Greece, It Gets Worse

The Greek crises reads like the housing market in San Diego, one newspaper report says it is improving and the next says it is worsening.

In both cases, believe me, it is worsening.

The Greeks are just weeks from bankruptcy unless the IMF, World Bank and EU come through one more time, and they have said they would if Greece keeps their word.

Their word includes a plan to reduce all government workers by 25% by 2015, but by 30,000 workers almost immediately, and not just those nearing retirement. There is a problem: The Greek Constitution guarantees a job for life!

To avoid many more riots led by unionists and anarchists, the Greek government plans to put the 30,000 on “Reserve” and pay them 60% of their salary for a year to let them try to find a job. This also violates the stupid requirement of a job forever and the mobs will be in the streets.

The Greek banks have also agreed to take a 21% “haircut” but that could fall apart if the layoffs and other agreements don’t make it.

All of this is under the recent statement by the head German state bank who said not one more dime to bail out Greece.

The Anarchists parading in Wall Street are just the prelims for the street action that is going to take in the US when our needed austerity takes place, as it must.


And the Current Crop of Five Mute-Button Winners Are….

It has been a long time since I awarded “Mute Buttons” but the current collection of TV ads deserve some attention. is a new advertiser on Judge Judy, and for some reason her show attracts loser advertising. I have no idea if the companies are good or not, I am simply responding to the infantile advertising.

I realize that Judge Judy is the best watched show on TV, and you would think that the show — which has more viewers than even Oprah had last year, would attract a higher class of local advertising.

Both and a beauty school, Maranello, deserve Five Mute Buttons. I reach for the remote when either come on the screen. Many San Diego local ads are about the quality of Hawaiian TV ads, but these two are among the worst.

Solidly in the Five Mute Button category is the “Double Your Speed Dot Com” and ads with the World’s brassiest blonde, and a product that is generally unneeded by anyone who can turn on a computer and get the lights to light up.

I am sick of the ads for Mercedes of Escondido. If I was in the market for a car I would not be interested in buying either the owner, or some has-been Hollywood star. That is what Mercedes of Escondido appears to be selling. Four Mute Buttons, but rapidly approaching Five.

The AllState ad about “Mayhem” certainly deserves Four Mute Buttons– it evokes neither humor nor pathos, and informs one not a whit about the product.

Almost any commercial that appears on any football game, college or pro, starts at Four Mute Buttons, and some, like Sonic Hotdogs start at the Four Plus level. There is something about appealing to young males that brings out the worst in ad writers.

Just for a change of pace, I really like the e-Trade ads with the talking kid in the crib with his tablet and smartphone.If you can’t inform me, at least entertain me. It does.