Just Guessing…

The apparent disagreement between the White House and Israel is PROBABLY just a pique over other matters.

I just finished the pre-printing final draft manuscript of a subject that I thought I really knew – only to find out that there were many levels of machination about which I knew nothing.

Here is a GUESS. The White house does not give a whit about 600 residences being built in a section of Jerusalem that even the Palestinians admit is a section that in any negotiation will still belong to Israel.

I suspect that the White House has its nose out of joint because Israel has told them that it intends to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities, and the White house STILL thinks that it can stop Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

It won’t. It can’t.

The White House is pouting because Israel can. It will.

It is a matter of Israel’s survival and they take that seriously.

Another Idol Falls

The debate on ObamaCare was instructive.

I had always thought of the Congressional Budget Office as the Gold Standard – until I learned that they most certainly are not.

It seems that the CBO must assume in their analysis that whatever is planned will happen – even if the Congress says they are going to do something that they will not, and cannot do.

As Mark Steyn said on radio today, if Congress says they intend to sell 2 acre lots on the dark side of the moon, they must factor that into the analysis.

In this case, the Congress was analyzing the PROMISE that Congress was going to CUT THE PAY OF DOCTORS!

Well, Congress may be crazy, but they are not stupid and they know that cutting the pay of doctors will drive doctors out of the profession – and when you are going to add 32 MILLION new patients you need more, not fewer doctors. Congress knew they were not going to cut doctor pay. The doctors knew they were not going to cut doctor pay. The people knew that Congress was not going to cut doctor pay.

More importantly, the CBO knew that Congress was not going to cut doctor pay.

But the CBO did their analysis on the promise that the bill was going to cut doctor pay.

And Congress passed the HealthCare bill to cut doctor pay – and PRPOMPTLY passed another bill un-cutting doctor pay.

Eureka! Congress got the CBO number they wanted as cover for this turkey – and promptly, within a day, pulled the tablecloth from under the CBO plate while still using the CBO numbers to support what they wanted to do even though a new analysis would show the program would cost more that CBO had predicted.

Then there is that ‘promised” $500 billion cut from Medicare – which is NEVER going to happen – but the CBO numbers remain, and are quoted.

This whole fiasco is such a mess. People who would cry ‘lie” if those numbers were done by a person, quote the lie as posted by the CBO as some magical, Papal Pronuncio

Well, perhaps the Papacy is not exactly the right group with which to equate honesty.

Perhaps This is a Different America — Post Democracy

As I have posted before, there is Global Warming – which either exists or does not and is independent of public opinion, and actions to counteract such warming (assuming it exists at all) and which is fully dependent on public opinion.

Without public support, there are no laws passed to “end global warming.”

That, at least was the theory before the Healthcars bill passed without public support.

I may have to reanalyze the subject – but in the past, pre-Obama, the government tried to do what the public wanted.

We may be in a Post-Democracy Era, where government determines what is best for us and government may try to continue to work against the will of the people. It has happened before in other countries.

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(Headline) Germans are losing their fear of climate change, according to a survey, with just 42 percent worried about global warming.

It seems the long and chilly winter has taken its toll on climate change sensibilities despite the fact that weather has nothing to do with climate.

The latest figure is a clear drop from the 62 percent of Germans who said they were scared of such changes just in autumn 2006.

The new survey, carried out by polling company Infratest for Der Spiegel magazine, showed a quarter of those questioned thought Germany would profit from climate change rather than be badly affected by it.


A.B. 32 is a California Job-Killer

A Reporter from KFI-LA who participated in the telephone news conference writes on his Blog:

“Implementing AB-32 will not affect the California economy,” insisted Board chairman Mary Nichols during a telephonic press conference Wednesday.

“We have been able to conclude that, um, moving forward as we, as we planned to implement AB-32 will lead to growth and uh, and uh, energy savings for the California economy,” she said.

Reporters were not allowed to see the study before the conference began, and a public information officer cut-off one reporter who asked how much California’s economy could suffer.

Other studies predict AB-32 restrictions will cause catastrophic job losses, as traditional blue-collar businesses, such as trucking and manufacturing, will shut-down or leave California for states with less stringent environmental regulation.”


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“Because of the new health care law, Arizona lawmakers must now find a way to maintain insurance coverage for 350,000 children and adults that they slashed just last week to help close a $2.6 billion budget deficit.

Louisiana officials say a reduction in federal money to hospitals that treat the uninsured under the bill could be a death knell for their state-run charity hospital system.

In California, policymakers estimate they will have to come up with an additional $500 million a year to make necessary increases in payments to Medicaid providers.

Across the country, state officials are wading through the minutiae of the health care overhaul to understand just how their governments will be affected.”


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“AT&T Inc. said it would take a $1 billion charge against earnings tied to the federal health-care overhaul, joining a number of other companies in reporting an impact from the bill signed into law this week.

The charges relate to prescription-drug benefits for retirees. Companies that provide this benefit, as AT&T does, receive a federal subsidy, plus they can deduct the value of this subsidy from their taxes. The health overhaul cancels the deductibility of the subsidy.

It’s for that reason that companies are taking a charge against earnings. They “have a stream of tax benefits that they are losing way out into the future,” said Roland McDevitt, director of health-care research at benefits consultant Towers Watson.”

Comment: AT&T will make up for $1 billion in losses by hiring more people? Sure they will! (This is what passes for “liberal logic(sic)”