“Richard and Cynthia Murphy

Pictures that have emerged of the Murphys, who lived in New Jersey, appeared to confirm what was already known: the alleged Russian sleeper agents had fully embraced the US suburban lifestyle. They babysat for their neighbours in both towns, went hiking in nearby state parks and ice-skating with their children and friends. Pictures of the smiling couple seem to show a domesticated, middle-aged pair happily at home in their suburban surroundings, posing with their two daughters or wearing an apron in the kitchen. Yet it has also emerged that Cynthia Murphy had some form of access to Alan Patricof, a friend of Hillary Clinton and a well known fundraiser for Democratic party causes. Patricof was a finance chairman for Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. He said Murphy had never tried to get any unusual or sensitive information out of him. “[We] never discussed anything but paying bills and taxes in phone calls or meetings … she never once asked me about government, politics or anything remotely close to that subject,” he told the Washington Post.”

Russian 10 Spy Tradecraft

While we do not know (and may never know) the full story, it is likely from the information we currently have that the 10 Russian “spies” were simply recruiters and couriers. Spying cannot exist without networks of talent scouts and contact points outside the “legal’ or diplomatic service.

So, how do spies get caught? A good 90% (plus) of the time, it is from defectors from the opposite side who have intimate information on who is spying for them.

One glaring exception was the Stasi (East German Secret Police) who deduced that “flag cards” (ID cards) of CIA Agents were numbered consecutive, while actual diplomat were randomly numbered! (Oooops!)

But usually, even DEEP moles are outed by defectors – although Aldrich “Rick” Ames simply overspent in obvious ways.

But it was Ames who outed EVERY CIA operative in Moscow in the mid-1980s – one of them TWICE. In some way, that CIA double agent escaped execution, or even jailing (he had in-laws in HIGH political places) and was re-assigned to Canada where he defected to the US and eventually taught at the Naval War College.

When an agent defects, the FIRST thing that the hosts want to know is who do they know is working for each side!

Since in the 30s, 40s and 50s there were good defectors for both sides, both sides kept updating their books.

When major Soviet agents defected (Chambers, Bentley, Gouzenko) each triggered parts of their networks shut down for months – or even years.

It appears that the Russian 10 were not espionage agents, but logistics people – recruiting, doing talent searches, picking up material from US people who probably thought they were selling business information to other competitors. I don’t know this, but it is easier to fly a “false flag” operation than to get people to sell information to Russia.

(It was not until 1996 that selling business or technical information  to ANYONE was illegal!)

Since these Russian 10 look, act, and speak like Americans, that is not difficult. They then transfer the information to Russia.

I am just guessing here. Time will tell, but I do know the usual process.

My question is: Who are the Americans they have recruited? If the FBI has been on their trail, tracking them individually (some for more than a decade), the FBI should have a real handle on their US contacts.

Those are the people I am interested in. I suspect most will be shocked that the material they provided was going to Russia instead of some US corporation.

I also expect that this is just one of several Russian networks in place.

So, What Happens to the Children?

I understand that immigration activists contend that illegal aliens should not be deported because, if they have children who are citizens, that would “break up the families.”

Some Russian spies have recently been arrested, and they too have children, who, just like other illegal aliens, will likely be deported (after some exchange).

Should the spies be deported, or should they be permitted to stay since their children are American citizens and have committed no crime?

It is SOP for illegal agents to be deported, usually with an exchange, It is SOP for Americans committing espionage for foreign countries to be incarcerated.

In the mid 1980s, an American mole in the CIA, working for the KGB, gave up two dozen agents working for the US in Moscow. The mole, Rick Ames is in US prison. The Russians executed about a dozen of the US agents. I know of several US born spies serving in Us prisons – but no Russians..

We do not know the case, but it is likely that (in tradecraft parlance) these were “illegals” as opposed to ‘legals” who have diplomatic cover. Diplomats are usually recalled or their credentials are withdrawn.

These are likely not those who actually committed espionage. They likely received information and acted as “sleepers.”

There is a standard protocol for these things.

Honor among thieves.

Like the children of illegal aliens, these children do not know Russia, do not speak the language – and unlike the children of other “illegals” these children probably had zero knowledge that their parents were engaged in illegal activities.

Bad Data is Worse Than No Data (Some Liberal Data is Bad Data)

The Caucus: Daily Kos Plans to Sue Polling Company


A report released Tuesday by Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos shows “quite convincingly,” he says, that the weekly poll Research 2000 conducted for his Web site for the past year and a half was “likely bunk.” In a statement that surely stunned many in the political and polling communities, Mr. Moulitsas alleges that, “while we don’t know if some or all of the data was fabricated or manipulated beyond recognition, we know we can’t trust it.” He said he intends to soon file a lawsuit against the polling firm.

Just In Case You Questioned The Need For My Recent Posts on Spies…

U.S. Arrests 11 on Charges of Being Agents for Russia

“WASHINGTON — In what law enforcement officials portrayed as an extraordinary takedown of a Russian espionage network, the Justice Department on Monday announced charges against 11 people accused of living for years in the United States as part of a deep-cover program run by S.V.R. — the successor agency to the Soviet-era K.G.B. “

More Things To Come…and Much Closer.

American Cities Teeter on Brink of Bankruptcy

Economic Downturn, Mounting Debt Push Cities to the Brink; Maywood, Calif., Lays Off Everybody:

“Come Thursday, the small, working-class enclave of Maywood, south of downtown Los Angeles, will lay off all its employees, eliminate its police force and contract a neighboring city to run municipal operations.

