It’s Gonna’ Get Worse

So far, we have only had a few teacher demonstrations. A few non-violent student demonstrations. But LA is threatening 4,000 city layoffs, and teachers are just starting to get lay-off notices.

In view of the bad economic and un-employment situation, all government agencies are trying to play as many accounting games, transfer of people, ending positions that are funded but not filled – just to kick the can down the road just one more day.

The State had to pull teeth to increase the taxes $12 Billion last year. That was the single largest tax increase in the history of the US, and it, combined with strict regulations are driving wealthy people and business out of the state — so resources will continue to fall.

The State has 13% of the US population, and 35% of the welfare cases.

Too many parasites are killing the host, which can’t feed itself fast enough to survive without changes.

Massive changes.

The college student demonstrations are just the beginning.

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WH may switch to military trials for 9/11 suspects


WASHINGTON — Looking to breathe life into President Barack Obama’s stalled pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, White House advisers are inching toward recommending military trials for alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four accused henchmen.

A Message to Demonstrating Students: Welcome to the REAL WORLD!

Just because something is good, or even great – doesn’t mean that everyone can have it!

Education is different from schooling, and what you are campaigning for is schooling. I have known a lot of people who are un-schooled but highly educated, and others who are highly schooled and completely uneducated.

Just because state and federal government profligacy has stripped the money tree in your father’s back yard – the back yard in which you were raised in familial socialism – doesn’t necessarily end your schooling or education. As a university professor, my students’ average age was over 30, and my grad students averaged 40 years of age.

Neither Daddy, nor Daddy Government (except for the GI Bill) was paying for any of them that I knew over a 14 year period!

You have some grandiose concept of how the world should be, but it isn’t and it won’t change fast enough to give you everything you want. The sooner you learn it, get out of the wagon and be one of the few who pulls the wagon, the faster you will deal with reality.

It costs the State almost $50,000 to keep a prisoner for one year. (Florida and Texas costs are under $20,000.) To save money we are releasing prisoners early – and we have recently seen the result of short prison sentences,

There are more than 15,000 RETIRED state workers who have RETIRED on more than $100,000 a year, and the number grows daily! (One collects nearly $450,000 – and you would not recognize his name!)

Our public school K-12 teachers are the highest paid in the nation, while our academic scores rank with Louisiana.  Our prison guards are the highest paid in the nation while our prisons are overcrowded. Our Legislature is insane – just today it was announced that the retiring Speaker, Karen Bass, gave a 10% pay raise to 20 staff members of the Assembly Democratic Caucus…

And California has a reported $20 BILLION deficit – who knows what it actually is absent the accounting gimmicks!

The “gravy train” is slowing. Your parents are losing their jobs, worrying about their mortgages and losing their homes – and this is the most you have to worry about?

Grow up! It’s overdue.

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(headline) Former Assembly speaker gave raises before leaving

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass gave 10 percent salary increases to 20 staff members working for the Assembly Democratic caucus just before she left the post.

The raises were handed out last week, The Sacramento Bee reported Friday…

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March 5 (Bloomberg) — Striking Greek workers shut down transport and tried to storm parliament as lawmakers passed 4.8 billion euros ($6.5 billion) in budget cuts, including wage reductions, needed to trim the region’s biggest budget deficit.

In other articles, there are references to “violence” and to Germany saying that they will not pay a Euro to save Greece.

Greece is a metaphor for California – a spendthrift state awaiting a bailing out by “higher authority.”

Germany carries the Euro – and pays a disproportionate part of the EU – about 20% of the whole. Each year they are taxed about $10 billion more than they get back in EU support, and the (relatively) thrifty and hard-working Germans are not looking too kindly at the spend-thrift, union driven Greeks.

The Greeks are using WWII to try to pressure the Germans into supporting a leftist government, dedicated to union excesses.

In the end, I doubt the EU has much choice but to bail Greece out, lest it sink the Euro even more than it has already.

Greece, like California is too big to fail!

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“You know, do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer?”

Liberal Icon and Hugo Buddy, Sean Penn

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(Headline –NYTimes)   Rash of Scandals Tests Democrats at Sensitive Time

The NY Times is reporting on a “rash of scandals” – but Chris Matthews last night was all over Rev . Al Sharpton for the  Democratic Party problems in NY.

One Democrat Governor  (Spitzer) has resigned (prostitute), leaving  Paterson, the Lt. Gov. to rise to Governor – but Patterson is under huge pressure to resign (multiple issues – corruption, lying to the FBI, and interference in a criminal matter).

Of course, that is not the whole of it.

There is Democrat Charlie Rangel who has stepped down (temporarily?) over an ethics  “admonition” while there is an investigation of not one but TWO unreported bank accounts of $500,000 EACH, use of FOUR rent-controlled apartments simultaneously,  failing to report rent for properties in the Caribbean etc. etc.

Then there was the failed appointment of an inarticulate Kennedy to  a Senate seat by Patterson, followed by an actual appointment of a replacement who is polling 21%…

It’s starting to unravel on the East Coast.

That is a surprise, considering OUR Democratic Party problems — which we would hear more of if we had a press corps in Sacramento that was not fully compromised.

Have you read anything about State Senator Pat Wiggins in the press, except for my post yesterday?  

Didn’t think so.

The California press is not corrupt — they are lazy and fully accomplished in “go along and get along.”