“Watch Me, I’m Smart.”

Chris Matthews, who has written a new book on Jack Kennedy, says Jack Kennedy inspired people to “ask not…”

“Obama never asked us to join — no Peace Corps no Special Force Units — just “Watch me, I’m smart.”

For the guy who said Obama caused a “thrill run up my leg” so even the smallest criticism of Obama is a big come down for such a leading liberal voice.

But, Chris is right. As Obama has proven, “smart” is not what the nation needs — it needs leadership.

We don’t needs a Professor-in-Chief.

That is what we have.

(It doesn’t work.)

Eat the Rich!

The supporters of a flat tax are taking a beating from those who otherwise support treating everyone equally — except rich people.

I believe that a person who makes a million dollars a year should pay 10 times the taxes that someone who makes $100,000 a year, and that person should pay 10 times what someone who makes $10,000 should pay.

Obviously that is not what we have today.

What we have today is for the economically poor what liberals try to get for the educationally poor  minorities (except Asians), which is an uneven playing field to put a liberal thumb on the scales of equality and give their perceived victims of chance, a break.

Now they will deny this even in the face of the obvious. They will even say that the same amount of money is treated the same, that it is only funds after some arbitrary number that is treated differently.

The different numbers are arbitrary because there is no sense to the numbers. In the

Past campaign, the then Candidate Obama said $250,000. Today,m he speaks of “millionaires and billionaires.” There is no rationality to any number.

Many liberals prefer racial and gender preferences – which they will deny, but try to instill in educational venues whenever possible while still saying they favor “equality of treatment.” For a while liberals didn’t even bother with that fig leaf, but now they say the right words educationally while working behind the scenes for the same favoritism they say they reject.

There is a word for that.

Liberals make no such claims of equality when it comes to people with money however. Here, they freely admit they want different people treated differently, because people with money are considered easy targets of envy.

The rich have always been lampooned in our society – the butt of jokes, and stereotyped as greedy – so they make an easy target for liberals.

And, of course there is an advantage of taking the rich down a peg. Liberals get a share of the proceeds for themselves and their constituency. Being for the underdog does have some economic rewards, this time.

Piracy personified, and then exalted as a good thing!

Of course it isn’t ‘fair” — but fairness suddenly has nothing to do with it!

Here Is a Clue

Have you discovered TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)?

If not, you should.

Basically it holds several conferences each year to which it invites great minds to give 18 minute presentations on great ideas, videotapes them and provides them online for free.

I hate to use the term “adult education” because that sounds so pedantic, but 18 minutes is sufficiently bite-sized to digest, and the concepts and insights are amazing.

Here is one to start: Niall Ferguson: The 6 killer apps of prosperity.


More Jobs Lore

It is no secret anymore that the outdoor public meeting observed between Steve Jobs and the CEO of Google so well reported a few years ago, was not a love match.

The CEO of Google had been on the Board of Apple, and the meeting as now reported, was Steve Jobs accusing Google of stealing the ideas of Apple for their upcoming Android systems. Jobs said at the meeting in question that it was “thermonuclear war” with Google.

Siri was the opening shot of that war, and the word on the street is that Apple will fire a second round against the Google Maps system with an Apple map system that is 3D based on recently unclassified missile aiming technology.

Apple is really annoyed that it introduces systems and others “copy” their innovations almost instantly, and that is why they are suing their main chipmaker (Samsung) in courts around the world for copying their products .

BTW, the ” news” you may have read that Samsung outsold Apple last quarter in Smartphones was technically accurate but terrible misleading. Last quarter the 4S had mot come out, and Apple buyers were not buying many of the 4 because they knew a new phone was to be announced.

Timing is everything. That, and understanding that even numbers can be misleading even when accurate.

Context, context, context!

Like, you Know, Spare me!

As a glutton for punishment, I listened to the two hours as three of the more articulate members do Occupy Los Angeles occupied a microphone at KFI Radio

It was a two hour session uninterrupted by a moderator, but if you take away all of the “like” and You knows” it probably was only 35 minutes.

The three selected articulate were an “International recording” artist, a self-described Hippie, and a guy who works in Hollywood. Two “artist” types and a Hippie.

The money quote from the session was, “Nobody gets two ’till everybody gets one.”

That was the summary by the Hippie, but the recording artist said that she paid more than $100,000 in federal taxes last year so she has a slug of things that the Hippie does not have and I did not hear a word about evening the score among the group.

