How Refreshing!

Many years ago I was at the University Club for something or other, and Bernie Siegan was there. I was accompanied by Eileen Haag who was the editor of the Bernardo News, and when I introduced her to Bernie, Eileen complained about the then existing deadlock in Washington.

Bernie, being the gentle man he was, took her hand and said quietly, “What you call “deadlock” our Founders called “Checks and Balances.”

Since Bernie was Professor of Law at the University of San Diego, had been one of 10 Blue Ribbon Members of the National Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution, and was a nominee to the Ninth Court of Appeals – probably one of the best Constitutional lawyers in the United States, Eileen took that comment seriously.

I think everyone should.

This Debt process is a visible example of why we have it. There are several score of Republicans who were elected to do just what they did — oppose raising the debt limit. They said they will keep their word.

How refreshing! (And unusual!)

One Response

  1. You know, Allen, what confuses me most about the budget debate? How in hell do they all manage to keep a straight face? I mean: we are discussing stuff here that would make Enron’s accountants blush.


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