Heads Up!

There is already a movement to get a Proposition on the ballot to overturn the taxpayer-funded Dream Act, and a website where you can sign up for information:


and on Facebook at Stop the Dream Act.

They will need more than half a million signatures to get it on the ballot in just 30 days.

I Love Technology, But…

Sometimes I think the technology media publish articles just to keep their reporters occupied.

It has been a decade since CPU speed made an ounce of difference to most users. Word processing was ably done by an Apple II Motorola 6502 chip that was 1/3,000 as fast as today’s i7 chip and the new Intel i7 chip has eight paths to use the greater speed while the Apple Motorola 6502 chip had but one, and only gamers and simulation addicts can ably use the most recent Microsoft chips.

We are all driving Formula One class autos on a country dirt road, to devise an inexact metaphor. It’s nice to have all that speed, but almost no one uses it – except for bragging rights.

Now, I read that USB Three is becoming the norm for connectivity, and the new Apple connectivity standard, Thunderbolt, is twice as fast as USB Three. Wonderful, but to what end other than owning the fastest connections in the valley?

Technologists will compete simply for competitive reasons, and I suppose that someday we may actually have printers, harddrives and perhaps 3D monitors that might use some of that connectivity speed.

My desk has a 10 port, powered USB Two hub. It can handle everything I need handled with plenty of room (and speed) to spare.

I don’t object to improving the breed, but I just question the need to do so before we have something that lets us use it

A Woodstock Moment

The Occupy (Whatever) Mob is still spreading, and probably will do so until bad weather strikes.

The Wall Street group includes groupies from toni New York private prep schools with $200,000 tuitions for four years, wearing $300 jeans and bling.

As you know, I agree with some of the aims of the OWLS, at least as I understand them – that Wall Street should be punished for their participation in this recession, but there is nothing in the OWLS position as to how to accomplish this now that both the legal and financial paths have been blocked by government.

Of course no one knows what the movement of Occupy is really all about. The Vietnam war protests had focus, the Tea Party has focus, this bunch appear to be simply a Woodstock Moment.

Everything Old Is New Again

When I was a youngster, the saying was that the difference between Democrats and Republicans was that when a Republican saw a Rolls driving down the street, they said, ” Some day I’ll drive a Rolls like that” and a Democrat would say, “Some day we will take that Rolls away from him.”

Anyone who disagrees with that analysis is not paying attention these days.