he said it has nothing to do with his public advocacy”