Not Much Here in West Virginia

The Democrats will try to take what solace they can from the Democrat winning the Governorship of West Virginia, but it is a false hope. The Democrat had support of the National Rifle Association, the Coal Mine Owners Association, and the Chamber of Commerce.

West Virginia has a history of voting Democrat for state elections, and Republican for national elections…and the new Democrat Governor is hardly a liberal. He spent his campaign distancing himself from President Obama.



HAL-LIGHT, With a Female Voice

I have to admit that Apple scored with one part of the iPHONE4S — SIRI, the “Personal Assistant.

Think HAL — Light, with a female voice.

Not quite HAL, but that is the obvious goal, and even in it’s nascent state, it is impressive, answering questions quickly and impressively.

Weather, traffic, typing text messages, reading text messages, taking notes and setting reminders and alarms, and finding local restaurants ( with their Yelp ratings…and in French, English and German.

Just not yet. It is still in Beta and will not be released with the iPHONE4S in the middle of October. I could yet be Honeyfuggled to buy a new phone, but I suspect that instead I’ll wait until the iPHONE5 comes, next year.

Just a guess, but the SIRI system MAY be based on the A5 chip, which is twice as fast as the A3 chip currently used in the iPHONE4. But the new A5 faster chip is already used in the iPAD4, which means the SIRI Personal Assistant COULD be used in the iPAD4 TODAY if they didn’t want to step on the otherwise marginally better iPHONE4S announcement.

Of course, waiting until next year to upgrade my phone has inherent risks when you are 78 years old….

It’s The Chicago Way

Good old Rahm Emanuel is dealing with Chicago just about the only way he can – with a firm hand, according to NBC in Chicago. It’s the Chicago way – but as President Obama has clearly shown, it is not a transferrable skill onto a national scale.

It seems that the City of Chicago employees owe MILLIONS of dollars in traffic fines and other unpaid bills, so Rahm has published a list of suspensions from their city jobs unless they cough up the fines. The penalties range from a few days suspension to firing if the amount owed exceeds $1,000.

The City Transit has more than 20% of its employees who owe the city, and their total is more than $750,000! Almost 10% of the City Council employees owe the City, and almost 12% of the City Sanitation workers.

I love it, but you can bet that the city unions will have something to say about the unfairness of this.