Apple Products Could Not Be Domestic And Still Sold In China

I note with interest that in the Steve Jobs authorized biography about to come out, that Jobs told Obama that if Obama did not change his anti-business attitude, that Obama would be a one-term president.

That wise advice had no apparent impact – or more likely that president has other leftist advisors whose advice overpowered that of Jobs.

Jobs told Obama that it was US policies that drove him to have his iPHONE, iPAD series made overseas. That may be somewhat oversimplified since many of the inner workings and hidden mechanisms are made by Samsung in South Korea, and no one can assemble components as well or as cheaply as the Chinese, particularly FoxConn Technology Group, but it is true that some of the Apple work could have been done in the US.

It is true that Apple is an international company, and that it makes sense to do work in the country where it sells. Mercedes assembes in the US, as does Toyota and Subaru  because they sell a lot of cars here, and Apple sells a lot of iPHONES and iPADS in China, and South Korea.

If Apple assembled their products in the US they would be priced like Rolex watches, and unavailable in the rest of the world – except perhaps Monaco. Products must be relatively low priced for world distribution, and Apple products are because they are built elsewhere..

“Hit It If You Can!”

You know about Stuxnet, the computer worm that has devestated the industrial control systems of the Iranian nuclear systems – slowing the development significantly – and it appears that the same developers of that worm have developed a remote control Trojan that does not impact industrial control systems but rather sees and reports.

Some nation – and it really does have to be a nation because these cyber attack systems take hundereds of people – possibly thousands – to develop, and we do not know how a corporation could keep it secret. Their budgets are too small to hide such a large, on-going expense, but a nation can do that.

At least the developers of Duqu – that is the name of the new program – had access to the base code of Stuxnet, and Duqu collects everything from keystrokes to system data. It then encrypts the data, compresses it tightly and stores it for collection on demand.

That is a perfect project to find the progress of the Iranian nuclear program – and to determinse the actual damage that Stuxnet worm has actually caused to the Iranian nuclear program.

I am not certain why there is so much discussion of what should be secret, except that Iran – even with their German contractor hired to limit the damage – is not able to do a good job of playing defense, even when announced in advanced.

It is sort of like the days when Bob Feller overpowered hitters. They knew the next pitch was a fastball, but it was an unhittable 100 MPH fastball, so if you have no answer to the problem it does no harm to be forewarned.


I must admit that shaving is one of my leas favorite activities.

I hate it. Hated — past tense.

But technology has apparently changed since I last bought a face scraper. The new Gillette Proglide is absolutely smooth and without a bit of pull.

I laughed when I saw a razor with a battery. What could that possibly add to a centuries-old concept ot blade against face, but it works. I don’t know what makes the system work so well, but I am reasonably certain it is not the highly advertised gliding material put on the area above the blades and is “featured.”

The blades have already passed over the beard by the time the gliding material touches the face, but, whatever.

I suspect that it is just the thinness and sharpness of the blades, combined with the micro-movement of the blades.

Anyway, if you hate to shave, try this new system. The blades last a long time, and do a great, painless shave.

I am impressed.

Occupy This Thought

I wonder what would happen if Big Business were to announce that they have the message — their profits are too high — and that they will henceforth reducing their profits by half immediately.

Who could object?

Well the first would be institutional investors, each of which control many billions of dollars.

CALPers, the investment arm of the California state government employees, would be the largest — they count on almost an 8% return, and if that got cut to 4% the California taxpayers would be facing Greek status. CalSTRS, the Teacher union investment wing would explode.

Students currently depending upon their parents investment income would have to leave the comfortable confines of the college campus, because their parents could no longer count on their investment money — some would have to end their Occupy Wall Street camp.

Serious Euro Problems


The EU did not reach the expected agreement to bail out Greece, putting it off until Wednesday UNLESS the stock markets crash in Europe tonight as I fully expect them to do.

The British Prime Minister, whose British treasury is not even in the mix of trying to raise eventually TRILLIONS of dollars to repair the economies of Greece, Italy, Spain etc. because the Brits were smart enough to avoid joining the Euro, intend to use the economic turmoil to get back some of the sovereignty they surrendered to Brussels in joining the EU — even when they didn’t join the Euro. The British PM canceled a trip to Asia this week, giving you some concept of the seriousness of the problem.

That recovery of their sovereignty would be a good idea, but it is just another example of the thin ice that Europe is skating upon–and Germany’s Merkel has warned the US that we are in not so great shakes, as well.