Quick Hits

The Connecticut Department of Corrections has decided to limit the amount of pornography available to state prisoners, and the prisoners are protesting the ban on First Amendment grounds.

You just know that the ACLU is going to be all over this!

The prisons say such a ban will protect female guards, and increase the rehab of the sex offender inmates, not to mention the advantages to discipline.

But you know that liberals in general, and inmate rights groups in particular will see no problem with porn for prisoners.


I see that the Feds are cracking down on marijuana in California, something that should give some emphasis to the notion of then10th Amendment of the Constitution — at least if the electorate has any sense of the Constitution.

Unfortunately, they don’t.


What Would Have Happened In A Republican Administration?

The New York Times has a long and detailed explanation of the 50 page legal document that the Obama administration used to justify the killing of two American citizens in Yemen.

It is an interesting discussion, but one that the NY Times would not have been nearly so supportive of had the administration been Republican.

The opposition to the killing, in this article, came from the parents of the second and “collateral damage” citizen, the Kahn family — who ask why their son could not have been captured?

Well, one reason not mentioned in the article – which contended that boots on the ground in Yemen would have been a new and dangerous escalation — was that we have no place to put a high-value, high-visibility target because the administration does not want GITMO in the news!

(The same reason Bin Laden was killed rather than captured when he was found unarmed and unprotected by nearby bodyguards.)

Either way  either threat was successfully neutralized, and it is probably better that all three threats were killed, but that is the only viable option now that water boarding is not available, and the administration does not want GITMO mentioned.

I just prefer to have options, and there are no options available except killing our enemies.

When was the last time you heard of a high-value Al-Queda agent being captured? You haven’t and you won’t, which is a problem with the liberal policies.