Poster Child For Illegal Immigration (Number xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx….)

The New York Times has a great article called “The Prisoner in Room 516,” the purpose of which is to make a plea for Medicare and Medicade — or ObamaCare — for the illegal immigrants, because it would be cheaper than doing what we do

Of course not as cheap as deporting them, but that was not a proposal of the NY Times, of course.

It seems that a Mr. Fok came to the US with his family from Hong Kong in 1988 and he and his family “overstayed their visa.” Apparently by a LOT!

Mr. Fok worked as a truck driver for a Chinese business and lived in Chinatown where he went to a hospital three times a week for dialysis due to failing kidneys, paid for by Medicade on a special program.

Then a few years ago, Mr. Fok suffered a stroke, and was taken to a hospital where he was treated…in Room 516 for one year, seven months and 19 days.

At a cost to the taxpayers, just of the hospital cost, of $1,400,000

So, why was he not transferred to a recovery center, just as we would be if it were us? Well, because he could not be accepted by them because he had no insurance, or Medicare or Medicade because he was illegal…so, since they could not transfer him after the first three weeks when he was stable, they had to keep him.

Well, not exactly. They could have sent him “home” but he conveniently forgot where he lived, and, he said, anyway he lived on the fifth floor and would need to be carried to the ambulance for thrice weekly dialysis. This happens to be a lie. He lived on the first floor.

And, of course his “family” almost never visited him, fearing discovery, but finally the hospital figured out where he lived, and he was sent home where he still lives, getting treatment every other day (on the taxpayers) because NYC is, a Sanctuary City.

His (illegal alien) sons complain about having to help him, and demand that the hospital take him back but the hospital will not do so because he is not in extremis and can live at home.

No one, and certainly not the NY Times has suggested sending Mr. Fok and his illegal sons, back to Hong Kong.

This scenario is replayed time after time, and not just in NYC but throughout the country, and the answer is that we are not the hospital of last resort for every ailing person in the world who can cheat, game the system, and fool INS.

Fooling INS is just far too easy, and then there are people who support line-breakers.