I really hope they do a podcast of the session so you can hear it. It is worth your time to hear about “positivity.”

Cut Your Losses

The supposed rescue of Greece is, I believe, a complete farce and it will be shown to be so. I don’t doubt for a second that there is a political solution in Bonn and Paris, but there is no way that the Greeks will maintain the austerity to actually pull it off.

The EU Forced, and that is all you can say, FORCED the “private” banks to accept 50 cents on the dollar on Greek bonds — the banks were willing to take 21% and the governments wanted 60% plus — but that is not the worst of it.

The REAL problem lays ahead with Italy, a much larger problem.

In fact, Italy is the third largest economy in the EU after Germany and France and with all of the angst over tiny Greece, the combination of Italy and Spain is several magnitudes larger…and remember this is the THIRD rescue just of Greece!

That is not yet complete. The devil is in the details.

I still think the Euro is doomed. They keep putting band aids on, but they have broken bones and the band aids only mask the problem.

China, Japan and the US are being pulled slowly into the vortex of the Euro whirlpool, because all economies are so intertwined, but if something is absolutely inevitable it is best to let it happen before it bleeds you to deat and then dies anyway.

Live! Now!

If you want an insight into the Occupy mind(sic) – click on http://www.livestream.com/occupysandiegolivefeed and click on “livestream” and read the continuing “chat” among the miscreants.


Those are some of the most immature, uneducated  “voices” you will ever hear.

Apropos of Nearly Everything, But Particularly Education

Americans are, by nature, crises oriented: We simply refuse to acknowledge a problem absent an absolute disaster.

This crises in education has been coming for decades — bad management, misplaced priorities, diminishing academic scores…but citizens continue to vote for people with no experience in managing a successful two-car parade, and who could not balance their own checkbook much less a multimillion dollar, multi-line budget.

All injuries are self-inflicted.

Lot of Green In Front Of Apple

The fact is that Apple sold four MILION iPhone4S in the first 72 hours after introduction, primarily because of Siri, and Siri is just the very beginning. It is still in Beta, and just operating with a few of the iPhone apps–not yet even on the iPAD — and certainly not released to other developers for their ideas.

Siri is a HUGE game-changer as a human-computer interface. If combined with automobiles it can easily defeat or supplement the Ford-Microsoft SYNC system or add a huge advantage to another manufacturer.

Apple has a lot of green in front of them. Sure the safety is back there but does he have the angle and the speed?

Competitors were working on similar products, but Apple took a gamble on releasing their Beta product and it looks like a winner. At the very least they will get the credit for innovation, and if they can outrun the safety…

Siri will appear on MAC computers as well. The days of keyboard and mouse are limited.


Occupy Nutsville

I listened to the John and Ken show on KFI as they interviewed the people at Occupy Los Angeles for three solid hours, and it was certainly instructive.

The majority of those interviewed are unemployed, and listening to them I fully understand why they are unemployed. They are unfocused, inarticulate and, to tell you the truth, a bit nutty.

One of the only wise things I heard was a probably homeless Black man who said,  “When the homeless try to camp on the grass of City Hall, we get rousted — but let a bunch of white boys show up with their iPODS, and everything is cool!”

(He is exactly right!)

That said, the rest of them were really bad. Q: “What do you do down here?” A: “We, like contemplate what we should do…”

There were some of the most bizarre tales about banks and rich people who “stole their homes and all of their possession” but when you hear them you hear paranoia. Major league mental problems.

There were some rational people, people who had some articulate objections to the nexus between money and politics, but there was a lot more “free education through college, stop the war on drugs, free housing for everyone and forgiveness of all loans” type of talk.

Tomorrow afternoon there will again be several hours of interviews in the afternoon. Knowing this, I expect the organizers to introduce some more rational talk from more rational speakers.

The problems are going to get worse before they get better. Cold weather may cool the ardor in New York and Chicago, but not Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Diego.

There is a disputed report in the London Daily Mail that 90% of the tents in the London occupation are unoccupied at night based on infrared cameras, as the protestors go to their heated homes for the night.

It appears that although the Occupy movement is going to be around, it is more of a happening that an actual movement. it is not that they don’t have a message, it is that they have 100 disparate messages, and no one to articulate the messages.

Oh, we’ll. Not my problem.