Faster Than The Spped of Light! (Ahh…NO!)

You may have read that science was stumped last week because an experiment they were running indicated that Einstein was wrong – the experiment said that neutrinos were traveling faster than the speed of light.

We have all been told that the speed of light – determined by an experiment at the U.S. Naval Academy by an Academy graduate (Albert Michelson)  in 1879 – is the world standard and nothing can go faster. (Michelson won a Nobel Prize in Science for his work)

(All of this ignores the words of Satchel Paige, who claimed that “Cool Papa” Bell of the old Negro League was so fast that he could turn off the light and be under the covers before the room got dark.)

Then last week, neutrinos were measuerd by CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) – where the World Wide Web (1989) was invented by Tim Berners-Lee (British scientist working at MIT) – as an overlay to the already old “Internet.”

CERN measured nutrinos sent from Switzerland to Italy (450 miles) as going faster than the speed of light, as determined by ultra correct atomic clocks and ultra accurate GPS measurements of distance, down to 20 centimeters.

So, what went wrong? Did the neutrino actually go faster than the speed of light? (No!)

Was the experiment measurement of time or distance inaccurate (No!)

What PROBABLY happened is that the experiment failed to take into account Einsteins Theory of Relativity, according to a university in the Netherlands that ran the numbers – that the GPS systems were moving at a different rate than were the stations in Switzerland and Italy. While to the GPS satellite the earth appears to stand still, it obviously does not in space, and there is a realtive speed between the earth and a sattelite several hundred miles above it than needs to be accounted for. This is subject to peer review.

And therein lies a lesson about Global Warming to my mind – if the brightest minds of CERN (very bright indeed) can lose sight of a funamental measurement, how many thousands of earth measurements do we not even comprehend much less measure give suspect answers.

I have written before of my belief that there are far too many variables in earth science that are simply unknown, that predictions based on what we currently know cannot give us accurate predictions.

I know that MEASUREMENTS tell us the earth is warming, but we simply do not know, and cannot yet accurately predict the impact that people have on natural temperature variation, which, incidently we also do not comprehend.

Science is REALLY good at measurement – but as we can see, even that is ocassionally flawed – but is far less accurate at predictions, particularly when the feedback loop is measured in months and years as it is in weather/environment.





One HUGE Societal Problem

Even my failing memory tells me that there is a disproportionate number of women killed by men who are under restraint orders not to get near those women.

One would be too many, but there is are a huge number, and the killing of eight women in Seal Beach is just the latest but there was every reason to believe that the guy was crazy as a loon and would do something.

The law simply has no successful means to address that problem.

There was a case just yesterday about an apartment fire where many families are displaced, and someone who had threatened to burn the apartment building down had done so – and died in the process.

And there are mentally ill homeless, and mental types who foul the freeways for hours while they threaten to jump from freeway overpasses, which is not deadly but a HUGE inconvenience.

Basically, we have huge societal problems caused by people who are known to be either mentally ill or truly deranged, and we do not address the issue.

It is well past time to have a focused conversation. We are losing far too many innocent women to this scourge – and one is REALLY one too many.


About The Awful Math Scores…

Hey, Man, I mean, you know, like math is so ‘old school” you know! Like who needs it when you got food stamps and years of unemployment, and welfare, and you can grow your own “green veggies” – if you know what I mean, you know.

And, like that bad back – everybody got a bad back, right, and if you do it right there is workman’s comp and a pass to the local “dispensary” right? Hey, they got scales there and cash registers what make change, so no math needed, right?

Math and Meth get you all uptight, Man, so just chill and puff – right? Gotta’ go, Man, take the public bus to the public square with my tight friends, and rail against Wall Street – them are the guys with the math.

Don’t need no math to run a guillotine, if you get my drift…See what an “edukation” can get you? Some serious bleeding…Man…like…zzzzzzzzzzz.