Talk about a “War!”

A local blogger recently wrote: “The TEACHERS are on the side of the students.”

“”We expect parents to work in the best interest of the kids. We’re working in the best interest of the teachers.” – Hudson (Ohio) Education Association President David Spohn. (October 9, 2003 Akron Beacon Journal)

Albert Shanker, former head of the American Federation of Teachers put the problem succinctly: “When school children start paying union dues, that ‘s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

I’ll start believing that teachers have the best interest of the students at heart when I read of the FIRST teacher strike for more rigorous testing, longer hours in the classroom, more and better books… ANYTHING except more pay and less work.

There is absolutely no power in Sacramento with the political clout of teacher’s unions, and it is they who can change the educational equation. But they won’t.

And, yes, I was a teacher – in fact a teacher of teachers at a local university. You may have been one of my students!

 Meanwhile, San Diego Unified has made a non-specific proposal that the teachers take a PAY CUT!

Because the initial proposal does not include numbers, the teachers union has not replied.

 THIS will be a WAR!


The Long Knives

Ohhhh…the Democrats are getting out the “Long Knives” for the White House.

POLITICO interviewed two dozen elected Democrats, and the elliptical firing squad is firming up as a circle.

Populist Attack on the Banks

As bad a money manager as banks are – and they are TERRIBLE money managers – EVEN they know that if you can borrow money from the Federal Reserve at ZERO interest, and invest in government paper at 2% or 3% with ZERO risk, you can make a lot more money than loaning money with risk!

Guess who set up that system? Yep! The Obama administration!

I don’t blame the banks for using the very system the administration devised…I would do it in a New York second!

Of course I’m shocked that the market is responding negatively to the nasty attitude of President Obama.

Our President comes from the “Whip that mule” School of Politics. He has gone populist to change the political climate, hoping that people hate the banks and Wall Street more than they hate his ObamaCare, Cap and Tax, Immigration, etc.

It is a risky policy. As much as people appear to hate the banks and Wall Street, their 401(k) is in there, and EVEN liberals (or at least some liberals) understand the inadvisability of trying to get banks to do his bidding by punishing them.

Obama’s base already hates the banks, and already loves him. (Although his “Messiahship” is slipping fast.) Efforts to move the independents with populism is a losing bet…independents are a smarter group than his base.

The “Chicago” is showing through.

The Left is Unhappy

My wife happened to be walking through the room while Obermann was condemning Rush, as it happens wrongly by saying Rush did not address something I heard him address, but my wife knows nothing of the subject — or of Obermann.

She watched for a second and simply said, “That is an unhappy man.”

(Boy, Jon Stewart went off on Obermann! The wheels ARE coming off!)

Yes, Obermann apologized.

Actually, he apologized twice.

After saying Scott Brown was “an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.”

Obermann came back and apologized – saying he forgot :sexist.”

It was after Obermann took flack from the left that he actually finally admitted he had gone over the top.

As my wife says, he is an unhappy man. Things are NOT going his way.

I don’t recall blogging anything approaching Obermann’s rant, but if I ever do I’ll remember to apologize.