Quick Hits

The Obama administration has abandoned the CLASS (long-term elderly care) portion of their ObamaCare bill, after discovering that it was unsustainable financially.

Guess that is what Pelosi meant when she said we must pass that bill in order to know what is in it. Now that we know, we know how badly ObamaCare is designed.


Watching college football yesterday, one could not help but be impressed with the Alabama running back, Richardson. A Florida athlete, he was the heavyweight weight-lifting state champion, AND the fourth fastest sprinter in the state. Big, strong and fast–what a combination!


The search for education solutions remains one of our nations most important quests.

The problem is that education is not scalable -when you find something that works it does not scale up to fit the entire US!

Only individualized, computerized instruction works, because no “one size fits all” will work, as has been demonstrated.

Automating education will face the same Luddite opposition that all automation has faced from unions, but education needs to transform like other industries.


Ooooops| Apple has sued Samsung in Australia for producing a Galaxy Tab that is a “slavish” copy of the iPAD2, and in a court hearing the Samsung lawyers were unable to distinguish between the two products in a test.

Not a good sign!


I read that argument that the children of illegal aliens were brought here against their will, and should not be punished for the sins of their parents.

Question: If the parents robbed a local Bank, and bought their children a new home with the proceeds, if discovered would the children be able to keep the home?

The children didn’t commit the crime, so why should they be punished?

Right! They must give the house back because although they should not be punished for the crimes of their parents, so too must they not BENEFIT from the crimes of their parents!



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