Analysis of the iPAD2

The PC World writer Tony Bradley found he could not use an iPAD2 as his only computer, but it is a stand-in as a laptop. It is a great replacement for laptop for me, and it is my only “portable” because my Toshiba Netbook “broke.”

“The reality is that the iPad–particularly the iPad 2–is not only capable of handling the computing needs of an average user; it is probably a better choice than a PC. It is easier. It just works.

You can give an iPad to your Luddite grandmother who has never used a computer and she can surf the Web and send an email in a matter of minutes. You can give an iPad to a three year old, and they can intuitively navigate the interface and use it without a second thought.”

That has always been the real advantage of  Apple – ease of use, and to a lesser degree elegant design and quality construction. But mostly, it just wors.

Now it doesn’t work for MY Luddite Grandmother wife, because she simply does not care about computers, or any such technology. She wants a TV that has an “On/Off” switch  so she is no test platform for my iPAD2.

Nevertheless, it wins the Hemphill Seal of Approval. At my age I am willing to trade my Geekhood for ease of use. My days of programming Univac 20B computers in base 2, 8 and 12 math on paper tape were challenging and I loved it, and an i7 chip PC is a marvel, but I’ll settle for ease of use today.




Not Victory, But Sea Change

I guess that conservatives/libertarians should be happy with whatever comes out of the negotiations.

The president had wanted a straight up or down on the debt ceiling.

He lost that.

Then he wanted taxes on the “rich.”

He lost that.

We are now in the position of whether the apocryphal lady is a whore – we have decided that and what we are arguing about is the price.

The argument is over how much to cut – so the argument is simply on Republican terms.

That does not mean a conservative/libertarian victory, it simply means the government has moved from spending increases to reductions in the increase of spending but that is a sea change.

It is not a victory, just “Big Mo” has switched sides.

Now it is time to press the advantage.

Moody’s Tells It Like It Is

Moody’s says that NEITHER plan under consideration is going to stop the downgrade of the investment potential of the US.

It isn’t the debt ceiling.

It is the DEBT, and that DEBT continues after the debt ceiling, rasied or unraised.

Why is this so difficult for liberals to understand.

Moody’s says:

“Reductions of the magnitude now being proposed, if adopted, would likely lead Moody’s to adopt a negative outlook on the AAA rating,” the credit rating agency said in a new report. “The chances of a significant improvement in the long-term credit profile of the government coming from deficit reductions of the magnitude proposed in either plan are not high.”


The Mess Continues

On one of my least-favorite blog sites, the liberals continue to contend that Bush raised the debt ceiling seven times, and x raised it y times – apparently not understanding that anyone can continue to spend right up until the day they can no longer continue to spend.

Yes, it would have been better if Bush, et al had addressed the debit/debit problem, and curses upon them all for not doing it, but… The music stopped this year, and their guy is the one left standing.

It isn’t entirely fair but Obama volunteered for the job, begged for it worked for it and spent a ton of other peoples money for it. Now he is being paid to solve a problem that others contributed to, but for which he holds a major portion of the debit. But, his minions continue to blame Bush. And that dumb Bush raised the debt limit seven times.

O.k.  Bush ain’t here, and he ain’t gonn’a be here. He is in Texas, a private citizen.

Pillory is no longer legal. All of the stocks are in museums. It’s up to the Democrats to solve the problem, because they own two thirds portion of the government.

O.K. I realize they don’t want to do it because they want to continue spending.

The mess continues unless the taxpayers settle the issue in 16 months.

Let The Battle Begin

Whatever happens in the Debt Crises, here is one thing I know: There will be no more late night, one page unanimous votes to raise the debt ceiling.

Every single dollar will be contested. There is recognition in the population that we are in serious debt and the usual game of go along to get along is over.

Thank you, Tea Party!

They are few in number, but as a coalition they are powerful in a House that is closely held. They are even fewer in number in the Senate but they can have influence above their weight.

Meanwhile the purse strings are in the House. Period. The Senate and the president can argue, they can plead, they can hold their breaths until they are blue but if the money is not appropriated they can’t spend the money.

Oh, the president and the Senate can transfer some funds from one place to another, and they can find a few dollars here and there but if the House doesn’t appropriate it ain’t gonna get spent.

The results of this debate is that the battle is joined. It’s not just the debt problem, it’s the spending problem and the unemployment problem, and the economic confidence problem and the…

At last someone(s) are paying attention.

Let the battle begin. The voters will get to see by a year from November who are being responsible and who is not and the Democrats in the Senate have far more seats to defend.

My only worry is that we have 47% of the population who have a vote but not only do not pay taxes they actualy have money coming back to them that they never paid, and they have an incentive to continue spending they will never have to pay for.

Democrats depend upon that.


I thought it was a joke when Neil Cavuto talked about Apple buying the US, and of course they can’t because the actual value of Apple is much lower — but if you look at the money in the bank it turns out that Apple has $76 billion and the US only has $73 billion!

