The Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador – and a lot of innocent American citizens at the same time – deserves a lot more response that filing a “Strong Protest.” Going to the UN is ALWAYS useless, wasting both time and money. China and Russia not just oppose us in international forums but they break any sanctions agreed upon by international forums.

In the end we will probably do nothing meaningful, meaning the Iranians will continue to escalate until someone, either the US or Israel actually does something.

Iran has tentacles through its banking throughout Europe and DECADES of sanctions have had zero impact since the days of Jimmy Carter.

Our diplomats do not understand Middle Eastern mind-set – and they certainly do not understand us. The Russians and Chinese don’t give a whit about Iran, they just like to thwart us any way they can and Iran is a way they can.

Iran is not a current threat to us – they tried to put a monkey into space last week and failed – but they CAN place bombs in US embassies if they don’t run across US agents during the planning period.

We need to impress them with the seriousness of their actions.


Want Better Education?

The teacher unions are the most powerful entity in this state, and they have their hand-picked Governor, legislators and school board who dance to their tune.

If the teachers want stricter advancement rules, or greater discipline, or better education – they can demand and get that, but what the teachers have wanted – through their unions – is greater pay, better working conditions, more days off, and they have received all of those. California stands Number #1 in teacher pay because teachers have political CLOUT!

When the day comes that they want a better educated for their students – their students are in the bottom 10% in EVERY subject – then teacher political clout will achieve that also.