The Alabama Anti-Illegal Immigration Law

I was watching the ABC News last night and they had a segment on the strong anti-illegal immigration law passed in Alabama, and much of which has been upheld by the Court.

So far.

The most interesting part of that law, to my mind, is the part that requires that schools determine the legal status of the students. Under the Supreme Court they must provide them education, but there is no ruling that the schools cannot determine their legal status.

That has caused many parents to fear that they may now be discovered through their children’s school – and one parent tearfully said she and her family had to leave Alabama, and move to CALIFORNIA!

Illegal aliens are not stupid, and so our California financial burden will continue to increase as other states learn what methods of increasing pressure on illegal aliens works and are legal.

The AP is reporting that Alabama schools are losing students, today. Our schools will gain them next week.

The ACLU is Insane! (Surprised? I’m Not.)

The killing of two American citizens in Yemen who are Al-Queda leaders is being objected to by the ACLU who claim they were due their day in Court before being summarily executed.

Could there be any better definition of insanity?


“Up We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder…”

I see that the currently under construction San Diego Downtown Library is still $25.5 million underfunded.

This is the old Air Force trick.

The Navy takes its appropriations and buys ships, the Army buys tanks, and the Marines buy machine guns.

The Air Force takes its appropriations and buys Officers Clubs, Enlisted Clubs, golf courses, and an exchange and commissary – then they go back to Congress and say, “We don’t have enough money for a runway. We must have a runway…and oh, by the way, we need planes – so we must have a supplementary appropriation.”

Someone at City Hall served in the Air Force!

Chris Christie

I like him.

Apparently, Rush does not because Rush keeps pushing Bachmann, Cain and Perry — none of whom will win the nomination and none of whom can be elected — but it is fine to push for them. They drive the message to the right, but all carry too much Christian fundamentalist values for me, personally.

I like Christie because he is a straight talker, and he has had terrific success in New Jersey so he has management skills. He lacks foreign policy expertise, but when you get

“Vote Early, and Vote Often”

Ohio is the next state to consider requiring photo ID for voting. Democrats call this “Rolling back voting rights.”

Democrats contend that many people, particularly their constituents do not have photo ID, and they even objected to states offering, for free, to send people to their homes to take photos and give ID cards.

It is certainly a very few people in the US who do not have a photo ID. You can’t cash a check, or use a credit card, or drive a car, or fly in a plane…and I suspect there are a few, very poor people who do none of these things.

But you also then can’t apply for welfare, or food stamps without such identification, so even if you are poor you are likely to starve if you have no identification, so the number of people without an ID is desperately small.

There must be some reason the Democrats don’t want photo ID for voting, some reason they have made this such an important  issue that they are willing to die on this hill.

I’ll admit that shouting that Republicans are such Meannies that they want to stop people from voting, and it makes sense to everyone that voting should be easy, but there are various levels of easy – and I have to show my ID about five times a day so I think showing an ID is pretty damn easy.

I actually doubt that there are many people who, in the vernacular of the old Chicago Pols, actually “Vote early, and vote often”  — but the Democrats are in such miserable shape for the next election that they will fight for every vote.

Quick Hits

It is getting to crunch time for Greece. Greece is scheduled to get an $11 billion injection, and Greece has scheduled a 30,000 government employee layoff to sweeten the issue, but…

Germany is still balking, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is saying that it needs more funds if it is to continue to participate in bailing out European nations.

The Europeans are in deep trouble and we are in no shape to help out. In fact the EU mess  will drag us down even further if we let it..


There are demonstrations on Wall Street, with scruffy young people — you know the left Anarchy crowd — and there is pepper spray in the air, with arrests daily.

it is the usual “hate the rich” crowd, now on steroids since they have the president they want, and they had hoped for an Arab Spring sort of weekend of several thousand riotous leftists, but only hundreds appeared.

One of the Wall Street workers remarked at the proliferation of iPODS, iPHONES and iPADS among the demonstrators and wondered if the leftists knew that Apple was the richest of the rich corporations and that no one had made more jobs — in Asia!

Bouncing From Crises to Crises In Sunny California

Willie Brown, former Speaker of the California Assembly and former Mayor of San Fran notes in his column for the S. F. Chronicle that the State of California will run out of money by Thanksgiving.

Brown says he fears that Governor Brown may not recognize the problem the state is facing because the governor vastly overestimated the revenues coming into the coffers, and planned on stealing a lot more money from local government redevelopment agencies — which as thwarted by courts.

The results are, ahhhh, not good….we are talking  serious cuts coming to education, the largest money pot in the state.

The Governors’ good ratings will suffer.

So will California.

This is one hell of a pickle that took a lot of mis-management to achieve.