# 10

We have left the Haveaheart trap set and baited out by the Koi Pond, just for the heck of it — and it has been more than a month since it caught anything, until last night.

Another BIG male took the bait and has been relocated. I know it is just causing someone else a problem, but killing them is worse.

I have this notion of several SUVs passing each other going in different direction, each with a cage in the back and they are going to each other’s neighborhood…unknown to each other.

(Mine are well plastered with red spray paint…if you capture one of mine, please do not return it!)

Would You Hire the Occupy Wall Street Protesters?

Add to the “Protected Class” of women, LGBT, and religionists of many stripes – the unemployed?

Yes, the list grows – much like the Greek list of professions listed as risky and worthy of early retirement.

(You may recall that list began with coal miners and police/fire…and grew to hair stylists and radio announcers…)

So, if the Obama Jobs Bill passes in its current form, an employer who gives a currently employed person a job over someone who is currently unemployed – that employer will be committing a crime.

We have become such a Nanny State that employers cannot hire – or fire – as they wish, although we have not yet “progressed” to the point that everyone has a job for life – as promised government employees in the Greek Constitution, but you can easily see where “progressives” wish to take us.

And, take us they will if the occupy Wall Street bunch has their way, and they are getting support from “Progressive” politicians, funders and, of course, labor unions.

Since the Occupy Wall Street bunch is just an amorphous bunch of hippies, college students, socialists/communists (generally, the Great Unwashed) have no published demands – it makes one wonder exactly what they want – surely the political supporters don’t know what the OWS are supporting.

Don’t these people have jobs? (Obvious answer to that.)

Don’t they go to classes? (Equally obvious.)

Aren’t the protestors protesting the government THEIR guy heads? (Ahhh…yes!  But they don’t understand that.)

You have seen the protesters. Would you hire them? (Ahhhh…No!)

Shouting Out! (And Still Ingored…)

There is an interesting Letter to the Editor in this morning voiceofsandiego.com in which an activist complains that even though many fellow activists showed up at a public hearing, the politicians voted against them.

Should politicians listen to the “Mob of the Moment?”


EVERY issue has its own constituency. and every constituency has its passionate wing — a wing willing to “show up and stand up.”

I understand that every constituency believes (some more devoutly than others) that everyone else agrees with them — or at least should.

All you have to do is to drive the freeway and note how few people drive the same make, model, color and year car that you do to realize the diversity of opinion that exists, everywhere, and on most things.

Most managers try to make good decisions in private corporations, because there are immediate and negative consequences for making bad decisions — measurable in the marketplace, No such immediate feedback loop and dire consequences exist in political life (see Charger ticket guarantee or the White Elephant Downtown Library).

Even REALLY bad ideas have a vocal constituency.

All You Need to Say, is “Steve Jobs.”

I did not know Steve Jobs, even though I was involved with Apple near its beginning by opening the first business-oriented Apple Computer Store. I got my Apple charter in 1979.

I visited the Cupertino headquarters several times, and the culture that Jobs instilled in that operation was pure Jobs – flat-out inspired young people, fueled by Coke and pizza working 15-20 hour days and sleeping at their computers to get just more line of code written.

Jobs at Apple, then at NEXT, and then back at Apple, was simply brilliant.

Now Apple had mistakes – the Apple III and the Lisa jump immediately to mind, although I loved the Apple III – but Apple was, and is, an absolute font of innovation. My desktop is still WinTel simply because that is what I had to teach at the university, but I supplement it with an iPAD and an iPHONE, and I am always tempted to go back to an Apple desktop, because it simply works.

WinTel has the advantage of being infinitely flexible for those geeks like me who love to tweak the system, and Apple products work with fewer gear shifts – but in my advancing age and more interest in using the computer rather than playing with it, Apple looks much better to me. I no longer have the desire to tinker, so I’ll take an automatic transmission these days, and that is Apple.

Jobs always thought of the end user, not the Geeks like himself. He wanted, as we used to say in sport car racing, “Simplicate, and add lightness.”

Jobs and his people made a new world possible.

Absolute brilliance.

A New Travel Alternative

Some of you know of my love of the concept of Vacation Home Exchanges, and my wife and I have participated in this means of travel stays many, many times.

We have enjoyed the island of Kauai 19 times with a house exchange, and we have skied Tahoe, and Whistler in British Columbia on house exchanges.  We have been offered an exchange to the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand for a year, and an apartment in San Francisco for a weekend, and a houseboat in the Bahamas and a castle in London and an apartment within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, and…

Although it saves a lot of money in travels, that is not it’s main advantage — living in a local neighborhood is the advantage. I have become rather an expert on the island of Kauai, and live like a “local” there, my neighbors not knowing if I live there and vacation on the mainland or live on the mainland and have an island home.


(I wrote this in 2003, but it is an “Evergreen” and the information is still valid.)

Now there is a concept that is one step even closer to the native living, in Paris or Chicago, and it is called airb&b.com, with it’s own app — and it can get you a room in a locals home or boat CHEAPLY, with recommendations from those who came before you.

And the prices go as low as $10 a night, and go to $225 a night, but there are many options available.

The reason I love home exchanging is that when you stay in a Hyatt, you can’t tell if your hotel room is in Kauai or Lisbon, a Hyatt is a Hyatt, is a Hyatt, but a home in a local neighborhood gets you neighbors who know where the best places are to eat and shop, and which are tourist traps.

It seems a great alternative, for those who want to share a culture and a step above couch surfing.