Like Apple Needs Any Help!

I find the subject of smartphone communication has inundated the media – not just Apple’s bizarre ability to command headlines – something Google can only shake their head about – and the demise of the Blackberry and their parent company RIM (Research in Motion.)

The Blackberry has little consumer interest but EVERY person in media carries one because of the Blackberry encrypted messenger service, so when the media is negatively impacted by a dropped service, the world is going to hear about it even though the public cares not a whit. To be sure, corporate America carry Blackberry also – but the fact that corporate America is negatively impacted is of no concern to the media, but whey the MEDIA is impacted, the news is filled with complaints.

The media will ALWAYS cover the media.

Meanwhile, Apple is nothing if not one hellacious marketing company, and their understated iPHONE4S phone announcement garnered huge visibility and pre-sold more than a million phones the first day for what analysts said was a minor upgrade. The media is entranced with education using the iPAD as low as Kindergarten.

The Blackberry fiasco MAY well cause both media and corporate America to migrate to either Apple products or one of the many Google products. Already you can see iPADS on TV desks during news broadcasts, everywhere, and the new Apple Messenger service does the same thing that the Blackberry service did for media and corporations.

The Blackberry service going down could not have been better timed for Apple, not that Apple needs any luck these days. My suspicion is that media people have been anxious to switch to iPHONES for many months but they needed a reason to do so. RIM gave that to them, in spades.

Interesting Technology

Interesting development from Adobe Corporation with a tool for Photoshop that will instantly sharpen a blurred photo.

This has been done before but never well, and Adobe does photo work well – important with the poor stabilization available in most digital cameras and smartphones.

The demonstration by Adobe in a recent symposium drew gasps from the audience – so assuming that the demonstration was legit – and Adobe is pretty big to do anything questionable – this one may finally work and work well.