The Clash of “Rights”

An  interesting subject to me is “the clash of rights.”

We see it in stark terms on these pages with the “rights’ of the convicted criminals against the rights of the innocent.

But there are other rights battles as well.

The lesbian couple who wished to attend a high school prom in Mississippi has caused the school to cancel the prom rather than have the ACLU sue the school.

The ACLU is considering suing the school to FORCE the school to schedule the prom, and permit the lesbian couple!

This brings to mind the battle in Massachusetts, where the Catholic Charities shut down their highly-acclaimed adoption services, rather than be forced by the state to go against their religious standards and permit homosexual adoptions.

The ACLU has so far decided not to sue to force the Catholic Church to reopen their adoption services because they don’t want to attack the Catholic Church frontally – so the children suffer.

(I do not know the current status of this)

I wonder: Can a school –  a public school be forced to hold a “prom?”

Obviously, federal courts have HUGE power. For a decade a federal court FORCED Kansas City to COLLECT and spend $2 BILLION to upgrade and gold-plate Kansas City Schools in order to integrate them.; They not only were forced to build a swimming pool, they had to build one with an underwater viewing area.

The result was that Caucasians fled the schools (they are now less than 15% Caucasians), and with the “white flight” also fled the tax base.

Kansas City has lost so many students, and tax base that they can no longer keep their schools open!

They must close 40% of their schools or declare bankruptcy.

So federal judges have power. A federal judge literally ran that Kansas City school district right into the ground.

“KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CN) – Despite a city councilwoman’s complaint that the “shameful and sinful” school board is “aiding and abetting in the economic demise of our school district,” the Kansas City School Board voted to close nearly half of the city’s schools at the end of the academic year and fire 700 of its 3,000 employees, including 285 teachers.
     Facing a $50 million deficit in a $300 million budget, the board endorsed Superintendent John Covington’s plan by 5-4 vote”

“…     In recent years, the district has had to use a large reserve of money built up when a $2 billion court-ordered desegregation plan provided a windfall.”

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