How to prepare for the worst if the economy doesn’t turn around.

More than 100 city workers — the people who keep Maywood’s streets paved and parks clean, school crossing guards and police veterans — will get pink slips. The action is without precedent in the state of California. The police department, which had enjoyed a love-hate relationship with the mostly immigrant city of about 50,000, will account for 70 of those jobs, including 47 sworn officers.

“We’ve become the extreme example in that the city is now contracting all of its municipal services, absolutely everything, to another city that will now generate revenues off that,” Maywood Police Chief Frank Hauptmann told “Some ask the question, ‘Why even have a city anymore?'” From California to Pennsylvania, cities and towns are being pushed to the brink by the lingering economic downturn and mounting debt. The obligations of state and local governments have doubled to $2.4 trillion in the past decade, according to a recent report by the Federal Reserve. ..

…Tucked into the heavily industrial southeast part of Los Angeles County, Maywood is predominantly Latino and densely packed into just 1.2 square miles. Officials estimate about half of the city’s residents are illegal immigrants. Critics have blamed the city’s woes on what they call the ineptitude of local governments. In May, the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority, a government agency made up of more than 120 cities to share costs, advised Maywood officials to end years of “passive administration.”

A Preview of “Things to Come” by the Nanny State

EU to ban selling eggs by dozen

Shoppers will be banned from buying bread rolls or eggs priced by the dozen under new food labelling regulations proposed by the European parliament.

By Alastair Jamieson
Published: 7:30AM BST 28 Jun 2010

“Eggs are among many foods commonly sold by number, not weight Photo: REUTERS

Under the draft legislation, to come into force as early as next year, the sale of groceries using the simple measurement of numbers will be replaced by an EU-wide system based on weight.

It would mean an end to packaging descriptions such as eggs by the dozen, four-packs of apples, six bread rolls or boxes of 12 fish fingers.

The Government appeared to have been caught out by the change, but yesterday Caroline Spelman, the environment secretary, signalled Britain would now step in to prevent the rule being enforced.

MEPs last week voted against an amendment to new food labelling regulations that would allow individual states to nominate products that can be sold by number rather than by weight.

Individual countries are currently allowed to specify exemptions but the new rules under discussion make no such provisions.

The changes would cost the food and retail industries millions of pounds as items would have to be individually weighed to ensure the accuracy of the label.

Trade magazine, The Grocer, said food industry sources had described the move as “bonkers” and “absolute madness”. Its editor, Adam Leyland, said the EU had “created a multi-headed monster”….”

Filed Under: Glad There are Investigative Reporters Still Around

Filed Under: Glad There are Investigative Reporters Still Around

There Is a Free Lunch, and They’re Not Telling You About It

Posted: Sunday, June 27, 2010 6:37 pm


“Top employees at the San Diego County Office of Education have been allowed to avoid reporting gifts despite a California law that is supposed to ensure that the public can peek at who is paying for meals, handing out baseball tickets or giving other gifts to influential government employees.

The office has allowed employees to report their income without revealing gifts, an exception that could obscure important information about who is wining and dining public officials. California law says that gifts are income, no different than the other earnings that top employees already must report on annual statements of economic interests.

The Fair Political Practices Commission urged the County Office of Education to change its guidelines after being alerted to the issue by earlier this month.”

Comment: There is more to this story, so just click on the link. The is worthy of your contribution – they keep the Big Guys honest and scoop them regularly. I think they are the future of the news business, but they need your continuing financial support. They deserve it.

Mr. President. Please Play More Golf!

There is, I think, a misconception about “civilian control” of the military. It does mean, as the McChrystal dismissal shows, that the President appoints or fires military leaders.

It does NOT mean that being elected President gives a person inter alia, sufficient wisdom or experience to run a war.

As the BP Blowout ably demonstrates, being elected President does not make one an expert in stopping gushing oil either.

Catholics may believe as a matter of faith that being elected Pope gives the Elected One infallibility in religious matters, so too in war do some liberals believe the President to whom they have placed their faith.

While LBJ may have felt himself sufficiently knowledgeable to select targets in Vietnam, at least President Obama has not (yet) dropped to that position – but he is getting close. I would guess that President Obama, not having been in national leadership for a full life-time like LBJ, probably understands that he is well over his head.

That may be why he plays so much golf.

We should all pray that he plays still more golf, because while he is authorized by the Constitution to replace Generals he is woefully unqualified to run a war.

Hopefully, the BP Blowout gave him a clue as to his limitations. He previously had a clue when he was not able to curb unemployment, stop foreclosures, control the deficit, or even sell his already passed healthcare bill.

Golf seems a very good idea.

Mr. President, with all respect, the Europeans have decided not to play…

The same liberals who have preached that we must arrange our economy to be more like Europe appear to be shocked that the Europeans are cutting their stimulus and their budgets.

With Greece as their current symbol, the Europeans are retrenching just as the American President urges them to spend freely like he is doing.

But the European leaders have seen what happens when a nation does what our President demands – and they don’t want any part of becoming Greece.

Or, California, for that matter

I suspect that the Europeans will not tell Mr. Obama to “pound sand” but they also will not do as he asks. American Presidents have long been accustomed to being either feared (economic or militarily), or loved – but our President is neither by the European leaders.

Both he, and the dollar have lost their clout. The dollar only retains most of its standing because the Euro, and the British Pound are so battered.