Me too!

The most poignant comment I saw about the tragic loss of Steve Jobs appeared on the Drudge Report and in a Blog on the Daily. It simply said:


Jobs Right! (Again!)

Did you know that there is no Apple Foundation? No Apple Grant program?

Now for someone as personally liberal as was Steve Jobs, he was justifiably liberal with HIS OWN MONEY!

For several years after I retired from the Navy, a liberal law professor at USD annually invited me to debate him before his law class on the proposition: Should Corporation Give to Charity and Public Causes?

I took the negative position, arguing that corporations owed their allegiance ONLY to their stockholders, and that the maximum amount possible should go to the stockholders. If those stockholders wanted to give their personal money to charity or to political issues or people, that was THEIR business. It was not right to give away stockholders money to charities or causes that the individual stockholder did not approve.

The professor took the position that corporations should be “Good Corporate Citizens” and directly donate to public causes.

Apparently Jobs agreed with me I learned today, and while he was personally generous, he refused to give away other people’s money. I heard today that Steve ended all Apple generosity when he took over from Scully in the mid-90s, arguing that Apple could not afford it, and he never reinstated corporate charitable giving even as Apple grew to be the world’s most expensive company, surpassing Exxon Mobile.

Another case where Jobs was right, and the rest of the corporate world is wrong.