Props to Ford!

The CEO of Ford was interviewed this morning (and yesterday) at the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas, by Leo LaPorte, the technology guy at KFI-LA. (I never miss Leo – he is terrific!)

The Ford CEO is an engineer, and was responsible for the cockpits of all of the 7 series Boeing aircraft. The Sync system is his favorite program at Ford, and I must admit that Ford has almost closed the quality gap – and their electronics has surpassed the world!

(Just incidentally, when the new CEO was hired Ford asked him what car he drove – and he said “Lexus – the finest engineered car in the world.” When asked why he accepted the Ford job he said his ambition was to make Ford quality equal to Lexus.)

At CES, the Ford CEO announced that the Sync 2011 electronics was Open Architecture, so that apps designed for the system would be available for other manufacturers – parenthetically, similar to the safety systems invented and offered by Mercedes. Mercedes has never patented their safety features because they believe everyone should be able to take advantage of them.

Props to Ford!

Incidentally, Leo LaPorte drives a 2010 Mustang – and he bought it because Ford is a Geek machine with Sync. Surveys say that 30% of Ford buyers are influenced by the new Sync system.

The quality of American cars has so closed the gap with some foreign cars, that the differentiation has moved to “something else.” That “something else” (“Killer App?”) is likely to be Geekdom!

Finally, good news for America!


Wonderful! (Not!)

Although they didn’t wait for CES to announce it (there are TV ads), Samsung has a new phone with projector!

Now high-school boys can project naked photos of their girlfriends on the classroom screen for everyone to enjoy at once!

Geekdom meets liberality!

A Society of Free Men, Acting Freely

My antagonists on another blog suggested that I would like to pick and chose the taxes I would pay – which is what free men should be able to do in my opinion.

Actually, with modern computers we could have just a system as you describe – where people could send their money to support – or oppose – and government action.

The result would be that each government entity would get – to the penny – exactly what the people believe it should get. And, if the people are happy with a service one year it will get more money the next year.

Conversely, if they are unhappy…

(And that is why it will never happen, because our Rulers, R and D, want to continue programs like Foreign Aid that the people would fund at $.99  year!)

Finally, Proper News Coverage for Apocalyptic Predictions

The Times of London today rationally discusses an apocalyptic prediction of a 6 foot sea rise by 2100, as proposed at the Copenhagen Conference.

Others say in the article that the prediction uses “simplistic” math.

It is interesting as an article because both the apocalyptic prediction AND a scientific counter-argument is printed.

That is quite an improvement.

About time. Finally the “World is Ending” group is getting scientific blowback, or more accurately the scientific blowback is getting its rightful coverage.

Roger Ailes

If you happen to be a big fan of Roger Ailes, as I am, you might enjoy the article in the NY Times, part of which reads:

“Mr. Ailes is certainly making money. At a time when the broadcast networks are struggling with diminishing audiences and profits in news, he has built Fox News into the profit engine of the News Corporation. Fox News is believed to make more money than CNN, MSNBC and the evening newscasts of NBC, ABC and CBS combined.”