Obama Gets More Wall Street Money Than All Republicans — Combined!

The Washington Post reports that President Obama has collected more campaign donations from financial institutions than all of the Republican proposed candidates COMBINED.

That may appear to be as strange to you as it does to me, and I just wonder if it appears strange to the Occupy Whatever group which is really concerned about the nexus between government and Wall Street.

In fact, I have seen all of those signs in New York complaining that big business buys government.

Somehow, the Occupy Whatever group doesn’t get the message. They need to be in Washington, but we both know that they favor, nay, support this administration, and this administration supports them.

Therefore it is See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil.

Wedge Issues Impact The Election Season

Keystone XL is a 1,700 mile pipeline designed to bring Canadian oil to the US, working hard to make the US less dependent on foreign oil from unfriendly nations, and creating many US jobs.

Keystone XL is dividing the Democratic Party like nothing else, pitting the environmental wing against the labor wing.

But environmentalists are aghast at the thought of continuing reliance on fossil fuels.

Harry Reid has come out opposed to the pipeline, joining powerful environmental forces opposing  the pipeline, and there is a huge fight going on within the administration. Labor unions know that thousand of new union jobs are at stake and their pressure is intensifying.

The administration likes to keep its internecine fights private, but this one, along with the  Boeing plant fight between union labor and job development through the National Labor Relations Board, bubble to the top anyway.

Crunch time comes when decisions are made. The Keystone decision is in the hands of HIllary Clintons’ State Department, and the Boeing decision is in the hands of the NLRB, but in the end the buck stops with the President and he will put his thumb on the scale.

These are wedge issue decisions, both of which the Republicans are simply waiting to jump on when the decision is made. Predicting outcomes is never easy – what is easy is that political decisions will dictate the outcome because this White House is NOTHING if not political.

Greece Turns Deadly

Greece is in riotous turmoil because the EU and the IMF say they have every intention of making Greece enforce their austerity measures if the Greeks want $11 billion to forestall bankruptcy.

The Greek workers, particularly those government workers who have life-time jobs under the Greek Constitution, are furious. Workers have already taken serious pay cuts, but their pay and benefits were outside any reasonable remuneration, and all of the cuts make the workers still overpaid according to the French and the German workers who must fund the Greek government largess.

There is a current debate in the EU about further bailouts, and the US is involved financially through the IMF.

The workers say they won’t stand more pain, and so do the creditor nations — particularly Germany.

That spells not stalemate, but bankruptcy.