Absolutely Right, Mr. Boehner!

Boehner has finally set the right tone to President Obama when he told him that, as he reads the Constitution, Congress writes the laws and the president gets to decide if he will sign the Congressional passed laws or not!

Correctamundo, Mr. Boehner!

Now if the president wants to call the Congressional leaders to the White House to have them negotiate, wonderful, but by my reading of the Constitution, that is about his limit. The president seems to want to be the driving force, but the Constitution says he gets to be a player only at the end.

That does not mean he can’t express his views, he certainly can – but for a man who is advertised as a Constitutional professor, he has not seemed to be constrained by the very wording of that Constitution.

Here Comes South Korea to Show Us Education

Another challenge to this nation, as if economies in China, space exploration, military probing, and our own politics is not enough, we have the South Korea education challenge.

South Korea education challenge?


South Korea is spending BILLIONS upgrading all students to tablet computers and digital textbooks, because, among other things, they are a highly technological nation with 80% of the population on higher speed networks than exist in the US in fact the fastest in the world.

south Korea is in a race with Japan, France and Singapore –but not the US because we are not competing.

One set of apps is virtually unknown, but is getting new and increasing study — the use of Smartphones and tablets in the medical field.

Already there are 17,000 medical apps running from apps that turn an iPHONE into a stethoscope (downloaded millions of times), to an app that lets Doctors to view X-Rays and other medical photos on iPHONES and iPADS.