Put ‘Em Under Oath!

Excuse me if I do not believe that Joe Sestak was offered a non-paying advisory position at the White House to drop his Senatorial bid.

I am crazy, but I am not stupid.

Sestak was already a sitting Congressman, and his aspiration to be Senator was palpable.

I do believe that Bill Clinton conveyed the message as a “cutout” for Emanuel, but I want Sestak placed under oath. Sestak and Clinton are personal friends, so I am willing to accept that Clinton made the call.

If he testifies that a non-paid advisory position was the offer made, I’ll believe it, but Clinton is already an admitted and convicted perjurer — so let’s put some people under oath and get the straight information.

If the White House is telling the truth, what is the harm of having everyone say what they said – under oath?


One Response

  1. All involved with this debacle are Democrats and all of the quit Liberals variety thereof. What’s the point of placing them under oath? They’d lie as quickly and as automatically then as at any other time.

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