What’s in a Name?

Did you know that Julius Rosenberg’s KGB cover-name was “Liberal?”

Just an interesting point of reference for you.

The KGB (and GRU) thought their one-time pad use after first encryption was absolutely impossible to break as a code. Actually  they were correct, except after Hitler broke the partnership with Stalin, the Russians were so short of one-time pads they re-used their one-time pads and those duplicates finally gave Venona cryptologists an opportunity to break about 3,000 total messages by 1980 when they quit because most of the agents were no longer active. (Venona — not even partly as good as Enigma, because it was not real-time, and came years late, but it gave us a lot of information.)

But Venona led to 171 agents to be identified by name – and publically announced in 1995 — including proving, after their arrest & execution, the Rosenbergs – and 179 cover names without real names, to be identified.

The Russians were so certain of their code they used cover-names that fit the person – not all were spies, some were used for shorthand.. FDR was “Captain.”  The OSS/CIA was “Log Cabin” because the KGB thought them so backward. Their cover name for their spy at the Department of the Treasury was “Ruble.” People they didn’t like, such as Zionists had names like “Polecat.” Washington D.C. was Carthage, and San Francisco was Babylon.

But the only Russian spy thought important enough to execute (with his wife) – was cover-named “Liberal.” (The key to his proof was a note in the clear saying Liberal’s wife’s name was Ethyl, and she was 29 years old. )


re: Kagan


Elections have consequences. Absent absolute crazy appointments, Presidents should get their appointees, and Kagan is not crazy. She is a sold liberal – and the people voted for a liberal person for President. Did they expect conservative appointees?

The fact that the people who voted for President Obama have fled in droves does not change a President’s prerogatives.

If the people make a mistake and elect a President after placing hopes in him that were not in his history and background, they need to suck it up and live with a President’s appointees — and they will in this case for about 30 years.