Why Not Congress?

The Washington Post reported on a man being sued by a taxi driver because of an accident.


The suit claims the driver who caused the accident was a 21 year old Virginia man who was celebrating his birthday, driving 85 MPH while drunk and having sex in the car at the same time.

The really interesting thing was a blogger who advised the culprit to move to D.C. and run for City Council!

What, Me Worry?

Last year you may recall my report that the Nations Report Card (U.S. Department of Education) ranked California ahead of only Mississippi in Science.

Their latest report is that only 12% of 12 graders are proficient in History.

“Fourth and Eighth Graders fared little better.”


you know what is worse? No one knows! No one cares! Mothers are happy with their children, their schools and their teachers.

Everything is just fine!

I Love Technology!

One of my friends and neighbors in Hidden Meadows is the author of a software package for which he provides support, and he reports:

“On the occasion of IBM’s 100th anniversary, I was engaged in a customer support call for my software package.  The customer was located in Warrendale, PA, 15 miles north of Pittsburgh while the software was running on a server someplace in Kentucky.

At 10:00 pm, I received a call from their local software support who was driving from her home in Boston to Detroit.  At the time, she was in a car passing Rochester, NY at freeway speeds.  With her husband at the wheel, she was using her laptop connected to the customer’s network via a data-cell connection.

Unable to verbally diagnose the condition, we connected computers via GoToMeeting allowing me to see her laptop screen which, in turn, was connected via Windows Remote Desktop Connection to Warrendale using the software and data in Kentucky.  Further, I was able to take control of her keyboard and mouse just as if was sitting in the customer’s office.

All this while I was at home in Escondido sipping an after dinner cocktail.

Thomas Watson, Sr. could never have foreseen what took place that night.  Technology…gotta love it!”

Comment: There are so many lessons here — on education, the future of jobs in the coming economy, the speed of technology growth…

The California Budget Mess

Well, Jerry vetoed the budget before the ink had dried on the Legislative version.

The Budget was passed by the democrats for just one reason, to get paid. That may not work, because the State Comptroller will make a decision if they have met the newly established requirement or not – if the Governor does not sign it, did they pass a Budget or not? Certainly, it was not a satisfactory budget if even a Governor of the same political party won’t sign it!

Even the Governor knows that mess they passed is not a serious try. It isn’t. It was filled with gimmicks, the kind of gimmicks the Governor said he would not tolerate. The Governor also know that revenues have bounced back in such a manner that schools, for example, will get more money that even he had proposed in his initial budget.

In fact there was a great press conference in LA today where the press really ran all over Gov. Jerry. They asked him for “Plan B” – and he said he would try to get the four Republicans he needed to get the tax increases on the ballot.

The press then pressed him – just what kind of pressure tomorrow will you be able to bring to bear that you could not bring yesterday, or last week, when you could not get the four Republicans?

Gov. Jerry then briefly mentioned that he might cut the funding geographically to those Republican districts to bring pressure on them. First, I doubt that is legal but even liberal Californians will think that “unfair” use of political power.

California has the same disease that the US has, but in spades. We spend too much, use accounting gimmicks that would send a corporation executive to prison, and juggle the books. The taxing power of the state gives rating agencies confidence that, if necessary , the state (or nation) COULD still cover the expenses in spite of the gimmicks.

Of course Greece managed to get so far into Gimmick Country that even the taxing power of that state could no longer cover. There is a point…and the California Legislature is on the same road…just not as far.

But, they have no barriers because even Gov. Jerry is just playing with us hoping for higher taxes. It ain’t gonna happen, and Gov. Jerry knows that and he is just looking for political cover so he can go to his supporting unions and say, This hurts me more than it does you, but…”


Not Looking Good…

Speaking of Greece, the Socialist government has offered to reconfigure the Cabinet with opposition people, but that is not the problem.

The problem is that the union workers have grown fat with salaries and benefits that can no longer be afforded in an austerity demanded by the EU partners. Accustomed to getting whatever they wanted, the workers think that a temper tantrum will substitute for reducing the pay and goodies they have previously received.

Children don’t like having their candy taken away. They throw temper tantrums. The difference between the Greeks and the Californians will be the language on the protest signs in the streets.


Can You Say…Greece?

It is apparent that Greece is the future of California, as redistricting makes Republicans more of an endangered species and with that and the general disorganization of California Republicans.we will soon be Greece.

Californians are not inherently liberal, as defeats of Rose Bird, Grey Davis and the passage of apron. 13 demonstrate, but they tend to vote for good candidates — or at least better candidates and Republicans are not fielding good candidates. For Governor this past election they nominated the one person who could not beat Jerry Brown.

Meg Whittman was a disaster. A used swab handle should have been able to beat Jerry Brown.

With poor organization, poor candidates and now redistricting the state will be even more in Democrat hands in the future than in the past.

Can you say …Greece?