Watch a Commercial? Are You Crazy?

I don’t usually — heck, I have never proposed that anyone watch a commercial, but this one from Corning Glass is worth the time:

Fool Me Once…

The Daily (the on-line only, and iPAD only Rupert Murdoch daily newspaper) has a great article on the ultimate April Fool joke.

About a week before April 1, the German graphic art firm, Rogge and Pott placed on their websit a new device, the RE-35, designed to fit into the film magazine of an analog camera and turn thaat lense and body into a digital camera.

Apparently that concept is not so far-fetched, and a large number of people have been toying with the concept, so the demand for information and orders was so strong that it shut down the corporations website!

The corporation might even now consider doing such a conversion, but it now fears that people would not now believe the product!

It’s Not Much Of a Deal, But…

The deal reached overnight is not even a start. It is not even the start of the start. In California terms, it was a discussion of less than $1,000 on a sale of a $400,000 home transaction.

Would you go to the mat over $800 on a home sale of $400,000?

Hell no!

The 2012 budget is going to be the real battle, because there will be no rider on Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood simply will not be funded in the House prepared budget bill, and there is nothing that the Senate or the president can do to put it back in because only the House proposes the budget unless they horsetrade something of greater value.

In the next fight, the main players will be the President’s Fiscal Committee, a committee the president declared DOA when they made their recent recommendations, and Congressman Ryan — who is deferred to by the House Republicans.

The heavy lifting is ahead. This agreement was more a test of wills, and in my opinion it was a slight win for the Republicans. Howard Fineman opined that the Republicans took the president to the woodshed, and that is the general view on the left.

I really believe that it would be better if the president and the Democrats were to grab the bull by the horns and do what must be done anyway – cut the budget — but they are simply too indebted to the takers who have been so accustomed to taking that they can’t get off the dole. They have lost the will to fend for themselves.

The $39 billion in cuts is just peanuts. The up and down vote in the Senate on Planned Parenthood and the funding of Obamacare — votes that will put Democratic Senators that are in deep trouble already at home on the spot. Those impending votes will put the Democratic Senators in a bind.

I just hope that the Tea Party will be satisfied with half a loaf, if not happy with it. The ball has been moved down the field

I am not happy either. There are far too many entitlements, too many subsidies in the budget. Farm subsidies gripe me to no end.

The analysis by Washington Post writer Ezra Klein says on MSNBC that the Tea Party won.

It did, but it may not feel like it. They need to take “yes” for an answer.

Early Odds

I find it interesting that Donald Trump is theoretically running for president, and while he might be preferable to the current resident of the White House,( I have neighbors who would be a better president,) so being “better” does not make me a big fan of Trump.

I assume that the poll that found him in second place was simply based on name recognition.

Personally, I think only Romney can beat Obama, and a Romney/Christie or a Romney/Rubio ticket would be the best bet for a strong ticket.

It will have to be a strong ticket. President Obama will always be a strong contender, as a incumbent. He always has the Democrat base of the Left and Blacks.  That is a good start for a strong campaign.


The Republican candidate also has a base of the Right.  It is the independents who will decide the election, and, as usual the winner will be only by a few votes.

The left is annoyed with the president, but they have nowhere to go so they will hold their collective noses and vote for the man who lied to them about GITMO, and rendition, and wars, and… because, in their opinion, whomever the Republicans will nominate will be worse.

Candidates like Trump, who I think is in it just for the publicity, and Gingrich and Bachman who are in it just for a public platform for their opinions, are interesting but immaterial. They only can win if Romney or Pawlenty stumble, but both are experienced professionals who seldom stumble.

In the end, only Pawlenty and Romney are really serious at THIS point.

Palin and Huckabee are making too much money to be real contenders, and they would have to commit to a long and arduous campaign that would require them to give up their Fox money, and they would only do that If they see an opening. An opening is unlikely.

A really long campaign lies ahead. The president’s weakness as a decision maker will be his undoing. If indeed he is undone.

That is not a sure thing..