What A Concept!

ABC News covered a website called taskrabbit.com on which people post their needs and unemployed people bid to perform the task.

In the case they covered, someone in Boston posted that they wanted a number of cupcakes delivered to a birthday party. One woman bid, on camera, $40 –she won the job and delivered the product.

That segment was so popular that people crashed the website. People making their own jobs — what a concept!


We have 15 million unemployed and there are three million jobs going begging.

That means that there are three million workers among the 15 million jobs who are either unqualified for the open positions, or are unwilling to move to take the open position.

Unfortunately, there are fewer position for high school graduates who put nuts on bolts, because robots do that today, and we need people who can design and build robots — that is an entirely new skill set.

Do you know that 4% is considered zero unemployment because there are always people going between jobs? And do you know that the unemployment rate of those with at least an undergraduate degree is UNDER 5% — so while the press features unemployed attorneys, that is, simply, wrong.


Education=Employment That is as simple a message as is possible, but we still have MANY high schools with a 50% drop-out rate!

This is not just unacceptable from a national competitive standpoint, but those people become a burden for the rest of us to carry.

Since “they” outnumber “us” when combined with their liberal friends, they can vote money out of our pockets, but just as once there was a national spiral up as hard work was the norm and natural competitive spirit won, so too is the competitive race to the bottom, as more take money from fewer.

The obvious answer is that we are France, enroute to Greece – but with no one to bail us out.