How Refreshing!

Many years ago I was at the University Club for something or other, and Bernie Siegan was there. I was accompanied by Eileen Haag who was the editor of the Bernardo News, and when I introduced her to Bernie, Eileen complained about the then existing deadlock in Washington.

Bernie, being the gentle man he was, took her hand and said quietly, “What you call “deadlock” our Founders called “Checks and Balances.”

Since Bernie was Professor of Law at the University of San Diego, had been one of 10 Blue Ribbon Members of the National Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution, and was a nominee to the Ninth Court of Appeals – probably one of the best Constitutional lawyers in the United States, Eileen took that comment seriously.

I think everyone should.

This Debt process is a visible example of why we have it. There are several score of Republicans who were elected to do just what they did — oppose raising the debt limit. They said they will keep their word.

How refreshing! (And unusual!)

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Even the Democrat Governor in Sacramento, the most profligate of the profligate city, has continued to express amazement at the salary being paid to the new president of San Diego State University.

(Has anyone complained about the SDSU football coach who makes $800,000 taxpayer salary, twice what the new president makes?)

Anyway, the new SDSU president Elliot Hirshman, will be paid $350,000 from the state plus another $50,000 in money from the SDSU foundation.

The real crux of the problem that is sticking in Gov. Brown’s craw is that the former president of SDSU made a total of $300,000 last year and had his total increased the total to $400,000 in one year – a year in which the nation, and the state is in DEEP financial trouble and increasing the presidents salary by about 30% in a single year while increasing the tuition on students by 12% to help cover it is unconsciousable.

And it is, but then coming from a governor who gave away the entire store to the prison union just as he took over the state seems a bit strange.

Perhaps Apple SHOULD Buy The US!

It was just last week that a Blogger who lives in a small Chinese city noticed an Apple Computer store in their town, and that seemed unusual because it was only cities like Bejing that had publicized Apple stores.

The Blogger also noted that, while it certainly looked like what is characteristically an Apple store, some of the workmanship was shoddy…but other than that it had what appears to be Apple products.

The Blog was picked up by a couple of newspapers, then more than 1,000 published it and both Apple and the Chinese government as well.

There surfaced five ersatz Apple stores in various Chinese towns, some apparently selling “white market” but real computers, iPADs, iPOds, etc…and some selling knockoffs.

The one that brought all oft he attention apparently is selling real Apple products. When I was in the Apple business, there were real Apples they had bought as overstocks from real computer stores like mine. When you are paying “flooring” at a rate of 1.5% per month, it didn’t take long to first to eat up your profit and then to cause you a loss. many dealers offloaded to a “white market dealer” such as a shop in New York.


The theoretical markup in those days was 35% but the ACTUAL street markup was about 13%. When you consider that the markup on a mattress or a neckless is 100% — and no one has to show anyone how to use a mattress or a neckless — you can immediately see the problem. (And, why Apple opened their own stores to stop discounting…)

The white market now appears to be in China.

The shop owner says that there is no Chinese law forbidding him from decorating his shop anyway he chooses, but this is obviously a black eye to the Chinese market that Apple is just opening up, and that should provide them SERIOUS profits in the future.

Apple just ended a $7 billion quarterly profit, boosted by the China market, and they are already sitting on something approaching $70 billion in cash, so the China market is a high stake game for Apple.

Neil Cavuto tongue-in-cheek calls for Apple to buy the US!

“And do it now.

For one thing, Apple makes products that people like.

Washington does not.

Apple makes stuff for which people willingly pay more.

Washington churns out a lot of really crappy stuff, but they still insist on taxing more.

Apple can get away charging top dollar because its stuff is apparently worth it.

Washington shouldn’t even try because its stuff frankly is not worth it.

And Apple doesn’t need 2,000 pages to explain a hot product.

A pamphlet does it pretty nicely.

And its latest operating software? You can download it.

Washington’s stuff? Glitches galore just trying it.

Apple delivers on its promises.

Washington promises but never delivers.

Apple spends its money making products people want to buy.

Washington spends our money pushing products we don’t want to buy.

…politicians pushing batteries that are green.

Apple just pushing stuff that makes a lot of green.

“And” a lot of sense.

So think again about how crazy it would be for Apple to run our government.

Compared to the crackpots running things now…”

Quick Hits

Quick Hits:

Amy Winehouse should be a nominee for the Darwin Award.

How is it that the Norway murderer claims he is leading a war against Muslims, when he kills other Christian, blond-haired Norwegians?

The Post Office is talking about closing selected offices and reducing their deliveries to five days a week. Why? Close the entire ting for all I care, it delivers NOTHING useful to this household, and I doubt it does to yours.

I see in the morning (useless) newspaper, that the gap between whites and minorities is growing. (I read that on-line days ago.) But the real issue is “income redistribution” of our president. If he believes that the rich should more nearly equalize their income by “sharing” with the poor, does he also believe that Whites income should be “shared” with minorities?