No Longer “One Size Fits All” Warfare

The Haqqani network in Pakistan, is in bed with the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) because the armed tribes are useful in case of an attack by India, but it is in deep Doo-Doo.

The Haqqani we’re responsible for the injury of 77 military men with a truck bomb attack that we asked the Pakistani Army to stop, and the attack on the US in the Afghan Capitol.

Subsequently, several Haqqani leaders have been killed by US drones in the tribal areas of Pakistan, and Hillary and General Petreus are in Pakistan to deliver a message that is unmistakable — choose between the US and the Haqqani network, and keep Iraq, Osama and Libya in mind.

Pakistan has been playing both sides against the middle for far too long, Haqqani overplayed their hands believing that they are protected because the Pakistan Army will not attack the tribal area.

That happens to be true, but we have tired of the Haqqani, and our drones don’t care where our enemies are. Tribal areas are zero protection to either our drones or our Special Forces. Pakistan doesn’t like our attacking within their borders, and their Army is impotent to do anything about it, which is a thumb in their eye.

Hillary is delivering a message, and just in case they may miss the message, Hillary brought along the head of the CIA, a man the Pakistanis and move both know well.

The Pakistani people are highly nationalistic, and as a owner of nuclear weapons they don’t like being pushed around. Unfortunately, their military hates India more than they want our help, and they love keeping the Haqqani network as a hedge against an Indian  invasion.

Pakistan knows we will not be in the region forever, so they have soft pedaled their action against Haqqani.

We have just delivered a message: Get Haqqani under control, or we are more than capable of doing it, and the Pakistani Army is not even close to being able to stop it.

Ask Osama bin Laden, if you can find his body.

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